Tuesday, 20 December 2016

20 December 2016 - Christmas special

Ho ho ho

Fightmilk - It's Only Christmas (Cheer Up You Moody Prick)
Yeah, OK, I fairly resemble that remark. It's not like that though, I'm not trying to impress anyone. I just don't get it. Anyway... Off the EP The Fight Before Christmas which is out now.

Emmy The Great - Christmas Moon
Going back a few years for this one, to 2011 and Emmy's collaboration with Ash's Tim Wheeler, This Is Christmas.

The Black Arts - Christmas Number One
A cross-pollination of Black Box Recorder and Art Brut for their 2007 festive smash.

Low - Some Hearts (At Christmas Time)
The Minnesota trio are probably the masters at this christmas lark. This is this year's effort.

The Golden Dregs - Blue Christmas
A new one from the ever-trusty Art Is Hard label.

Trampled By Turtles - Christmas In Prison
A cover of an old John Prine song by Minnesota's Trampled By Turtles released in time for this year's gorging season.

Norman Morris - Daddy Looked A Lot Like Santa
Going back a couple of years for this, another cover, this time of a 1965 Buck Owens record, which was on Cardiff singer Morris's 2014 festive compilation.

Eek-A-Mouse - Christmas A Come
Ripton Joseph Hylton is still going. This originally came out in 1981, but got a repress on 12" in 2008. And if you're familiar with the Trojan box set, nothing says christmas like some ska/reggae.

Grandaddy - Alan Parsons In A Winter Wonderland
Brilliant. Off the 2000 XFM christmas compilation.

Outside Your House - Hallway Whispers
The 2014 offering from the Durham avant-gardians which is pretty bloody special.

Eugene The Dream - The 12 Beats Of Christmas
Houston turntablist takes your favourite christmas songs and does that thing that he does with them.

Los Campesinos! - When Christmas Comes
Another band with festive form, this is off 2014's A Los Campesinos! Christmas EP.

Shrag - Stop The Revelry
Splendid take on the Jona Lewie record - which in itself is in no way a christmas tune, rather an anti-war homily - which came out in 2009 on volume 5 of Cherryade Records' A Very Cherry Christmas.

Kingsley Chapman And The Murder - Stars Fall Down
A new one for this year from the Middlesbrough crooner and band, with all proceeds going to Mind. Not in the playlists below. Go and buy it.

Half Man Half Biscuit - All I Want For Christmas Is A Dukla Prague Away Kit
And as is traditional, we close with the greatest christmas song ever, from the 1985 debut LP Back In The DHSS.





Happy festivus everybody. And seriously, go buy that Kingsley Chapman record. Do it now.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

13 December 2016

Last regular show of the year.

Froth - Contact
Kind of mixing krautrock and psych and shoegaze. A heady mix. These are from LA and this is the lead single from the new LP Outside (briefly).

Orange Bomb - School Disco
Four-piece DIY garage band from Surrey. I like the cut of their jib.

Arro Jones - Great Northern Street
Local artist with a story about the working girls down that Huddersfield byway.

Featured album: The Wedding Present - George Best
What Did Your Last Servant Die Of?
Well why not? I bloody love the Weddoes. Feels like I always have. George Best was their first album, released in 1987 after a few singles. It chuffing ace and has one of the coolest covers ever.

Toy - Another Dimension
Their first two albums were a big hit here and here comes the third. Clear Shot is out now, but without the driving keyboards of the departed Alejandra Diez, it's a different sound. I want to like it and there are a couple of good ideas here, just that they're lacking a unifying... thing. I dunno. Maybe I need to listen to it more, I think.

Dead Naked Hippies - Lights Out
To Leeds for this one. A three-piece with their debut single.

New Apostles - Avalanche
Back from a lengthy hiatus a couple of years back, here's a new single from the Nottingham outfit who are making up for lost time.

The Nightingales - Booze, Broads And Beauty
Speaking of Midlands veterans... This is off the new EP Become Not Becoming which is up for pre-order now.

Neurotic Fiction - Mediator
On the ever-reliable Art Is Hard label, a follow-up to their debut EP.

Featured album: The Wedding Present - George Best
You Can't Moan, Can You?
The closing track from the album. And signs of what the band would be were already surfacing as they emerged from this with a different drummer.

Allo Darlin' - Hymn On The 45
A farewell now, as Allo Darlin' are calling it a day and this is their final single. There are a handful of shows and then that's it.

Bad Family - My Body Pines
From their imaginatively titled debut EP, EP1

TCF - NLeZ7tnzzjTXBsMtD1OO0xPEZ0MmnSKsGZA/yHfSV1gfKH+//xR9oW+uUJO4i3N0lRghdsuEoRSOKjJMZApfoA==
Catchy title. Berlin-based composer TCF has this out now, on 10" vinyl and in a vacuum-sealed silver bag. Of course.



and Bandcamp:

Christmas special next week.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

6 December 2016


Oi Polloi - Our Winged Sisters
From the LP Saorsa which came out last month. It's about bees and the decimation of their population.

Bonfire Nights - Ego Death
From Australia, but now out of London, a slice of psychedelia from a new split single - Tripwires are on the other side - which is out on Friday.

Vukovar - The Three Shades
Not sure how you'd classify this, as if that's important. It came out late October.

Featured album: Broadcast - Tender Buttons
I Found The F
Black Cat
This week we go back to 2005 for our featured LP. This was Broadcast's third and while critically acclaimed it didn't do much by way of sales. It was a turn to the minimalist and the lyrically surreal and it's not an easy listen, though extremely rewarding.

The Wave Pictures - Now I Want To Hoover My Brain Clean
The second single taken from Bamboo Diner In The Rain. Do go see them if ever you get chance.

The Cravats - Blurred
A new one from the Redditch punk veterans. It came out as a limited edition single at the back end of October.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Don't Get Lost
From the new LP Third World Pyramid which came out on October 28. Brilliant.

Vaguess - Cop Like Me
To California for this, a punk record about minority deaths at the hands of the police.

Ashley Reaks - Slugs And Snails Forever
Experimental time again as Reaks releases his third album of the year, Growth Spurts.

Featured album: Broadcast - Tender Buttons
It all came to a sadly premature end for Broadcast in 2011 as singer Trish Keenan died of pneumonia after contracting swine flu in Australia though fellow founder member James Cargill still makes music under the same banner.

ESP - Mars Radio
Welsh producer Jamie Howells is ESP and this is off his new album Blue Books which is terrific.

MOTSA - Petrichor feat Sophie Lindinger
To Vienna next and a slice from the new EP Petricolour which is out now.

Nathan Fake - Degreelessness feat Prurient
Fake recently signed to Ninja Tune and this is the first release for them. Just a 12" for now, with an album to follow in due course.



Si thee

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

29 November 2016

Now then.

Cabbage - Terrorist Synthesizer
Because we all love a good pun. Terrific new single from Manchester upstarts from an EP of the same name. It's their third and the three will be combined in a new LP out early next year.

The Magic Sponge - I Wanna Taste It
Interesting thing from the LP Science-adelic about Swedish scientist Carl Scheele who would identify new elements and compounds and taste them. He died soon afterwards.

Deadwall - The Talk
New track from the Leeds band which is on a split single from Come Play With Me.

Featured album: Coins - Daft Science
Alive/Intergalactic (Daft Science remix)
Body Movin' (Daft Science remix)
Toronto producer Coins put out the LP Daft Science in 2014. It comprises Beastie Boys tracks remixed with samples and beats solely from Daft Punk records. Brilliant.

Dutch Uncles - Big Balloon
Title track from the new LP. Out now.

FEHM - Circadian Life
Back to Leeds for a couple more now. First, the title track from FEHM's new EP.

Menace Beach - Give Blood
And then an early taste of the new Menace Beach album Lemon Memory which is out in the new year.

