Tuesday, 16 May 2017

16 May 2017

Missiles Of October - No Brain No Headache
Belgian stoner punk rock from the LP Better Days.

Krause - Suburban Anarchists Building A Better Tomorrow
And now Greek punk. Their debut album is 2AM Thoughts.

Def!cit - Nightime
Not normally a fan of extraneous punctuation in a band name, but here we are. This is their first single.

Feature - Gatekeeper
Featuring members of various other bands, this is off Banishing Ritual.

The Vega Bodegas - Welsh Music Prize
The EP Council Pop came out last Friday.

The Paranoyds - Egg Salad
To LA now for a track that came out last summer.

West Of the Sun - Siberian Hysteria
Another one a year old. These are from that London.

Gaby Hernandez - Entranced
And back to LA. Spirit Reflection is out on June 9 on the ever--wonderful Mr Bongo.

The Comet Is Coming - Start Running
Here's good. Off Death To The Planet which is out now.

Ifriqiyya Electrique - Arrah Arrah Abbaina
And here's curious. These are from Tunisia and it comes from Ruwahine which is out on the 26th.

Slowdive - Star Roving
Their first album in 22 years and all they could think to call it is Slowdive.

Wayward - Orissa (Pepe's Jazz Bar Reinterpretation)
A great mix, this. Off the EP also called Orissa.

Team Ghost - Revelations
Oh, isn't this gorgeous. It's off their eponymous second EP. That fade is incredible.




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