Tuesday, 30 May 2017

30 May 2017

Quiet bank holiday? Not much happened? Ah well.

Fizzy Blood - Pawn
Noisy bunch from Leeds. This is their latest single, a discourse on predatory behaviour and using people's desperation to persuade them to do things not in their interests.

Oro Swimming Hour - Overthrown
Off Penrose Winoa, a collaboration between Bristol's Art Is Hard records and Brooklyn's Orchid Tapes.

Meatraffle - Brother
Their first single since their debut LP Hi-Fi Classics, they are avoiding difficult second album syndrome by skipping the second, so the next one will be their third.

Deer - How I Feel
Going back a couple of years for this one from Mexico.

Bearcats - The Big Surprise
This came out last autumn, off the Californian's Candy EP,

The Kimberly Steaks - Wrong Exit
Glasgow now, and one from 2014 off the LP To Live And Die In West Central Scotland.

Feature - Schedules Align
Another one from the debut and valedictory album Banishing Ritual which is dead good.

Cannibale - Rays Of Light
To Paris, and this is on No Mercy For Love.

The Foreign Resort - She Is Lost
And Copenhagen next, this is their new single with an LP to follow.

Wave - PJ
From the brilliantly named album Jurassic Parkour.

We Are Quasars - Post-Wave
These are from Carlisle and are bloody good. This is off Resistance which came out a couple of weeks back.

Five Pence Game - D Minor Disappointment ft Faithful Johannes
Five Pence Game is a collaborative project from Novocastrian Ally Morton. This features Outside Your House man Faithful Johannes and appears on the EP Oxygen.

Whirling Hall Of Knives - Selectivsnapp
Irish electronic duo with a new EP/mini-album Voix.

Brainwaltzera - Muddy Puddle Trot
Is it Richard D James, he of Aphex Twin? It seems it very well may be. This is off the EP Aescoba.




Not in next week. Back to normal the week after.

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