Adam & Elvis - Hanging Tree
Berkshire five-piece, none of whom are called Adam or Elvis, with their debut single.

Crank Call Love Affair - What's Wrong Yvette
A rarity from Denver, they're only ever release back in the late '70s. It's cropped up on a new compilation, Killed By Deathrock vol 2.

Shame - The Lick
Another debut single from a South London band in the Fat White/Phobophobes envelope. Top stuff.

Featured album: Coins - Daft Science
Sure Shot (Daft Science remix)
Great idea, well executed.

Serengeti & Sicker Man - Doctor My Own Patience
Chicagoan Serengeti and Berliner Sicker Man combine for a new album out on December 9. This being the title track.

A Tree Grows - Wau Wau Water
Brooklyn jazz core. From their self-titled debut LP out now.

Roy Montgomery - Cocktails With Can
A first album in ten years from the Christchurch veteran. In fact, it's four LPs in one, RMHQ. This is off H: Bender which makes up one quarter of that box set. Fabulous and fascinating in equal measure.



Si' thee.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

15 November 2016

Here we are again then.

Childcare - Film Club
On tour with Bastille, but far far better than them. This is out on Friday.

Goodnight Lenin - Desire
A new one from the Birmingham outfit which is rather good. Out on the 21st.

Los Campesinos! - I Broke Up In Amarante
A new album is due early next year. Sick Scenes is the title and you should be excited because these are consistently excellent.

Featured album: Hope Not Hate #MoreInCommon
The Membranes - Do The Supernova
Superhand - Bass And Guns
Another compilations for the featured LP of the week. This one is a 95-track monster and costs you just a fiver, money which goes toward the anti-fascist charity Hope Not Hate. The Membranes you probably know - John Robb's punk outfit - while Superhand are an Anglo-Swedish band.

Maschine - Night And Day
From Brighton, the album Naturalis came out last month.

Phobophobes - Human Baby
Love these guys. This came out last Friday and their debut LP is due early 2017.

John MOuse - The Teacher
John MOuse are no more, about which we are sad. Their last ever gig was recorded though and is slowly being released on bandcamp. We miss them already.

Moonlandingz - Black Hanz
You may remember these as the fictional band made up by the Eccentronic Research Council and Fat White Family. They're back with a new EP, also called Black Hanz. Out now.

Spawn - Redemption
Dutch skapunk? Of course Dutch skapunk. Absolutely brilliant. Off the LP Dance Of The Lunatics, their third.

Wax Age - Forget
Don't think we've had a band from Epsom on before. I went there once.

Featured album: Hope Not Hate #MoreInCommon
BEAK> - Kenn
Geoff Barrow of Portishead fame is the driving force behind BEAK>. Wonderfully different.

Cobby And Litten - I Can See The Lights
To Hull and producer extraordinare Steve Cobby and poet Russ Litten return with a new EP, Polar. It's fantastic.

Hudson Mohawke - Shanghaied
This is part of the soundtrack to the game Watch Dogs 2 which HudMo has done and released as an album.

Simeon Smith - If I Can't Dance, I Don't Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution
And finally, off the EP All Is Undone. Boards Of Canada-esque beauty.

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Not on next week - clash of commitments. Back in a fortnight.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

8 November 2016

Quite pleased with the selection this week.

Big Quiet - Why Do We Bother?
From a while ago, March last year in fact, this is off the Brooklyn outfit's self-titled debut album.

Eureka Brown - We're All Gonna Die
Kris Bauer is Eureka Brown. This is off O Utopia which came out in August.

Flies On You - Darkening My Doors
Leeds DIY-ers return with a taster from the forthcoming new album. Can't wait. These guys are ace.

Featured album: Mr Bongo's Record Club volume 1
Big Youth - Mammy Hot Daddy Cool
Tappa Zukie - Freak
Mr Bongo is a record shop in Brighton, but with fingers in many pies. They specialise in hard-to-find Latin American stuff, especially but not constricted to Brazil, and have just put out the first - hopefully of many - compilation LP. The first of these is from a British artist in 1975 while the Tappa Zukie one his only foray into disco.

The History Of Colour TV - Wreck
A trio from Berlin, this is out on the 25th while an album is due to follow early in 2017.

Dog, Paper, Submarine - View From The Sidewalk
From Malmö, this is off Trouble On Earth which came out last month.

Jinko Vilova - You're Standing
To Barcelona for this slice of psychedelia. Came out last April.

The Hand - Here Comes Mr Sunshine
This, from Minnesota, is off their second EP. The Hand vol 2 is the ambitious title. Comes out on the 24th.

One Day, After School - When I Loved Music, When Everything Was New
Wakefield next and these describe themselves not as post-rock, but 'post-everything'. Came out last month.

The Kumari - Abyss
The fifth 7" from this London outfit with an album to follow.

Featured album: Mr Bongo's Record Club volume 1
Claudia - Jesus Cristo
Here is a Brazilian speciality from the sainted Mr Bongo. Came out in 1971.

Spaceheads - Laughing Water
Here's clever. Andy Diagram of the Diagram Brothers is the trumpeter using loops and sequences with additional double bass and drums. It's the title track to the LP out on the Electric Brass imprint.

808 State - In Yer Face (Bicep remix)
Rave classic with a new mix from Belfast duo Bicep. Brilliant.

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Let's try and match it next time, yes?

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

1 November 2016

November and shots still being made at record of the year.

Luke Haines - Smash The System
Britain's greatest living surrealist with his first non-concept album in six years - so I guess you could say it's more song-based - from which this is the title track. And given the last 48 hours, never has a system needed smashing more.

L.A. Salami - I Shook Hands With They Strange Boys
This guy is seriously good. We've had tracks from the album Dancing With Bad Grammar before. This, however, is the flip side to the new single Going Mad As The Street Bin. The Strange Boys, incidentally, were old Texan punks.

The Empty Page - Deeply Unlovable
From Manchester, here's a debut single from the forthcoming LP Unfolding.

Featured album: Cud - When In Rome, Kill Me
Only (A Prawn In Whitby)
I've Had It With Blondes
I was maybe just a bit too young for this when it came out in 1989 and they passed me by as a result. It's still bloody good though and the A-side was linked together with narrative sections telling a tale about flight from Whitby to Rome following a crime. The first track we have here takes it's name from a story about famous vegan Morrissey eating a solitary prawn in aforementioned Yorkshire seaside town. Tragically, it wasn't true.

Repetitor - Suženi Snovi
From Belgrade, some absolutely bloody marvellous post punk. And while I had a bash at pronouncing the track title on air, not a chance with the LP. Gde Ćeš.

Brython Shag - St Davids Cross (Inverted)
First of a couple of tracks from Wales now, first from Blaenau Ffestiniog. This is belting, off their self-titled album which came out in March.

Tigana - Saviour
And I don't know anything about these other than they're from Cardiff. Bloody great though innit.

Axis:Sova - (Like An) Intruder
Chicago producer Brett Sova from his LP Motor Earth.

Laurence Made Me Cry - Song For The Birds
Just beautiful. Off a double-A side with And We Shall Count To Nine which is out on Friday.

TVAM - Total Immersion
Brilliant. Could be Can if you shut your eyes and that's a mighty compliment. Joe Oxley is TVAM. Great stuff.

Featured album: Cud - When In Rome, Kill Me
Strange Kind Of Love
Featuring a bit of that narrative I spoke about earlier. Terrible recording, but hey ho.

French '79 - Olympic
Simon Henner is French '79 among many other guises. And this is tremendous.

Vessels - Had A Love ft Anna Of The North
I said something about record of the year earlier, a thing I don't do. But if I did, this would definitely be in the running. Norwegian singer Anna Lotterud is Anna Of The North while regular listeners will know Leeds's Vessels very well indeed.

