Tuesday, 27 January 2015

27 January 2015

Last time for January already? Blimey charlie.

The Garden - Surprise!
Twin brothers Wyatt and Fletcher from California are The Garden. 95 seconds and done. No messing. Cool video too. This came out last month.

The Vinyl Records - Ready Set Go
To New Delhi now in what is a bit of a world tour of a show. This is from last May. Jaunty stuff indeed.

Whyte Horses - Astrologie Siderale
And now to the exotic shores of Manchester. And there aren't many bands in Manchester singing self-styled cosmic love songs in French so more power to their elbow. The album is Pop Or Not which came out in November.

Cover Version Corner
David Guetta ft Sia/Crybabycry - Titanium
A truly dreadful record transformed into something quite marvellous by one of our favourite bands around at the moment. That David Guetta track is awful. My philosophy in compiling this show is that if I like it, I play it and if I don't, I won't. The exception here is that it leads into the Crybabycry cover version where they take something unspeakably bad and flip it around completely. Because they are brilliant. They've an EP out. Seek it.

Astronauts - Everything's A System, Everything's A Sign
Astronauts - no indefinite article here - is Dan Carney from London. Plenty going on here. Hollow Ponds is the album which came out last summer.

Futsu - Mechanical Bride
Multinational now, featuring artists from Paris and Sydney to create a unique sound. This is off Body Island which came out last month.

Dolomite Minor - Talk Like An Aztec
A two-piece from Southampton who make a right old racket, in a good way. This came out in August. Hugely enjoyable.

All We Are - Keep Me Alive
More multinationalism with Irish, Brazilian and Norwegians involved though based out of Liverpool. This came out last month.

Echo Lake - Waves
Dreamy shoegaze from London. March 2 sees the release of Era which this is taken from.

One Degree of Separation
Ausmuteants - Hate This Town
Sundae Sunday - I Hate This Town
From Australia and Indonesia respectively. I don't hate this town though, that's not what I'm trying to say here. I love Huddersfield. I wouldn't have stayed for 22 years if I didn't.

Goat - Hide From The Sun
From their album Commune which came out in September, welcome to the 1960s. Joyous.

Best Friends - Shred Til You're Dead
With more than an homage to The Vaccines and/or The Horrors, but pleasing nonetheless. These are from Sheffield and it's out on Art Is Hard records.

Jape - Seance Of Light
A hint of Hot Chip about this Dublin outfit, which is rarely a bad thing. This Chemical Sea came out last week.

FKClub and Morgan Hammer - Raro
And to end, something French. Morgan Hammer is a Basque DJ and she's teamed up with Antoine Germain and Marc Lapeyre for this one. It came out in September.

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Same time next week, yeah.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

20 January 2015

Lots of new and exciting stuff this week.

Get Inuit - I Would
Widely tipped for a big 2015, these are from Kent and this is off the album 001 which is due on February 9 on Alcopop Records. They had a moment of fame after noticing that the domain name had lapsed and bought it up. Made me laugh anyway.

Crushed Beaks - Overgrown
That is just fantastic. They're from London and their album, Scatter, is also scheduled for 9 February.

Doldrums - Hotfoot
Inventive and unusual, Doldrums is Airick Woodhead from Montreal. This is off an album called The Air-Conditioned Nightmare, due out on Sub Pop in April.

Cover Version Corner
Chuck Berry/Shacklock Meth Party - Johnny B Goode
This is what this slot is about. A totally different rendition of the song. Of course Chuck Berry, from 1958 and the album Chuck Berry Is On Top and then Christchurch, New Zealand's Shacklock Meth Party with their lo-fi, slacker rock version from the 2012 EP Jurassic Park Changed My Life which you can get from their Bandcamp page. Very Fat White Family.

Django Django - First Light
The first track I played on this show almost 3 years ago was Default by Django Django. Through 2012 and 2013, I played pretty much every track from the debut, self-titled album. Now they're back with this new single and an album to follow in spring. Bring it on.

Chastity Belt - Time To Go Home
From one of those wonderfully named towns in Australia, Western Australia to be more exact, called Walla Walla. Like the previous track, it came out last week and the album, also called Time To Go Home, is due on March 24.

Ill Winds - Vision
More Australians, but this time based in Berlin. This came out in December on Not Not Fun records.

Ghost Culture - Arms
One from last September now, Ghost Culture is James Greenwood and this one of his sporadic releases.

Errors - Lease Of Life
A new-ish direction for this Glasgow outfit. Still blimmin' good though. From an album of the same name due in March.

The Go! Team - The Scene Between
New stuff from these which now seems to come out on a quadrennial basis. This is a forerunner to a new album due in March. Typical up-tempo pop from a perennially cheerful band.

One Degree of Separation
Wedding Present - This Boy Can Wait
Bogshed - Run To The Temple
Both from West Yorkshire - Leeds and Hebden respectively - but more importantly both off the C86 compilation from the NME which is credited, probably a bit too much, with prompting the birth of indie pop. Pair of cracking tunes anyway.

Adamski - Pump Up The Waltz
You remember Adamski, right? Well he never really went away, just reduced back into the shadows. His latest project, Futurewaltz, has been exploring 3/4 time in dance music and it's spawned the album This Is 3-Step. I'm not musical at all. I don't read it, I don't play it and only have a vague notion of what time signatures mean, but you can really feel the difference between this and your standard 4/4 dance beat. Unusual and different.

Anthony Naples - Abrazo
Heading down tempo for the last couple of tracks starting with this from New York's Anthony Naples. This is off Body Pill, due out on February 17.

