Tuesday, 9 May 2017

9 May 2017

Decent selection this week, I think. Hope you agree.

Shitkid - Sugar Town
Swedish lofi wonderkid Asa Soderqvist with a track from her debut LP Fish, out June 2.

Allison Crutchfield - Dean's Room
Formerly of PS Eliot and Swearin', Alabama's Crutchfield 's debut solo LP is Tourist In This Town. Came out in January.

Retroject - Lesson Learned
Doncaster indie-poppers with a track from their third EP, EPIII.

Platinum Boys - New Kind Of Love
These are from Milwaukee and this is off Buzz.

Imaginary People - Snapshot
No idea how to describe this, don't really care. These are from New York and the album October Alice is out now.

Sacred Paws - Strike A Match
Quirky. These are Eilidh Rodgers and Rachel Aggs from Glasgow and London and this is the title track from their first LP.

The Black Angels - I'd Kill For Her
Velvet-esque, 13th Floor Elevators too, this is Texan psych from their fifth album Death Song.

Vorderhaus - My Situation
Mark Vorderhaus, that is. He's from Berlin and this is off Minor Activity.

Opin - Deep Thots
From Richmind, Virginia, this is off the LP S/T.

Gnoomes - Cascais
To Russia next, Perm in particular. And wow. This is off Tschak!

dreamherbs - Welcome To The Fuzzbrain
Walthamstow scallywags with their first release.

The Night Programme - We Are Chaos
Got nothing on these, but there is an album in the offing.

Vessels - Radiart
New one from Leeds electronians. New album coming later in the year. Can't wait.

Dementio13 - The Beat Of A Breath ft Marie Craven
Another poetry and electronica effort from Paul Foster and regular collaborator Craven. This time not under their Cwtch moniker. The words are from the poem As Yearning Is Red by Rachel Dacus. Sublime.




More next week.

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