Moth Effect - Doom
And to finish, a new track from Brighton producer Andy Le Gresley. Who we like a lot.

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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

25 October 2016

Tuesday again. Hello.

The Blue Aeroplanes - Elvis Festival
Still going after 35 years, with an ever-changing roster, Bristolian indie pioneers return with a new LP in January, Welcome, Stranger!

Boxed In - Run Quicker
From Oli Bayston's debut LP from last year. New one should be out by now.

Lust For Youth - Sudden Ambitions
From Copenhagen, this is off Compassion which came out in March.

Featured album: The Fatima Mansions - Against Nature
Only Losers Take The Bus
The Day I Lost Everything
This was the debut album from Cathal Coughlan and his band from Cork, back in 1989. Released to universal critical acclaim, the NME said that "it never loses it's ability to stun".

Pauw - Visions
A progressive quartet with a debut LP out now, Macrocosm Microcosm.

Deny All Robots - Crash
The title track of the new EP from this West Midlands outfit.

Tigercub - Omen
From Brighton and off their forthcoming LP Abstract Figures In The Dark, out next month.

Nosferatu D2 - Broken Tamagotchi
First, great name. This is two brothers from Croydon and off the LP (deep breath) We're Gonna Walk Around This City With Our Headphones On To Block Out The Noise.

Baby In Vain - The Urge
Back to Copenhagen for this one. This came out in April on the EP For The Kids.

Mogwai - Bitterness Centrifuge
Off the LP Atomic which was originally composed to soundtrack the Mark Cousins documentary Atomic, Living In Dread And Promise, an exploration of life and death in the atomic age.

Featured album: The Fatima Mansions - Against Nature
13th Century Boy
Another track from our featured album. It's a bit dated now - very '80s - but retains value.

Artbat - Momentum
DJ Artur and Batish combine to become Artbat and this is off the EP Chivvy which came out in May.

Abu Ama - Back In England
Of Turkish gypsy origin now based out of West Germany, this is off the album Abraxo Ishara which came out in March. Impressively different.

Pye Corner Audio - Lost Ways
Martin Jenkins is back with his Pye Corner Audio project and the LP Stasis. It came out in August.

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and we go again next week.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

18 October 2016

Evening all.

Sleaford Mods - I Can Tell
New track from the TCR EP. The voice of austerity/Brexit Britain.

Skyjelly - Acosta
Another track from the Bostonians' album Blank Panthers which is damnably good. A fabulous cacophony.

Kobadelta - You Don't Need To Ask...
Newcastle now and a track that accompanied the single Bathsheba which we've played before.

Featured album: The Delgados - Domestiques
Under Canvas Under Wraps
Falling And Landing
With a name taken from cycling champion Pedro Delgado, the debut album from The Delgados also had a cycling theme and launched the Motherwell four-piece to indie stardom. Proper indie too, as this and most of their output went out on their own Chemikal Underground label which later featured Arab Strap and Mogwai, among others. A lot like Teenage Fanclub in their delivery and lyrics, and since when was that a bad thing?

This Becomes Us - Undervalue Love ft. Guy McKnight
Another track from the forthcoming LP from Future Of The Left bassist Julia Ruzicka and guests. Can not wait.

Sweet Benfica - Strange Veil
To the Welsh mountains now and a track which came out in May but somehow passed me by. Love these dudes.

Steve Ignorant with Paranoid Visions - Join The Dots
Something from a while back, 2013 to be precise. The Crass singer teamed up with the Dublin punk rockers on an LP called When...? which harks back to oi and all that.

Young Sierra - The Lights
A young Mancunian trio of pure pop merchants. This is the title track from an EP of the same name out in a week and a bit.

The Old Pink House - So Bad
Don't know a lot about these and googling gives you a load of restaurant reviews. Pop. Unadulterated pop.

The Landseers - Weatherman
The Sweet Benfica lads return with house favourites Nat Lyon and Ash Cooke of Pulco in their Landseers supergroup form. The single came out on October 10.

Featured album: The Delgados -
Big Business In Europe
A topical title from the debut LP from The Delgados.

Alone - Citizen Of Nowhere
Again, topical. From producer James Reichelt who specialises in glorious 8-bit sounds.

Ital & Halal - From The Brink (Aurora Halal version)
New York electronica, off an album called Tower B which came out last month.

Big Lee Dowell - What I Done Wrong (Cobbymix)
And finally, Hull producer Steve Cobby weaves his magic on a '70s soul rarity from Buffalo singer Lee Dowell and The Cannonballs for track of the year so far.

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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

11 October 2016

Hello again. Special treat for you in the featured album section this week.

The Undivided - Satellites
The title track from the new EP from this South Welsh rock outfit.

The Lizards - Houdini
Birmingham psych-rocker - possibly more on the side of the latter than the former. This came out on September 21.

Girl Ray - Trouble
The debut 7" from this north London trio which is out at the end of November. An album will follow early next year.

Featured album: Dementio13 - Broxen
No Maps ft Jo Whitby
Side Out Side ft Robert Halcrow
Twitter. It's not just for abusing female MPs. Paul Foster, aka Dementio13, dropped me a line on there while I was putting the show together. "Do you want a listen to the new album mate?" Hell yes. He's found some superb collaborators on this one, the creative funk in which he found himself well and truly over.

Klammer - Everything Depends On The King
Leeds punks with their second album, self-titled. This is ace.

Team Picture - Classic:M
Also in Leeds, this is their second single.

Heavy Heart - The World Is A Gumball
These have been doing a song per month this year and this is their September offering, which is rather pleasing.

Expelaires - Summer Riots
Back to Leeds for this. Formed in 1978, split in 1981, re-formed in 2012, the album Feedom has been 38 years in the making.

Tokyo Taboo - N.A.R.C.I.S.M
New LP from these is 6th Street Psychosis is out on November 23.

Merchandise - Flower Of Sex
Florida rockers with a new LP soon.

Featured album: Dementio13 - Broxen
The Plastiscene
Picking favourites from Broxen is really difficult, but this is up there. Also, it's one of the few under six minutes which makes it radio-friendly. I'm sure I'll be playing more from the album in the next few weeks.
None of this is on the playlists below. You'll have to wait for the release.

Skyjelly - Sixes
These are from Boston, Massachusetts. The LP Blank Panthers came out in May.

Field Harmonics - Life
This is the second single from their LP Corners. From Wolverhampton.

Solar Bears - Across Yesteryear
This is very much a farewell. After eight years recording together, the Dublin duo are going their separate ways.

Here's that on YouTube:

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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

4 October 2016

Miss me?

Silver Arm - Do the Crow
Southern rockers with new material. Have that.

Federal Unicorn - State Of Decay
Great name. This is off the EP Substances which is out now. From Denmark.

Liines - Disappear
Big fan of this Manc trio. This is one side of a new double-A side out on October 28.

Featured Album: The Diagram Brothers - The Peel Sessions
The Diagram Brothers were proper quirky, using discordant sounds - Discordo, they called it - and formed in the post-punk era Manchester. Stuart Maconie described them as "funny, slightly scary and not like anything else on earth". These two tracks featured on the John Peel show in March 1980.
And yes, bricks aren't expensive. Until someone starts flogging designer ones.

This Becomes Us - Painter Man Is Coming feat. Black Francis
Future Of The Left bassist Julia Ruzicka follows husband Andy Falkous in producing a side-project. The names she's been able to call on are impressive, none moreso than Pixies singer Black Francis. The self-titled LP is out shortly.

The Wave Pictures - Pool Hall
The prolific trio's new album is Bamboo Diner In The Rain and this is a typically excellent track from it.

Smoove and Turrell - Fight On
I've been meaning to have these on for a while, so finally... From Newcastle and made up of DJ/producer Smoove and soulful singer John Turrell, their new album is Crown Posada and it out in a fortnight.

