Tuesday, 28 April 2015

28 April 2015

Me again...

Kassassin Street - Centre Straight Atom
Another one from these and off an EP of the same name, immediately familiar yet completely fresh. Really good stuff.

METZ - Spit You Out
Imagination in album titles isn't this lots strong point. Following on from METZ comes METZ II. It's out on May 6 and if this is anything to go by, should be splendid stuff.

Cheatahs - Murasaki
Something that's getting a lot of airplay, but no reason not to play it here. From an EP of the same name, inspired by Japanese novelist Murasaki Shikibu.

Cover Version Corner
McCarthy/Manic Street Preachers - Charles Windsor
Bit of a republican anthem as we await another royal leech. Off the flip-side of Life Becoming A Landslide, the Manics 1994 single, and before that and off their debut album I Am A Wallet, McCarthy, who burned all too briefly in the late '80s.

Bruising - Think About Death
To Leeds now and off Family Portrait Pt 2 which is out on May 11. I like these a lot.

Slug - Running To Get Past Your Heart
Another track from the wonderful Ripe. It's just so different and inventive. The album really is superb.

Babe - The Warbling
Off an EP called The Hereaftergo'ers which is out now-ish. Definitely wants to make me find out more.

Marsicans - Gone In A Second
Back to Leeds for another one that sounds familiar and yet also doesn't. It took me a few listens to really get into it, but now I think it's great.

The Bitter Springs - My Life As A Dog In A Pig Sty
Something from a few years ago now, 2010 in fact. Not a band I'd heard much of, but that's the beauty of twitter for you.

Rumble - Nvr Surrrender
Lacking in vowels, but making up for that in Gallic tones and a Nancy Sinatra sort of feel, these are from LA. EP1 - distinct lack of imagination again - came out in January.

One Degree of Separation
Half Man Half Biscuit - The Light At The End Of The Tunnel (Is The Light Of An Oncoming Train)
Fun Boy Three - Tunnel Of Love
Tunnels! And an excuse to play HMHB again, the best band in history. That's from the 2002 album Cammell Laird Social Club. After that, off their second and final album Waiting from 1982.

Suzy Condrad - Blood On The Bathroom Floor
Suzy Condrad plays with loops and it's quite a process to witness. I saw her at Hebden Trades Club supporting the Sleaford Mods - a band that could not be more opposite. This is on the LP She Of Little Faith which came out in 2013 and is well worth your time investigating.

De La Soul ft Nas - God It
Yes! A new LP, their first since 2004, is due and the crowdfunding project is still ongoing. As a taster/pour encourager les autres, they put this out. Get in. Cannot wait.

Squarepusher - Stor Eiglass
The new album, his 16th studio LP, Damogen Furies came out last week. As ever, it can be quite hard to penetrate, but this is an easier access point.

Here's that on YouTube:

And Soundcloud:

And we'll do it all again next week eh?

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

21 April 2015

Here we go again...

Bad//Dreems - Cuffed And Collated
From Adelaide and about to make their debut in Britain, this is their new single. Sounds like it ought to remind me of something, but I don't know what.

Faith No More - Superhero
They are back. 18 years since their last album, Sol Invictus is the new one. Out on May 18, this is the second single taken from it.

Courtney Barnett - Pedestrian At Best
This has been around a while now, but I think she's brilliant so you're getting it anyway. The album is the marvellously titled Sometimes I Sit And Think And Sometimes I Just Sit.

Cover Version Corner
The Clash/The Sex Patels - Armagideon Time
An insight into my mind. A band doing bhangra versions of punk classics? Yes. And they're called the Sex Patels? Hell yes. And the album is called Never Mind the Bollywoods... Here's The Sex Patels? Shut up and take my money. The Clash version isn't the original - it is a cover of a Willi Williams track - but was the B side to London Calling.

Outfit - New Air
How to follow a critically acclaimed debut album? Well this isn't a bad start. The new one is out in June and is titled Slowness.

Slug - Cockeyed Rabbit Wrapped In Plastic
Best single title? Could be. Fronted by former Field Music bassist Ian Black, the album, Ripe, is inventive and interesting and really bloody good. Out now.

Sarah Cracknell - On The Swings
Pure heaven. She can do no wrong in my eyes. Her second solo album is due out soon. Red Kite.

Picturebox - Ruth Bakes A Cake
Quirky. This is on an album called The Garden Path which came out in February.

Garden Of Elks - Tomorrow We Are Astronauts
This is ace. They're Scottish and the LP A Distorted Sigh is out now.

The Sums - It's You
To Liverpool now and the new album here is Start At The Finish. They're Peter 'Digsy' Deary's latest outfit.

One Degree of Separation
Heaven 17 - Temptation
New Order - Temptation
Not a tough one today, but any excuse to play that New Order track. I'm fairly sure I don't even like the Heaven 17 one.

The Underground Youth - Morning Sun
This goes back a few years, to 2010 and the album Sadovaya. Still good though.

Moon Duo - Slow Down Low
A delight. Off the album Shadow Of The Sun which came out in February.

Super Besse - J'ai Rien A Foutre De Mon Visage
And finally to Belarus. I think these are ace. This came out in November, their last single to date. More please.

Here that on YouTube:

and Soundcloud:

See you next week.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

14 April 2015

I had a distinct lack of voice last week, hence no show. And hence I'm doing it now.

Dave Hughes - Freedom Of Something
From the album Rise, Again which came out at the back end of last month. Something a little different.

Sweet Benfica - When The Prime Minister Talks To The Lords
A reworking of an old Bright Eyes track called When The President Talk To God. Get it off their bandcamp page.

Snapped Ankles - I Want My Minutes Back
The second single from this London outfit. Good, innit.

Cover Version Corner
Cornershop - Born Disco; Died Heavy Metal
Two versions of this, first from their debut album Hold On It Hurts from 1994. 20 years later, an instrumental, easy listening version of the same record.

Chastity Belt - Drone
A new one from these off the album Time To Go Home.

The Lucid Dream - Mona Lisa
Carlisle answer to Godspeed You! Black Emperor, that is umpteen kinds of splendid. The new self-titled album came out on March 30.

Therapy? - Tides
Another one off the new long-player Disquiet, which really is as good as the reviews say and is very much a back-to-basics return to form.

Du Blonde - Mind Is On My Mind
Featuring the vocals of Samuel T Herring of Future Islands, another one from the forthcoming album Welcome Back To Milk which I am very much looking forward to. That voice...

Love, Hippies and Gangsters - This Is What We Want
From the EP Sun Over Babaluma which came out in January. Psych heaven.

One Degree of Separation
Roxy Music - Do The Strand
Shacklock Meth Party - Pall Mall
Any excuse to play something by New Zealand psych-merchants Shacklock Meth Party. This is off Domino Room which came out in June 2013. And I could only think of one other track with a Monopoly square in the title, hence Roxy Music.

Goran Kajfes and Subtropic Arkestra - Dokuz Seki/ Esmerim
By now, you know I like to play stuff that's a bit different. Hence this. Off The Reason Why vol 2.

Emmy The Great - Swimming Pool (Tom Vek remix)
I played the original of this a while back, but here is a stunning remix from Tom Vek which takes it to different places.

8:58 - The Clock
Paul Hartnoll, ex of Orbital, brings his new project to being. Featuring the vocals of Cilian Murphy. Brilliant. Came out on March 30.

Here's that on YouTube:

and Soundcloud:

Back next week, all being well.