Tuesday, 14 April 2015

14 April 2015

I had a distinct lack of voice last week, hence no show. And hence I'm doing it now.

Dave Hughes - Freedom Of Something
From the album Rise, Again which came out at the back end of last month. Something a little different.

Sweet Benfica - When The Prime Minister Talks To The Lords
A reworking of an old Bright Eyes track called When The President Talk To God. Get it off their bandcamp page.

Snapped Ankles - I Want My Minutes Back
The second single from this London outfit. Good, innit.

Cover Version Corner
Cornershop - Born Disco; Died Heavy Metal
Two versions of this, first from their debut album Hold On It Hurts from 1994. 20 years later, an instrumental, easy listening version of the same record.

Chastity Belt - Drone
A new one from these off the album Time To Go Home.

The Lucid Dream - Mona Lisa
Carlisle answer to Godspeed You! Black Emperor, that is umpteen kinds of splendid. The new self-titled album came out on March 30.

Therapy? - Tides
Another one off the new long-player Disquiet, which really is as good as the reviews say and is very much a back-to-basics return to form.

Du Blonde - Mind Is On My Mind
Featuring the vocals of Samuel T Herring of Future Islands, another one from the forthcoming album Welcome Back To Milk which I am very much looking forward to. That voice...

Love, Hippies and Gangsters - This Is What We Want
From the EP Sun Over Babaluma which came out in January. Psych heaven.

One Degree of Separation
Roxy Music - Do The Strand
Shacklock Meth Party - Pall Mall
Any excuse to play something by New Zealand psych-merchants Shacklock Meth Party. This is off Domino Room which came out in June 2013. And I could only think of one other track with a Monopoly square in the title, hence Roxy Music.

Goran Kajfes and Subtropic Arkestra - Dokuz Seki/ Esmerim
By now, you know I like to play stuff that's a bit different. Hence this. Off The Reason Why vol 2.

Emmy The Great - Swimming Pool (Tom Vek remix)
I played the original of this a while back, but here is a stunning remix from Tom Vek which takes it to different places.

8:58 - The Clock
Paul Hartnoll, ex of Orbital, brings his new project to being. Featuring the vocals of Cilian Murphy. Brilliant. Came out on March 30.

Here's that on YouTube:

and Soundcloud:

Back next week, all being well.

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