The Baggios - Saruê feat. Jorge du Peixe
To Brazil next and show favourites The Baggios have a new LP out. Brutown came out at the end of September.

The Early Years - Nocturne
Off the imaginatively-titled second LP II which is out now. Post-rock - maybe. Post-modern - almost definitely.

Fehm - Nullify
Leeds now and off the EP Content Nullify which is out at the back end of November.

Featured Album: The Diagram Brothers - The Peel Sessions
The Expert
From their last Peel session in June 1982 and easily my favourite track of theirs. The three sessions they did have been parsed and collated into a top album.

Hugh - Look Back In Laughter
John Idehen and Izzy Brooks front this London trip-hop outfit. This is out on October 12.

Knickerdropperglory - Something About you Girl
Superb name. Don't know much about these, just that they're from Bournemouth.

Yello - Limbo
A new LP - their 13th - from Swiss dance veterans Brois Blank and Dieter Meier. Toy came out last Friday. Ooooh, yeaah.

Larry Fisherman - Dang feat Anderson .Paak
And to finish, a light, frothy dance track from July's Divine Feminine LP.

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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

20 September 2016

Not so many tracks today in order to fit in some long ones.

Mr Shiraz - Nobody Puts Swayze In The Corn
Local rockers with a new album coming soon. Also, Mikey had the good grace to let us put a gig on and tolerate me caterwauling, so we're quits yes mate?

Natterers - Make Room! Make Room!
Punk from Yorkshire, both North and West. Which appeals to me as somewhat of both these days and in favour of raucous guitar-laden shouty punk. They have a four-track EP called Demo '16 out which is done and dusted in about 6 minutes. No point outstaying a welcome eh?

Featured album: The Avalanches - Wildflower
The long-awaited second LP from the Avalanches was only 16 years in the gestation. Good job it was worth it.

Boz Boorer - Girl From Atlanta feat. Eddie Argos
Rockabilly veteran Boorer teams up with Art Brut frontman Argos for a splendid record. This is a couple of years old, but I've only just come across it for the first time, so I'm playing it.

Pixies - Tenement Song
Always love a new Pixies album and Head Carrier sounds the part from what I've heard so far, apart from the lead track Oom Chagga Lagga which is just daft. It's out on the 30th.

Lovely Eggs - Drug Braggin'
And it's also always nice to hear from these. Husband and wife from Lancaster.

Man And The Echo - Distance Runner
A band from the North-West with a single that came out last month. Sonic Lyric poetry they call it, and that sounds good to me.

Kim Gordon - Murdered Out
Ex-Sonic Youth, Gordon's gone solo and this is a hell of a way to announce it.

Church Of The Cosmic Skull - Black Slug
Psychedelia from Nottingham, off the album Is Satan Real which came out last week.

Featured album: The Avalanches - Wildflower
Frankie Sinatra
This was the first single from the album. Yes, I've played it before, no I'm not apologising.

Jay Daniel - Knowledge Of Selfie
Always love a good pun and you've two for one here. This is off Detroit producer Daniel's LP Broken Knowz which is out in November.

Preoccupations - Memory
These were formerly Viet Cong, a name that did cause some kerfuffle. Hence they are now Preoccupations and they have a self-titled LP out as of last week. Off it, here's an 11-minute slice.



and Bandcamp:

Not next week - live football instead as the table-topping Terriers are at home - but the week after.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

13 September 2016

Again? Go on then.

Mik Artistik's Ego Trip - Plastic Fox
The Poet Laureate of Leeds plus institutionalised supporting band with their new single, an homage to a piece of garden ornamentation.

Unqualified Nurse Band - My Boots Are Shakin'
From the LP Debasement Tapes which is out on Friday and forms part of Derby's resurgent scene.

Madonnatron - Sangue Neuf
Here's a curio. This appeared on Trashmouth Records' 2nd annual Record Store Day release back in April alongside the likes of Meatraffle and Fat White Family. Which isn't a bad start.

Featured album: Grandaddy -
Everything Beautiful Is Far Away
Go Progress Chrome
We go back to the autumn of 1997 for our featured LP this week, the debut from Californian band Grandaddy. Since this came out they split and reformed, but this remains their touchstone. Described by the Independent as a pleasing combination of Brian Wilson, Neil Young and The Pixies. Praise indeed.

Christian Fitness - Your Favourite Band Wants You Dead
A third teaser from the forthcoming album from Andy Falkous's side project. Which I'm rather looking forward to.

Ffug - Speedboat Dreaming
A highly-rated outfit from Cardiff, this is out as a single on Friday with a debut album to follow at the end of the month. Believe the hype.

Tibet - There Is A Place
Staying in Cardiff, here's the new single from Tibet. They're touring throughout October and November. Worth catching.

Ghost Wave - Blues Signal '79
These are a duo from New Zealand and while this track surfaced at the turn of last year, the album Radio Norfolk came out in August.

Haybaby - Rope/Joke
Another one that passed me by at the time, off the Brooklyn band's EP Blood Harvest which came out in the spring.

Tear - The Sprawl
As far as I can ascertain, it's Tear as in teardrop rather than Tear as in muscle tear. They're from London and this single is out on Friday with a mini-album to follow.

Featured album: Grandaddy
My favourite track off the album, it made it to the lofty heights of 88 in the UK charts, but was used subsequently on Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe and the 28 Days Later soundtrack.

Choke Chains - Safe Word
Another I'm only just catching up with. Michigan punk veteran Thomas J Potter is back with another set-up and their self-titled debut LP came out in January. Can't believe I missed it.

Kelly Lee Owens - CBM
Here's something special, of her EP Oleic which is out next month.

Tesla's Ghost - Carcano
New track from London MC Tesla's Ghost. Banger.

Noisia - Mantra
Dutch EDM off the new LP Outer Edges which is out on Friday.



And we're done.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

6 September 2016

Look, it was a busy weekend so I'm not as well-prepped as normal.

Oshanti - Communal Concrete
Poetry for you to open with. I don't do enough spoken word on here and it is a passion of mine, so here you go. Truly superb stuff.

Swami Baracus - Baraxit
Still in London, a strongly worded message about a recent referendum you may recall.

Swells - Embun Siang
Indonesian next. And sounding remarkably like the Charlatans, which is rarely a bad thing.

Featured album: More Tales From The Liquid Library
Sweet Benfica - So Cool
Kill The Intellectuals - I Hope I've Changed
Liquid Library have put together 19 tracks from a variety of bands in a delicious compilation. There are some we know, like Sweet Benfica, and some we don't. But one thing in common is that it's all good stuff.

Christian Fitness - Bad Boys Die In The Bath
Another Christian Fitness album is coming from the mind of Andy Falkous and here's a taster.

Police Force - Freakin' Out The Squares
From Brisbane, this is off the album Formula 1.

The Wedding Present - Birdsnest
New off the new album Going, Going... Familiar Gedge territory.

Scarlet Rascal - Strange
Off a self-titled LP due out at the end of the month on Geoff Barrow's Invada label.

Happyness - SB's Truck
A standalone track from the London trio. New album in the offing.

Ed Harcourt - Furnaces
Off an album of the same name which is out now.

Featured album: More Tales From The Liquid Library
Candy Cult - Mirror Store
Another track from a quirky but instantly likeable compilation.

Francobollo - Kinky Lola
A Swedish band based out of London, a debut EP is on the way soon.

Spearmint - Man And The Moon
London indie veterans return with the new LP It's Time To Vanish, out on Friday.

Chaos Jigsaw - Love Spoons
Dylan Cartlidge from Stoke is Chaos Jigsaw and this is rather good.

Jay Simian and The Midnight Society - Something That I Can't Let Go
North Shields hip-hoppers with a track from their debut album.

