Tuesday, 30 May 2017

30 May 2017

Quiet bank holiday? Not much happened? Ah well.

Fizzy Blood - Pawn
Noisy bunch from Leeds. This is their latest single, a discourse on predatory behaviour and using people's desperation to persuade them to do things not in their interests.

Oro Swimming Hour - Overthrown
Off Penrose Winoa, a collaboration between Bristol's Art Is Hard records and Brooklyn's Orchid Tapes.

Meatraffle - Brother
Their first single since their debut LP Hi-Fi Classics, they are avoiding difficult second album syndrome by skipping the second, so the next one will be their third.

Deer - How I Feel
Going back a couple of years for this one from Mexico.

Bearcats - The Big Surprise
This came out last autumn, off the Californian's Candy EP,

The Kimberly Steaks - Wrong Exit
Glasgow now, and one from 2014 off the LP To Live And Die In West Central Scotland.

Feature - Schedules Align
Another one from the debut and valedictory album Banishing Ritual which is dead good.

Cannibale - Rays Of Light
To Paris, and this is on No Mercy For Love.

The Foreign Resort - She Is Lost
And Copenhagen next, this is their new single with an LP to follow.

Wave - PJ
From the brilliantly named album Jurassic Parkour.

We Are Quasars - Post-Wave
These are from Carlisle and are bloody good. This is off Resistance which came out a couple of weeks back.

Five Pence Game - D Minor Disappointment ft Faithful Johannes
Five Pence Game is a collaborative project from Novocastrian Ally Morton. This features Outside Your House man Faithful Johannes and appears on the EP Oxygen.

Whirling Hall Of Knives - Selectivsnapp
Irish electronic duo with a new EP/mini-album Voix.

Brainwaltzera - Muddy Puddle Trot
Is it Richard D James, he of Aphex Twin? It seems it very well may be. This is off the EP Aescoba.




Not in next week. Back to normal the week after.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

23 May 2017

Ahoy there.

She Makes War - I Want My Country Back
Laura Kidd with an impassioned plea to restore Britain to the values we used to hold before kowtowing to UKIP and the voices of intolerance.

The X-Ray Cat Trio - The Buzzards Claw
Leeds rockabilly three-piece that I saw live a wee while back. This is off their 2015 album Out For Blood.

Tranqs - Blood
London band who are touring with Eight Rounds Rapid. This is the title track from their 2016 EP.

Public Service Broadcasting - They Gave Me A Lamp
So what were they going to do next? Well, it's a concept album about the rise and fall of the Welsh coal-mining industry. Every Valley is out on July 7.

Halo Orbit - Subump
A three-piece based in New York, LA and Tokyo. This is the title track from their album that came out in February.

Spasibo - К Гудвину ​(​To Goodwin)
Fanny Kaplan - Laughter
There's a decent line in post-punk bands coming out of Russia right now and here are two of them. Both are from Moscow. The first track comes from Spasibo's 2013 album mini, while the second is from Self-Titled from 2015.

Missing Organs - Blood Factory
An Austrian curio. This is off Old Speakers which came out in March.

Arms And Sleepers - Love Is Everywhere (Summer Edit)
A breezy update for the track from Life Is Everywhere which came out in January. Just in time for some warmer weather.

Phil Reynolds and The Uncertain Futures - White Claw (Isvisible Mix)
From Douglas on the Isle Of Man, here's a remix of a track taken from White Claw which came out in March.

Cobby And Litten - For The Many (Extended version)
The Hull poetry and beats project with a free download. Hopefully you've already registered to vote - the deadline was yesterday - and now you need to go and vote Labour.




Same again next week.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

16 May 2017

Missiles Of October - No Brain No Headache
Belgian stoner punk rock from the LP Better Days.

Krause - Suburban Anarchists Building A Better Tomorrow
And now Greek punk. Their debut album is 2AM Thoughts.

Def!cit - Nightime
Not normally a fan of extraneous punctuation in a band name, but here we are. This is their first single.

Feature - Gatekeeper
Featuring members of various other bands, this is off Banishing Ritual.

The Vega Bodegas - Welsh Music Prize
The EP Council Pop came out last Friday.

