Monday, 19 March 2018

19 March 2017

Good evening

The Wave Pictures - Jim
The first track from the first of two albums to be released this year. Brushes With Happiness is out in June with Look Inside Your Heart due in October.

Olden Yolk - Cut To The Quick
From New York, this is off their self-titled debut LP which is out now.

Hookworms - Each Time We Pass
Another track from the third album Microshift.

Team Picture - (I Want Your) Life Hack
Off the mini-album from the Leeds six-piece, Recital.

Ennor - Farewell To Atlantis
Folk-rock from Cornwall now, their new single.

The Switching Yard - Get A Head
From Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, this is off their new 7" Johnny Hash.

Dose - Furniture
A debut track from the Newcastle band, recorded at Hookworms front man MJ's Suburban Home studio.

10 O'Clock Chemical - Babylon Is Fallen
Another debut single, this time from Stoke.

Soft Science - Undone
From California, this is off their upcoming double A single with a House Of Love cover on the reverse.

Coralcrown - Between The Lights
Luis Gotor is Coralcrown, and this is from his debut EP in the guise, Birth.

Missile Society - Armageddon
From the debut album The Walk Back Home, out last week. Recorded trans-Atlantically.

The Dead South - In Hell I'll Be In Good Company
Back to Saskatchewan now for a bit of bluegrass. This originally appeared on the 2014 LP Good Company, but a re-release along with a quirky video late last year put them in the mainstream and the wider consciousness.

Evil Blizzard - Knock Knock Knock
Featured on a 10" single recently, but also making up part of the new album The Worst Show On Earth which is out in June.

Those Unfortunates - John Cronin Is Unwell
London chroniclers of the everyday with a track from the new 7" Two Songs About Buses out at the end of the month.

Bad Knaves - Times New Human
The title track from the EP by the Huddersfield band. Seen them live a couple of times and like them a lot.

Fontaines DC - Chequeless Reckless
A five-piece from Dublin this is off a double A single with Boys In The Better Land.



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Monday, 12 March 2018

12 March 2018

35 years sinec Blue Monday...

Brooders - Lie
New on the Come Play With Me singles club, from Leeds.

The Men That Will Not Not Be Blamed For Nothing - Baby Farmer
London steampunk veterans with a new LP, Double Negative.

Petbrick - Crack Baby
A side-project from one of those noisy buggers from Big Lad (formerly Shitwife).

Youth Man - I Don't Know
Birmingham band recently signed to Alcopop! records this is off their forthcoming EP.

Ms Mohammed - Pandora
A new single taken from her September EP Alibi, a message of female empowerment.

Indoor Pets - So Soon
Formerly Get Inuit, this is their first track from the Kentish band under the new name.

Shame - Friction
Another one from the Leeds band's album Songs Of Praise which will be among the best of 2018.

The Big Pink - Blue Monday
Orkestra Obsolete - Blue Monday
Two covers of the New Order banger which is 35 years old. First, a slower, darker, gloomier version from London electro-rockers then something made entirely on 1930s instruments including autoharps and theremins recorded for BBC Arts a couple of years ago.

Autobahn - The World Around You Is Fractured Somehow
A new single from the Leeds krautrockers following on from the critically acclaimed LP The Moral Crossing.

George the Poet & Maverick Sabre - Follow The Leader
And also featuring the vocals of Jorja Smith, terrific stuff from them all.

Epic Beard Men - Two Different Worlds
B Dolan and Sage Francis are those Epic Beard Men and this is off the new LP Season 1 which was released along with a browser based beat-em-up game where you take one of the guys and punch tiki-torch wielding Nazis. Great fun.

Vessels - PantherTek
Back to Leeds for a new track from the electronica masters.

The Night Programme - We Are Chaos
And also new from friend of the show Paul Foster off his new album Electrodad.

Cuban Boys - Lost Battle Of Brook Green/Rational Dress Society
As it was International Women's Day last week, a track from the album Machines about womens involvement in the industrial revolution and engineering more generally.




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Monday, 5 March 2018

5 March 2018

Good evening

Geowulf - Sunday
Australians in Europe - more of that later - Stark Kendrick and Toma Banjanin are old school friends from the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. Now they make music as Geowulf and their album Great Big Blue came out last month.

The Calls - Lost Art Of Romance
Leeds band kicking off their 2018 with this new single which came out a week and a bit ago.

IDestroy - Lemons
Bristol alt-punks with a track from their EP Pure Joy Of Life which is out this month.

I, Ludicrous - Ladytron
A tribute to Roxy Music who had a 45th anniversary recently.

Vandal Moon - Baby Sounds
Californian duo with the lead single from the new album Wild Insane which is due out soon.

Gang Of Four - Lucky
Leeds post-punk survivors - well, only one original member remains - this is off the EP Complicit which is out on April 13.

Gloria - Heavy feat. Arianna Monteverdi
New on Tjinder Singh's Ample Play label, these are from Lyon and is taken from the LP Oidophon Echorama which is out on Friday.

Dirty Laces - In Time
Mancunian 5-piece with a track from their debut EP The Modern Age which is out now.

The Creature Comfort - Alone By Your Side
A second single from another Manchester band. This is out a week on Friday.

Elegant Slims - Not Human
A debut record from New York City's finest new electro-pop outfit.

Nostalgist - Smoldering Amber
Adding to Seattle's pantheon come post-punkers Nostalgist. This is from the mini-LP Disaffection which is out on Good Friday.

Bonnacons Of Doom - Solus
Astonishing alternative stuff from Liverpool collective Bonnacons Of Doom. This is off their self-titled debut album which is out in May.

BBXO - Hard Road To Travel
Berlin producer Krisz Kreuzer and British-Ugandan poet Musa Okwonga - now based in Berlin - make up BBXO and this is their terrific debut single.

