Tuesday, 6 January 2015

6 January 2015

2015... Damn that relentless passage of time. And back to work as of yesterday. Boo to all of that.

The Diagram Brothers - The Expert
I only heard of these on the radio the other day. They were from Manchester - not brothers, not called Diagram - and this is off a 1982 Peel session.

Shabazz Palaces - Ham Sandwich
New from these by way of follow-up to their album Lese Majesty.

Ex Hex - Waterfall
I played something by these last week and it seemed to go down well, so here's some more. From the album Rips.

Cover Version Corner
The Monks/Ye Nuns - Pretty Suzanne
I've been meaning to play Ye Nuns for a while. They're a London-based all-girl tribute to The Monks, the American GIs based in Germany in the 1960s. The original was recorded in 1966, but only released in 2009. The cover is off last year's Nun More Black LP.

Fear Kittens - Spell
58 seconds. No mucking about. From Seattle and off a self-titled LP from last March.

Diane Marie Kloba - Foolosopher
To Chicago now and sounding something like a female Bowie. This dates from last July.

Ill - Hysteria
Bloody marvellous. From Manchester and off The Housewives Trilogy from last September.

Virgo - ISS
I've been meaning to play this for ages. This came out in August on The Revera Corporation. Virgo is Elizabeth Ann Clark from LA. More please.

Ox Scapula - Taking Liberties
This Stoke band disbanded in 2011 and this is off the 2010 album Hands Out. Still sounds contemporary, like Shellac or something.

One Degree of Separation (ish)
Calvin Party - Lies, Lies and Goverment parts 1 and 2
Bit of a diversion from the usual format. This is from 1996 and well worth playing all 12 minutes.

Pour Le Plaisir - Tin Machine
Don't know much about these other than this is the title track off a new EP which if it isn't out yet, will be shortly.

Rhino Cock Soundsystem - Tease Me 23
Another one I don't know much about other than it's the best name for an artist I've heard in ages.

Henry Plotnick - Wapiti
This lad from San Francisco is thirteen. Thirteen. One thing I wasn't doing when I was 13 was making critically acclaimed, avant-garde electronica.



Back again same time next week.

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