Here's your Youtube:

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I'll be less chaotic next week.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

30 August 2016

That time again

Fat White Family - Breaking Into Aldi
Not that we endorse the policy, Lias of the band explains ""This song is a post apocalyptic vision of a barely united United Kingdom bereft of quality German supermarkets and their insipid low prices; 'Breaking Into Aldi' is the anthem that never was, a call to arms for the senselessness of our future futility, an overcrowded shadow begging for a rerun, a sell out by sell outs for sell outs."

Fews - 100 Goosebumps
Taken from their LP MEANS which is getting well-deserved excellent reviews.

The Wave Pictures - The Running Man
A new track from the forthcoming LP Bamboo Diner In The Rain which promises to be excellent as ever. These lads are prolific.

Featured album: I, Ludicrous - It's like Everything Else
Three English Football Grounds
Preposterous Tales
The most underrated band in history, perhaps by their own singular lack of pursuit of fame. It's Like Everything Else was their first album, released in 1987. Little has changed, musically speaking, since.

Salary - Mini Moke
From Fremantle in Australia, this single came out in June.

Post War Glamour Girls - Welfare By Prozac
This is out on a split single with Menace Beach as the two Leeds bands celebrate Jumbo Records' 45th anniversary.

Bernaccia - Power To The Hills
To Newcastle next for some classy rock. This is their debut single with an LP knocking about somewhere soon.

Maggie8 - Connected
Back to Leeds and this is off a split single with our friends Ceiling Demons which comes out on September 23.

Teleman - Tangerine
The latest single taken from their second album Brilliant Sanity.

Toy - Fast Silver
A new track, and a portent of the new album Clear Shot which is due in autumn.

Featured album: I, Ludicrous - It's like Everything Else
This is all you need to know about I, Ludicrous. Piercing social comment and small-town tales wrapped in a dry humour.

The Rifles - Wall Around Your Heart
Off the album Big Life.

Sweet Williams - Come Swimming
A cover of a record by Plummets. The album Please let Me Sleep On Your Tonight is out on September 23.

The Immediate - Pockets
To Mold in North Wales off the EP Shadows And Ghosts with a full album to follow.

Fews - 10 Things (TVAM remix)
Another track from Fews which has been breathed on by Wiganer Joe Oxley in his TVAM guise.

Here's your Youtube:

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Back in a week.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

23 August 2016

I'm back, just about healed. So let's do this.

La Forme - Young Olympian
Another one from the Franco-Welsh outfit which was released just prior to the games, which I enjoyed a lot. About as much as I'm enjoying La Forme's output.

Get Inuit - Teriyaki
Hooked after a couple of seconds with that fuzzy guitar. Another one from the Kent band who are touring throughout the late summer and into autumn. Catch them if you can.

Nat Lyon - Maple
Connecticut's number one DIY musical pioneer is back with a new album, Random Walk Theory. It's really good. You can get it off his bandcamp. I recommend that you do.

Featured album: Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures
Day Of The Lords
Not much needs saying about this. Released in 1979, it was astonishing then and it is now. And that sleeve, oh that sleeve...

Red Eye - Moroccan Fruit
Remember that picture of people climbing a fence near a golf course as they attempted to escape Morocco and enter Spain via one of their African enclaves? Red Eye's Trevor Perfect clearly does and the similarities to Nina Simone's Strange Fruit clearly struck a chord.

Honey Bucket - Downtown
Feel like I'm playing these a lot at the moment. And why not? Richman-esque fuzzy lo-fi from Portland, Oregon. Gorgeous. The LP Magical World is out now.

The Big Moon - Silent Movie Susie
I have apparently played these before, but I don't recall. Must be because they're good. This is out September 25.

Luxury Death - Radiator Face
Nai Harvest are no more. Booo. But half of them are in this new project now based in Manchester and this is their debut single.

Bauer - Made The Change
Staying in Manchester for some electro-pop. This is off Impossible Is Nothing which is out now. This is actually really good and should do well commercially.

Kobadelta - Bathsheba
Don't know exactly how to describe this. Kind of psych-rock, I guess, but that hardly feels adequate. They're from Newcastle and have an EP coming out in October called The Metaphysical.

Featured album: Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures
No point telling you stuff about this; you already know. Just that if you're in the business of writing lyrics, don't listen too closely or too often or you'll never pick up a pen again.

De La Soul - Drawn feat Little Dragon
Quite the oddity from the hip-hop veterans, but not in a bad way. Off their crowdfunded LP The Anonymous Nobody which is out next week.

Swet Shop Boys - Tiger Hologram
Another from the trans-Atlantic and Indo-Pakistan duo Heems and Riz MC from their forthcoming LP Cashmere. October 15. Mark it in your diaries.

Deadbeat - And We Woke With The Fire
RW Martin from Toledo, Ohio, is Deadbeat and he has an atmospheric, moody, cinematic LP out now called Where The Sun Meets The Land. It's well worth your time. This is lovely.

I, Ludicrous - We Will Fall
A new video goes with this reworked version of their 1989 record which appeared on the LP A Warning To The Curious. It's relevant again and is still good. And I, Ludicrous are still one of the most under-rated bands this country has ever produced.



Embedding doesn't seem to be working, so go find the Nat Lyon track here.

More next time.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

9 August 2016

Just over two weeks ago, I was doing this. During that, I fell off that stage and broke a couple of ribs. It hurts. I can't drive, so I've not made it into the studio. By the time I get back up there, the selection I made for the 9th of August will be well out of date. So consider this an online exclusive.

Dada Baba - Chinese Fried Rice
Let's start in Hong Kong. This came out a week ago on Metal Postcard which is your one-stop shop for things Pacific rim.

Cowtown - Tweak
DIY stuff from Leeds. the album Paranormal Romance is out a week on Friday, it's production delayed due to the flooding in Leeds last winter and the damage to MJ's studio (MJ of Hookworms that is).

Angel Olsen - Shut Up Kiss Me
From St Louis and bound to do well commercially, this is off My Woman which is out in September.

Featured album: Air - Le Voyage Dans La Lune
Seven Stars
Sonic Armada
Air's seventh studio LP was a new soundtrack for the 1902 Georges Méliès film, Le Voyage Dans La Lune. It coincided with a new colourised cut of the film.

Papernut Cambridge - I Believe In Love
The LP Nutlets 1967-80 sees Papernut Cambridge revisit old pop hits that they listened to as youths. This is an old Hot Chocolate record, for instance.

Super Besse - Dym
Our favourite Minsk band by far, this is the B-side to their last single Nasilie.

A Hundred Million - Master Of The Ship You Painted
A Cardiff duo who put this out as a digital single last week.

Cabbage - Kevin
Manchester now and a five-piece who put out the album Le Chou in January.

The Wedding Present - Rachel
More new stuff from Gedge et al as we count down to a new LP.

Scatter Factory - PowWow
Oxford's Will Foster is Scatter Factory and this is off the self-titled debut LP which came out in June.

Featured album: Air - Le Voyage Dans La Lune
Astronomic Club
The opening track from the 2012 concept album.

The KVB - In Deep
Kat Day and Nick Wood are The KVB. This is off the album Of Desire which came out in March and is dead good.

65daysofstatic - Supermoon
Sheffield now and a track from No Man's Sky: Music For An Infinite Universe, the soundtrack to the video game No Man's Sky.

Swet Shop Boys - T5
Riz Ahmed teams up with American rapper Heems on this project which will see the LP Cashmere released in October.

Shift Work - Contact High
Off Notes To Self 1 which came out last month and is crammed with bangers.

And here are your playlists and ting. YouTube:



and that'll have to do you for a while.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

2 August 2016

Hope you all had a good Yorkshire Day. Loads of good stuff today, so let's get to it.