The Rustle Of The Stars - Sleeping Land part 1
I've not played anything quite so down tempo as this. I came across it after seeking out a remix I heard on the radio, but was captivated by the original. Part of what I can only really think to call an orchestration with Iceland as a theme, this came out in 2011. Quite beautiful.

Here's that on Youtube

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and we'll do it all again next week.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

13 January 2015

Here we go again. Records old and new for your delectation.

Pusher - Rain
Kicking it off in Barnsley. With a hint of Billy Idol about the vocals, that's an Ep called 10,000 Hours which is out on iTunes now.

Teen Daze - Another Night
Dreamy stuff from Vancouver off an album called A World Away, out today via their bandcamp page.

Panda Bear - Mr Noah
I'm not sure whether I like this or not. Noah Lennox of Animal Collective is Panda Bear and I like Animal Collective and feel I ought to like this. There are many individual elements of this that I like, but as a whole I'm not sure it's doing anything for me. I just don't know. Anyway, Panda Bear Versus The Grim Reaper is out today.

Cover Version Corner
T Rex/Soulwax - Children Of The Revolution
One of the more diverse pair of records I've put in this slot. Of course you know T Rex, from the 1972 album The Slider. Soulwax are from Ghent and that's off a compilation called Glittering, a 2000 showcase of Belgian electronica.

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Walking On Your Hands
Post punk from Leeds and very Wedding Present. Off 1986's Paint Your Wagon LP. Nothing to do with the musical, though Lee Marvin singing that would be fun.

Sonic Fallout - Unless It Takes Forever
Absolutely glorious. A bit Bryan Ferry, a bit Urge Overkill, all tremendous. These are a bit of a mystery. This must be released in some physical format.

H. Grimace - Imogen
Staying in London for this, off a new album called I Am Material which is due out on the 26th of this month on a limited run of 150 cassettes available at their gigs or as a download from their bandcamp page. Well worth going to a gig for.

Gross Net - Wrong Place, Wrong Time
To Northern Ireland now for something a bit bleaker, a bit xx-y. Off a self-titled EP, again out as a cassette or via bandcamp, which came out last November.

Menace Beach - Tastes Like Medicine
The album is finally here! Ratworld is the title, not a great title, but it's here finally. Well, nearly. 19 January, so six days to wait. It's been a long time coming.

One Degree of Separation
Brain Donor - Get Off Your Pretty Face
Julian Cope - Crazy Farm Animal
I'd play Julian Cope records all day if I thought for a second people wouldn't get bored. Here are two anyway, the first from his collaboration with two members of Spiritualized. Crazy Farm Animal is off the compilation Floored Genius 2, a collection of BBC sessions, and is one of my all-time favourite records.

Xiu Xiu - Stupid In The Dark
Reminding me somehow of Sisters Of Mercy, these are from San Jose in California. This is out next month on the LP Angel Guts: Red Classroom.

Pow! - Switchboard Scientist
Replete with exclamation mark and also Californian - from San Francisco -  this is either out now or very soon indeed. Hi-Tech Boom is the album you're looking for.

Low Low Low La La La Love Love Love - Burrow
Available as a pay-what-you-like download from the link above, this is off what will be their final album which is appropriately titled Last.

Jiboia - Treta Yuga
We've played stuff by this chap before. He's multi-instrumentalist Oscar Silva from Portugal. This is off Badlav which came out last September.



And we go again next week.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

6 January 2015

2015... Damn that relentless passage of time. And back to work as of yesterday. Boo to all of that.

The Diagram Brothers - The Expert
I only heard of these on the radio the other day. They were from Manchester - not brothers, not called Diagram - and this is off a 1982 Peel session.

Shabazz Palaces - Ham Sandwich
New from these by way of follow-up to their album Lese Majesty.

Ex Hex - Waterfall
I played something by these last week and it seemed to go down well, so here's some more. From the album Rips.

Cover Version Corner
The Monks/Ye Nuns - Pretty Suzanne
I've been meaning to play Ye Nuns for a while. They're a London-based all-girl tribute to The Monks, the American GIs based in Germany in the 1960s. The original was recorded in 1966, but only released in 2009. The cover is off last year's Nun More Black LP.

Fear Kittens - Spell
58 seconds. No mucking about. From Seattle and off a self-titled LP from last March.

Diane Marie Kloba - Foolosopher
To Chicago now and sounding something like a female Bowie. This dates from last July.

Ill - Hysteria
Bloody marvellous. From Manchester and off The Housewives Trilogy from last September.

Virgo - ISS
I've been meaning to play this for ages. This came out in August on The Revera Corporation. Virgo is Elizabeth Ann Clark from LA. More please.

Ox Scapula - Taking Liberties
This Stoke band disbanded in 2011 and this is off the 2010 album Hands Out. Still sounds contemporary, like Shellac or something.

One Degree of Separation (ish)
Calvin Party - Lies, Lies and Goverment parts 1 and 2
Bit of a diversion from the usual format. This is from 1996 and well worth playing all 12 minutes.

Pour Le Plaisir - Tin Machine
Don't know much about these other than this is the title track off a new EP which if it isn't out yet, will be shortly.

Rhino Cock Soundsystem - Tease Me 23
Another one I don't know much about other than it's the best name for an artist I've heard in ages.

Henry Plotnick - Wapiti
This lad from San Francisco is thirteen. Thirteen. One thing I wasn't doing when I was 13 was making critically acclaimed, avant-garde electronica.



Back again same time next week.