Tuesday, 27 January 2015

27 January 2015

Last time for January already? Blimey charlie.

The Garden - Surprise!
Twin brothers Wyatt and Fletcher from California are The Garden. 95 seconds and done. No messing. Cool video too. This came out last month.

The Vinyl Records - Ready Set Go
To New Delhi now in what is a bit of a world tour of a show. This is from last May. Jaunty stuff indeed.

Whyte Horses - Astrologie Siderale
And now to the exotic shores of Manchester. And there aren't many bands in Manchester singing self-styled cosmic love songs in French so more power to their elbow. The album is Pop Or Not which came out in November.

Cover Version Corner
David Guetta ft Sia/Crybabycry - Titanium
A truly dreadful record transformed into something quite marvellous by one of our favourite bands around at the moment. That David Guetta track is awful. My philosophy in compiling this show is that if I like it, I play it and if I don't, I won't. The exception here is that it leads into the Crybabycry cover version where they take something unspeakably bad and flip it around completely. Because they are brilliant. They've an EP out. Seek it.

Astronauts - Everything's A System, Everything's A Sign
Astronauts - no indefinite article here - is Dan Carney from London. Plenty going on here. Hollow Ponds is the album which came out last summer.

Futsu - Mechanical Bride
Multinational now, featuring artists from Paris and Sydney to create a unique sound. This is off Body Island which came out last month.

Dolomite Minor - Talk Like An Aztec
A two-piece from Southampton who make a right old racket, in a good way. This came out in August. Hugely enjoyable.

All We Are - Keep Me Alive
More multinationalism with Irish, Brazilian and Norwegians involved though based out of Liverpool. This came out last month.

Echo Lake - Waves
Dreamy shoegaze from London. March 2 sees the release of Era which this is taken from.

One Degree of Separation
Ausmuteants - Hate This Town
Sundae Sunday - I Hate This Town
From Australia and Indonesia respectively. I don't hate this town though, that's not what I'm trying to say here. I love Huddersfield. I wouldn't have stayed for 22 years if I didn't.

Goat - Hide From The Sun
From their album Commune which came out in September, welcome to the 1960s. Joyous.

Best Friends - Shred Til You're Dead
With more than an homage to The Vaccines and/or The Horrors, but pleasing nonetheless. These are from Sheffield and it's out on Art Is Hard records.

Jape - Seance Of Light
A hint of Hot Chip about this Dublin outfit, which is rarely a bad thing. This Chemical Sea came out last week.

FKClub and Morgan Hammer - Raro
And to end, something French. Morgan Hammer is a Basque DJ and she's teamed up with Antoine Germain and Marc Lapeyre for this one. It came out in September.

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