Club Soda - Breathe Relief
Available now as a pay-what-you-like download. They're from Oxford. Bit good innit.

Sterling Roswell - Atom Brain Monster-Rock!
Ex of the Spacemen 3, this is the latest prog-ish 7".

La Forme - East German Dance Lesson
From South Wales, albeit with French heritage, this is ace.

Featured album: Super Furry Animals - Fuzzy Logic
God! Show Me Magic
Something 4 The Weekend
Their 1996 debut LP was really something special. It made it to number 23 in the album charts and in 2004, Q ranked it at 42 in their list of the best British albums of all time. And it's still a belter.

Fold - Something Gives
This might be an exclusive. Seth of the band sent me a message after I retweeted his plug for the forthcoming second album. This track is their response to the sociopolitical escalations on both sides of the Atlantic. This might be the first time this has ever been played on radio.

Virginia Wing - Grapefruit
Their hotly anticipated second LP, Forward Constant Motion, is due later in the year. This represents a taster.

Hideous Towns - Don't Forget
From Melbourne is Australia, these are a proper post-punk outfit. This is off a double-A side single and there's an album due later in the year.

L.A. Salami - I Wear This Because Life Is War
Lookman Adekunle Salami is a hell of a name and this is off his debut album Dancing With Bad Grammar which is out in three weeks.

Descendents - Victim Of Me
Californian punks return from a 12-year gap with the LP Hypercaffium Spazzinate.

Imarhan - Imarhan
Algerian Tuareg music from the debut album which is also called Imarhan. Blooming marvellous.

Featured album: Super Furry Animals - Fuzzy Logic
Bad Behaviour
Another track from Fuzzy Logic. It really was such a breath of fresh air when it landed.

Luke Wright - The Chains feat Lora Stimson
Wright is one of my favourite poets and something of an inspiration for me. This poem is called On Revisiting John Betjeman's Grave and comes alive with electronic backing and Lora Stimson's ethereal vocals.

Spray - It's The Night Of The Long Knives, Charlie Brown
A couple of ex Cuban Boys with a dance-your-arse-off track. This is off Enforced Fun which came out in April.

Solar Bears - Separate From The Ark (Andrew Weatherall remix 1)
The original track appeared on Advancement earlier this year and now Andrew Weatherall has woven some of his magic over it. Bloody good do.

Kenny Smith - Oh God (Good Livers rework)
Good Livers is Gary Marsden from Nottingham. This is available as a free download.

Here's your Youtube:

and Soundcloud:

apart from the Fold track which is under wraps for a bit yet.

And we'll see what next week throws up.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

26 July 2016

Tuesday, 7pm, so it must be time for.... this

The Boston Shakers - Long Hard Night
With members from France and the USA, but now based in Liverpool, this is an interesting melange of styles and genres.

The Crookes - World Is Waiting
Long-time favourites on this show from Sheffield. Off their album Lucky Ones which came out in January.

All Is Worth - Early Birdy
Alt-folk, I suppose, from Oxford. Different.

Featured album: Echo And The Bunnymen - Porcupine
The Cutter
Heads Will Roll
Their third album, it got some bad reviews initially. But it still went to number 2 in the album charts and is quintessential Echo. It was originally rejected by their label, but having done some work on strings with L Shankar and rerecorded, it passed muster. Ian McCulloch wasn't a fan of it either, but what would he know?

Repo Man - Let's See The Sun Sink With Fatigue
Noise and words from Bristol. Unusual stuff from the LP Minesweeper which is out now.

The Black Sheep Frederick Dickens - Shrines
Here's interesting. Darlingtonians David Saunders and Rob Irish make up the act which is described as "a musical concept project narrating the life of Frederick Dickens, Charles’ younger brother" who, unlike Charles, was a boozy, womanising gambler who was shunned by his family and descended into poverty and addiction. So there.

Paul Draper - Feeling My Heart Run Slow
Remember Mansun? They had some decent records. Lead singer Paul Draper goes solo 13 years after Mansun folded and his debut release is the EP 'EP1'.

Kingsley Chapman and The Murder - Fevers
Another one from the Middlesbrough troubadours. Bloody love 'em.

Alone - It Will Take Twenty Years
More Welsh 8-bit DIY dance music from Alone. Always interesting.

Featured album: Echo And The Bunnymen - Porcupine
The Back Of Love
Track 2 and the first single from the LP. It's one of those I loved from the minute I heard it.

Mr Sterile Assembly - 100% Hillary
This is off their fifth LP, It's All Over, and how they've passed me by until now I don't know. Outsider noise-punk experimental rock band from Wellington, New Zealand. Sounds right up my street and what do you know - it's incredible.

Gabriel Bruce - Freedom
A delayed follow-up to his debut album as a solo artist, this is off Come All Sufferers. Delayed after an industrial accident crushed his fingers, but they were saved. It came out at Easter and it's "about the apocalypse" says the artist.

Psychic Ills - I Don't Mind feat. Hope Sandoval
Brooklyn experimental duo with assistance from Mazzy Star singer Sandoval. Off the new album Inner Journey Out.

Applescal - Harmony Two
Pascal Terstappen's latest complete and utter banger. Out now on Atomnation.

Here's your Youtube:

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and bandcamp:

More in a week

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

19 July 2016

Me again.

Seratones - Necromancer
One from last year I missed at the time, a bit of soulful rock n roll from Shreveport, Louisiana.

Orchestra Of Spheres - Anklung Song
Seven-piece psych-rock outfit from Wellington, New Zealand. The LP Brothers And Sisters If The Black Lagoon came out in May and is founded in a deep sense of disillusionment with the state of NZ politics.

Beau - The Patriot
Trevor Midgeley, still going strong, is Beau and released the album An Original Thought to coincide with his 70th birthday. Here, he picks apart the far-right vote.

Featured album: Julian Cope and The Black Sheep
These Things I Know
Come The Revolution
If you've listened to me at any length, you'll know that only Half Man Half Biscuit outdo Julian Cope in terms of my musical appreciation. The Black Sheep was a double album released in 2008, described by Cope as "a musical exploration of what it is to be an outsider in modern Western culture". The result is quite astonishing and yet thoroughly accessible.

Howard Marks - Death Shall Have No Dominion
Another one I've had on the radar for some time. Marks died on April 11 this year and the EP 'Do Not Go Gentle... Howard Marks Reads Dylan Thomas' came out five days later as a Record Store Day release.

Ukepunk - From The North
DIY ukulele punk rockers from the north-west. This is the title track to the latest EP which came out in April. Terrific, refreshing, different.

Thee AHs - Davie
These are from Vancouver and the LP Names is a playful beast. All ten tracks take the title of somebody's first name. The eponymous Davie in this one gets dumped, hard.

Teen - Free Time
New York art-pop quartet with a track taken from their Love Yes LP which came out in February.

The Gotobeds - Real Maths/Too Much
From Pittsburgh, their second album came out in June. Blood//Sugar//Secs//Traffic is out on Sub Pop.

Holy Holy - History
An Australian duo, albeit with 1000 miles of land between them. They met as English teachers in south-east Asia and eventually ended up in Europe. Their debut LP When The Storms Would Come is out in the autumn.

Shotgun Runners - Reflection
Here's curious. Japanese garage rock released on Lisbon label Groovie Records. It features on a compilation released by Groovie last winter called Kaminari - Nineteen Japanese Garage Monsters. Throwback.

Featured album: Julian Cope and The Black Sheep
Psychedelic Odin
A wonder of epic song writing from the pen of the mighty Archdrude. It encompasses everything he's become known for in the latter part of his career.

Boxed In - Running Out feat. Formation
Heralding a new Speedy Wunderground compilation. That is Dan Carey getting bands in and giving them 24 hours to record a track.