The Paranoyds - Egg Salad
To LA now for a track that came out last summer.

West Of the Sun - Siberian Hysteria
Another one a year old. These are from that London.

Gaby Hernandez - Entranced
And back to LA. Spirit Reflection is out on June 9 on the ever--wonderful Mr Bongo.

The Comet Is Coming - Start Running
Here's good. Off Death To The Planet which is out now.

Ifriqiyya Electrique - Arrah Arrah Abbaina
And here's curious. These are from Tunisia and it comes from Ruwahine which is out on the 26th.

Slowdive - Star Roving
Their first album in 22 years and all they could think to call it is Slowdive.

Wayward - Orissa (Pepe's Jazz Bar Reinterpretation)
A great mix, this. Off the EP also called Orissa.

Team Ghost - Revelations
Oh, isn't this gorgeous. It's off their eponymous second EP. That fade is incredible.




Tuesday, 9 May 2017

9 May 2017

Decent selection this week, I think. Hope you agree.

Shitkid - Sugar Town
Swedish lofi wonderkid Asa Soderqvist with a track from her debut LP Fish, out June 2.

Allison Crutchfield - Dean's Room
Formerly of PS Eliot and Swearin', Alabama's Crutchfield 's debut solo LP is Tourist In This Town. Came out in January.

Retroject - Lesson Learned
Doncaster indie-poppers with a track from their third EP, EPIII.

Platinum Boys - New Kind Of Love
These are from Milwaukee and this is off Buzz.

Imaginary People - Snapshot
No idea how to describe this, don't really care. These are from New York and the album October Alice is out now.

Sacred Paws - Strike A Match
Quirky. These are Eilidh Rodgers and Rachel Aggs from Glasgow and London and this is the title track from their first LP.

The Black Angels - I'd Kill For Her
Velvet-esque, 13th Floor Elevators too, this is Texan psych from their fifth album Death Song.

Vorderhaus - My Situation
Mark Vorderhaus, that is. He's from Berlin and this is off Minor Activity.

Opin - Deep Thots
From Richmind, Virginia, this is off the LP S/T.

Gnoomes - Cascais
To Russia next, Perm in particular. And wow. This is off Tschak!

dreamherbs - Welcome To The Fuzzbrain
Walthamstow scallywags with their first release.

The Night Programme - We Are Chaos
Got nothing on these, but there is an album in the offing.

Vessels - Radiart
New one from Leeds electronians. New album coming later in the year. Can't wait.

Dementio13 - The Beat Of A Breath ft Marie Craven
Another poetry and electronica effort from Paul Foster and regular collaborator Craven. This time not under their Cwtch moniker. The words are from the poem As Yearning Is Red by Rachel Dacus. Sublime.




More next week.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

2 May 2017

Lots to get through, so pull up a muffin.

Bricks - Not Proud
A new track from the London trio from a forthcoming LP. Good to have them back.

Echobelly - Hey Hey Hey
Yes, that Echobelly. They have a new album out on May 26, Anarchy and Alchemy.

Nelson Can - Move Forward
Danish three-piece with a new track out last week on the ever-reliable Alcopop! label.

Fat Goth - Thoroughbred
A track from their fifth LP, Enorme!, which is out on Friday.

The Golden Dregs - Congratulations
To Falmouth next and a new one on the Art Is Hard postcard club.

Algiers - The Underside Of Power
The title track of the new LP, their second, due out in June.

The Hempolics - Me Love To Sing
Big skanky vibes from London. This came out at the back end of last year.

Lisbon - Tyler
Tremendous new single from the Newcastle outfit.

The Mark Lanegan Band - Nocturne
A new one from the new LP Gargoyle, out last week.

One-Way Song - Dr Spraza Lies
A relatively new duo from Manchester with their debut single.

Repier - Last_Touch
Off the third and possibly final EP from this Parisian band. Well, under this name anyway.

Outside Your House - My Indefensible Acts
The Durham 'barely rap' duo with a new track which is a portent of their debut LP due in the autumn.

Moth Effect - Smoke And Fluff
A new demo from one of our favourites.

Various Autists - Single
Great name. Don't know much about them, but given this was recommended by Vessels you know it's going to be good.



More next week