Unholy Sights - Gateway To The Hesh
A trio from Annapolis, Maryland, whose EP Esoteric Domine came out in April.

Rendez-Vous - Workout
Post-punk, industrialist rock from Paris with hints of Manchester. This is off their second EP, Distance, which is quite the thing. It oozes grey smog, in a good way.

Here's your Youtube:


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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

12 July 2016

It's Tuesday. You know the drill.

Honey Bucket - Devo Hat
I felt sure we'd had these on before, but apparently not. From Portland, Oregon, the LP Magical World is out next month.

Happy Accidents - Facts And Figures
Definitely had these on before. Off the album You Might Be Right which is out now.

Matt Berry - Obsessed And So Obscure
Yes, that Matt Berry. As well as acting, being funny and all that, he can belt out a tune too. The git. The new album The Small Hours is out in September.

Featured Album: Fabriclive 07 John Peel
Maloko - In The Midnight Hour
The Datsuns - In Love
From the series of live mix LPs from Fabric, John Peel's was notable for his admission that he can't mix. It matters not. What it is is a typically eclectic compilation from the noted taste-maker. Maloko are a pan-African band who covered a number of American classics in a soukou style. The Datsuns are proper New Zealand rock band. Suffice to say that without Peel, I wouldn't be doing this here now.

Hannah Lou Clark - It's Your Love
The Foe singer and guitarist goes solo. This is the title track from her new EP which is out now.

Blaney - Poison Fishes feat. Mark E Smith
Salfordian Ed Blaney teams up with long-time pal Smith on his debut album Urban Nature which came out in May.

Haley Bonar - Kismet Kill
Inventive and unusual stuff from the Minnesota native. Off Impossible Dream which is out on August 5.

Pillow Person - Go Ahead
Sarah Jones is the drummer from Hot Chip and other bands, but goes solo as Pillow Person, this being her first single.

Kingsley Chapman and The Murder - Into The Dark
Middlesbrough's finest chanteur and his band are back with another tremendous single. See them love for a dazzling array of suits.

Loose Meat - Octopus
Beginning to obsess over the self-titled LP. I think that's four tracks we've played off it now.

Featured album: Fabriclive 07 John Peel
Elementz Of Noize - Clock
Drum and bass formed a big part of Peel's show in the latter years. And this one is a belter.

DJ Shadow - The Sideshow feat. Ernie Fresh
A fifth LP from the turntablist arrives in a couple of weeks time. The Mountain Will Fall is the title.

Factory Floor - Ya
More cracking floor-fillers from the LP 25 25 which is out next month.

Muslimgauze - Untitled 1985
More gems from the legacy of Bryn Jones, as prolific 17 years after his death as he ever was alive. This is off a split EP with Italian band Underspreche.

Here's your YouTube:

and your Soundcloud:

And we'll see what next week throws up.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

5 July 2016

Hello again.

Joey Fourr - My Dolphins
Quirky. Off the album Fourr To The Floorr which came out in April.

Bugeye - Never Let You Go
I hate the term rrriot grrrl, but this apparently fits the bill. It's the title track off an EP out later this month.

Fur Blend - Taco Bell
Bit of psycho-krauty type rock from Leeds. The EP Serotonin came out in May.

Featured album: Sonny - Better Late Than Never
Save Me
Friendly Fire
I've been doing some open mic around Huddersfield with my band John Thomas and whenever Sonny walks in with his guitar your heart both soars and sinks. Sinks because you might have to follow him, soars because he's bloody great. This 2010 album is still about on bandcamp to download for however much you'd like to pay. I suggest you do.

Teenage Fanclub - I'm In Love
Yay! It's new Teenage Fanclub stuff! Their 11th studio LP is called Here and is out in September and this is the first single from it.

Lessons - Tempest
A different class of synth-driven pop-rock from Helsinki. The title track off a new EP.

Hey Colossus - Hop The Railings
This came out at the back end of last year, but I'm only getting to grips with it now. Radio Static High is the album.

Unstable Journey - Clear Lines
More from Leeds, this came out in May on the LP Beast Market.

Cwtch - I Drove To The River
House favourite Dementio13's occasional side-project returns. Here, Paul Foster and vocalist Marie Craven produce a delicious slice of laid-back electronica.

Featured album: Sonny - Better Late Than Never
Something In The Water
Seriously good. Don't know why he's kicking about open mic nights with the likes of us.

Vince Clarke & Paul Hartnoll - Better Have A Drink To Think
Electronica pioneers combine with a new album, 2Square, out this Friday.

Squarepusher - Midi Sans Frontieres
Another star of the electronic scene, this is Tom Jenkinson's riposte to Brexit. Available for nowt from his website.

Saint James - Opposite
London producer about whom I know little.

Here's your YouTube:

and your Soundcloud:

and bandcamp:

and we go again next Tuesday.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

28 June 2016

Some special treats for you today. Strap in.

Martha - Ice Cream And Sunscreen
From the town of Pity Me in County Durham. This is off their second LP Blisters In The Pit Of My Heart.

Mutineers - Infidelity
From 2010. Not sure how this passed me by, but still worth coming back to. Friends, Lovers, Rivals is the album. Definite New Order vibe there.

Wedding Present - Bear
New stuff from Dave Gedge's evergreen collective. Still going, still great.

Featured Album: De La Soul - Stakes Is High
Stakes Is High
The Bizness feat. Common
Twenty years ago almost to the day, Stakes Is High was released. It marked a new direction for De La Soul and a change of sound, their first LP without Prince Paul on production. It's a comment on the state of hip-hop at the time.

Atmosphere - Ringo
Minnesota duo with their eighth LP Fishing Blues.

Fightmilk - Some Boys
Don't know much about these apart from this is really good.

Palm Honey - You Stole My Blackout
Another one I know little of. Apart from they're from Reading.

Evans The Death - Haunted Wheelchair
London next. Off the LP Vanilla which came out a couple of weeks ago.

Ought - Beautiful Blue Sky
Another one from a while back - only a year this time. The Montreal band released Sun Coming Down in 2015, but this is a sublime track. Absolutely stunning.

Featured Album: De La Soul - Stakes Is High
Another cracking track from our featured LP. They were unmatched in this period.

Portishead - SOS
A cover of the ABBA record in memoriam of Jo Cox. Haunting, beautiful.

Alone - Hold Hands Over Borders
Another track inspired by recent events. 8-bit cool.

Aphex Twin - Cirklon3
NEW APHEX TWIN STUFF! Get you some of that.

Here's that on Youtube:

and Soundcloud:

and we'll have another go at it next week.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

14 June 2016

Well it was supposed to be the 14th, but we had a snafu with transport. So you can have it now.

Unqualified Nurse - Getting Sweaty
Noisy Derby bunch whose debut album Debasement Tapes is out in the autumn.

The Editor - Partly Cloudy
Not something I know much about other than the artist hails from Michigan. Saxy.

Oh Boy! - A Bird In The Hand
From Northampton with a new single that came out last Friday.

Featured album: The Fall - The Unutterable
Cyber Insekt
Two Librans
Their 21st LP came out in 2000 and was seen as one of their best. A career peak according to The Guardian, in fact. It is really good. And that's why it's here. Two Librans is probably my favourite track of theirs ever.

Alice Jemima - So
Devonian songstress with a hint of late '90s UK garage about it. The EP is Liquorice and it's out on Friday.

Trust Fund - Together
A new album coming soon from these. We Have Always Lived In The Harolds is out in two weeks.

Plaid - Do Matter
A new album from these too, which is always welcome. The Digging Remedy came out last week.

The KVB - White Walls
Their latest LP came out in March, but this is the first I've heard. Pretty darn good I reckon.

Cobby & Mallinder - Trans Europe Express
Former Hey, Rube! partners team up once again with a cover of the Kraftwerk classic.

Featured album: The Fall - The Unutterable
If you don't love The Fall, we'll struggle to be friends.

Dan Le Sac - Frederick
10 years on from his debut with Scroobius Pip comes an album of assorted works. Cherished, Overthrow [06-16] is available as a pay-what-you-like download.

Holy Fuck - Xed Eyes
The first LP in six years from the Toronto electronica merchants. Congrats came out late last month.

Public Service Broadcasting - E.V.A (Dutch Uncles remix)
A new LP of remixes of their last album, The Race For Space, is out on Friday and this is the pick, mixed by Dutch Uncles. Two top bands in one spot. What's not to like?

Stone Roses - Beautiful Thing
The first track released since their reformation was rubbish. Paint by numbers boredom. This is not. This is a Stone Roses track, ideal for people of a certain vintage.

Here's your YouTube:

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Back next week, all being well.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

7 June 2016

Last day of my summer holidays. And it almost feels like I planned this out.

The Spills - Floyd
Starting off with a few tracks I've had waiting for a while, The Spills are from Wakefield and their second LP, which this comes from, came out last autumn.

Vertical Slump - Chanteuse
Another one from last autumn, this is off an EP called Ruined Value.

Fews - The Zoo
This has been around as a single for a while now, but the album - Means - only came out late last month. They're Swedish, but based in London now.

Featured album: Teenage Fanclub - Grand Prix
Sparky's Dream
Neil Jung
One of the great LPs to come from these isles. Don't take my word for it. Twice in national surveys - in the Observer in 2004 and Q in 2000 - this has been ranked as the 72nd greatest British LP of all time. It was the Bellshill quartet's 5th album, released in 1995. And it still sounds great.

Ashley Reaks - Billy Goat Hill
Time to get a bit.... experimental for the next few tracks. And experiments either work or don't, so I appreciate some of the next 20 minutes or so won't be for everyone. What you must agree on though is that the title of Ashley Reaks's new LP is quite spectacular: If I Hadn't Become An Artist And A Musician I Would Have Been A Serial Killer Or Killed Myself.

Biscuit Mouth - The Sea Son, Caspian
Possibly not quite as out there as Reaks's work, but definitely not mainstream, is this from Derby. Doing It Right And Doing It Well is out as of last Friday.

Yak - Smile
I've been aware of Yak for a while, so it was something of a surprise to learn that Plastic People which came out two weeks ago is in fact their debut release. Clearly they've been honing their craft for some time.

Loose Meat - Daisy Chain
We played a track by these off their self-titled debut LP last week, liked it, so are doing so again.

Man Of Moon - Sign
From Edinburgh, this is off the EP Medicine which is out on Friday.

Featured album: Teenage Fanclub - Grand Prix
Mellow Doubt
Another track from Grand Prix, an album which you should go and listen to right after you've finished listening to us.

The Avalanches - Frankie Sinatra
Taking it electronic now, and here's something. It was 16 years ago that Melbourne's Avalanches released their debut LP Since I Left You. Now comes a follow-up, Wildflower. Exciting.

K.O.I.S.T.E.R - Dots
Seattle producer Jake Koistinen is K.O.I.S.T.E.R. I came across this arsing around on Soundcloud. It was research!

Not Waving - 24
A new act on acclaimed dance label Diagonal are these from London. The LP is Animals and it came out in February.

Kid606 - Born Slippy/Audion/Plastikman/Matrixmann
A curio from Venezuelan producer Miguel Trost De Pedro, aka Kid606. Just something he was messing about with, apparently, but it sure works for me.

Here's yer YouTube:

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That should see you through to next week.

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

31 May 2016

Hello again.

Brawlers - Day Job
Leeds punks with a new EP coming on July 1 called the Black.

Bivouac - Sweet Heart Deal
'90s rockers from Derby back with a new record. A double-A 7" is out on the 16th of July.

Lunar - Gonna Get You Down
The second single by a new band from Manchester. It's a very Manchester sound. Out on June 3.

Featured album: The Stranglers - Rattus Norvegicus
Goodbye Toulouse
This week we feature the 1977 debut album from the pun outsiders. Punk happened at just the right time for The Stranglers whose sound didn't fit easily into a niche. A bit older, wiser (maybe), than their contemporaries, the songs were a lot more developed, especially Goodbye Toulouse which is about Nostradamus's predictions of that city's fall. The Sex Pistols just didn't have songs like that.

Meatraffle - The Bird Song
Saw these supporting the Fat White Family and was blown away, especially by this track which they've just put out.

Loose Meat  - Edge Of Love
The first single from their debut, self-titled LP out on June 3. Like the xx but not boring.

Exploded View - No More Parties In The Attic
Another self-titled debut LP, this time from Mexico, albeit with a German singer.

Fat White Family - Tinfoil Deathstar
The new single from their second album Songs For Our Mother. Out last Friday.

John Metcalfe - Wrapped feat. Rosie Doonan
Multi-instrumentalist Metcalfe teams up with former Crybabycry singer Doonan to make wonderful music. The EP is also called Wrapped and is out now.

Cass McCombs - Opposite House
From New York and with an LP out in August called Mangy Love.

Featured album: The Stranglers - Rattus Norvegicus
(Get A) Grip (On Yourself)
One of their better known records, chronicling their lives in a squat.

M Craft - Chemical Trails
Dreampop from LA-based Martin Craft. The LP Blood Moon is out on June 17.

Alone - Lonely Tourist
Delightful electronica from Cardiff, as recommended by our closing artist this week.

Factory Floor - Dial Me In
New track from their forthcoming second album. 25 25 is out on August 19. Excited much?

Dementio13 - 4am Sun
And finally, a lovely track from one of our favourite artists. This is off April's Dead Of Night album.

Here's that on YouTube:

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and we'll have another go next week.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

24 May 2016

I'm going to rattle through these. Chain came off on the way home, see.

5 Go Mad - Ginger Beer
Pompey punks not taking themselves too seriously, the album is Lashings And Lashings Of 5 Go Mad. 

Life - Rare Boots
Brothers from Hull with a new single. Bit good.

Psycho Comedy - One
Definitely psych-ey, this is their debut single. From Liverpool, I wonder at the influence of the annual psych fest.

Featured album: The Damned - Damned Damned Damned
Neat Neat Neat
I Feel Alright
Britain's first punk LP. New Rose is 40 years old now. I cannot imagine the splash it made, being quite unlike anything else. Still makes an impact now.

The Parrots - Let's Do It Again
From Madrid and newly signed to Heavenly, this is their new one.

Esper Scout - Gaps In The Border Fence
Based in Leeds, this is out on Friday. Which is pay day, so you should get it.

The Hotelier - Piano Player
The new LP, their third, is out on Friday. Goodness is the title.

Bugeye - Disco Dancer
Modern disco from London. The EP is Never Let You Go and it's due in July.

Afterbloom - Duh
Not got much on these other than they're from Telford and that I doubt I've played a Telfordian band before.

Slow Club - Ancient Rolling Sea
A new LP is due later in the year, but that's just lovely, down tempo and calming. It'll do until we get the album.

Featured album: The Damned - Damned Damned Damned
New Rose
Couldn't not play it.

Alke - Indigo
From Reno, these are Audrey Karrasch and Jameson Flood. That's all I got, other than I really like that one.

Cobby and Litten - Tinder Surprise
Something different now. Steve Cobby is ex of Fila Brazillia among other things and here he teams up with author Russ Litten to make the LP My People Come From The Sea which you should get. Like a toned down Sleaford Mods, it's along the lines of Malcolm Middleton collaborating with David Shrigley or Joe Hakim and Ashley Reaks. There's a movement here somewhere.

Vessels - Are You Trending?
One of my favourite bands with a new single. Came out last week and it's a belter.

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and we'll have another go next week.