Sir Robert Orange Peel - Europeans In Australia
The enigmatic Sir Robert has a new LP coming soon. Snapchat is it and here's an early taster.

Night Giants - Don't Let It Happen
Brilliant debut single from new electronic dance act. More of this please. Lots more.




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Monday, 26 February 2018

26 February 2018

Good evening.

LA Salami - Jean Is Gone
A new track from the London singer/songwriter ahead of the release of his second LP, The City Of Bootmakers.

CTMF - Something's Missing Inside
The latest single to be taken from the Brand New Cage album.

Liines - Shallow
Onto their second bassist, but losing nothing in the process, here's the new single from the Manchester rockers.

Otherkin - React
Highly rated band from Dublin with a track from last year's album OK.

Catholic Action - Black & White
Also carving themselves a niche, these are from Glasgow and the LP In Memory Of came out in the autumn.

Vinyl Staircase - Cherry
Unashamedly 1960s garage revivalist stuff from Dorking in Surrey.

The Wrong Society - Tell Me You'll Be Mine
More garage rock, this time from Hamburg. This came out three weeks ago.

Mary & The Ram - The Cross
To my home city of York now for the new single from the goth-punk duo with production from the legendary John Fryer.

Autonomads - All Roads Lead To Hulme
Manchester ska-dub-punk from the EP All Quiet On The Western Front which came out a couple of weeks back.

Shame - Concrete
Highly-rated, by us and many others, London five-piece with a track from their debut long-player Songs Of Praise. Get on them now.

Insecure Men - Subaru Nights
Ex-Fat White Family man Saul Adamczewski and Ben Romans-Hopcraft are Insecure Men, but come from the total opposite angle. Their self-titled album came out last Friday.

Aidan Moffat & RM Hubbert - Cockcrow feat. Siobhan Wilson
Ex-Arab Strapper and Hubbert combine on a new LP, Here Lies The Body, which is due out in May.

MAFF - Hawaii
Some Chilean shoegaze now which a track from the forthcoming EP MelaniƱa, due out on April 2.

Sonny - The Town & The City feat. Russ Litten
Something that Hull poet Litten posted on his Twitter account. No idea about anything else regarding it.

Mark Pritchard - Come Let Us feat. Gregory Whitehead
British-born, but now based in Australia, Pritchard has taken Whitehead's radio art series Ziggurat - recorded back in 1985 - as the basis for this track from the LP The Four Worlds which is out on March 23.

Soothsayers - Dis & Dat (Steve Cobby remix)
The track Dis & Dat appears on the album Tradition which came out earlier this month, but this remix is available on the digital single.



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Monday, 19 February 2018

19 February 2018

Good evening.

Pete Astor - Water Tower
Formerly of The Loft and The Weather Prophets, here Astor is backed by the rhythm section from The Wave Pictures on track from his LP One For The Ghost which came out on Friday.

BB Eye - Cops With Indigestion
From the amusingly named Knob Nestor in Missouri, this is off Headcheese Heartthrob which came out in December.

Cold Meat - Nice Girls
A bit of feminist punk from Perth, Australia, off the 7" Pork Sword Fever.

Vile Assembly - Division Of Labour
Liverpool band with a new single that came out a couple of weeks back.

Wild Fruit Art Collective - Fabric
Also from Liverpool, this came out on Friday.

Adwaith - Newid
Welsh language stuff now. These are form Camarthen and it also came out on Friday.

Bloodywood - Tunak Tunak Tun feat. Bonde Do Metaleiro
Daler Mehndi had a bhangra hit on his hands in the 1990s with Tunak Tunak Tun. Here, New Delhi's Bollywood and Brazilian metallers Bonde Do Metaleiro give it the hard rock treatment. Great fun.

Jack Perrett - Nothing For Anyone
A track from the new EP What You Saying?

Awolnation - Seven Sticks Of Dynamite
Brilliant. More or less a solo project for LA's Aaron Bruno these days, this is off Here Come The Runts which came out at the start of February.

Lonely Tourist - Last Day At Tony's
To Bristol now, a track from the album Remuneration which came out a week ago.

The Fish Police - Cactus
Edge Myself To The Middle is the album and it's out on March 15.

High Rise Finale - Loneliness
Barnsley's finest electro-poppers with a brand spanking new single.

Kero Kero Bonito - Only Acting
A new single from the London outfit.

ShapeShiftingAliens - Showing My Face
Swedish steampunk electro-goth. This appears on their self-titled LP which came out at the back end of last year.

Stonerpop - Headglow
From Louisiana, this is off Physical Business, out on March 9.

Engine - Spaiz Oddeetee
Leeds band with a tribute to Bowie.




And I ran to time! More of this sort of thing in a week.

Monday, 5 February 2018

5 February 2018

Show 222, double nelson.

Sally Pepper - Sepia
New single from the Blackpool singer/songwriter, came out last Friday.

John Moore - Philosophical Man
Ex of the Jesus & Mary Chain and Black Box Recorder, this is off the new LP Knickerbocker Glory which came out on Friday.

Lazy Day - Weird Cool
Formerly a solo project of Tilly Scantlebury, now a fully-formed band. This is out on March 9 onthe ever-reliable Art Is Hard label.

The Bronsons - Slip In Your Skin
Punk veterans with a new one - a tribute to Cramps frontman Lux Interior.

The Flux Capacitors - Paul
A tremendous band featuring Hazel Winter and The Commander (Michael McNeil) and a rotating cast of musicians. This is off Courtesan which is out now.

The Chats - Smoko
In case you ever wondered what a fag break is called in Australia. From the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, this is another one of the album Get This In Ya.

Cloacas - Power
And from the same spot, this is off the album Straight Up Ya Clacka. Australian punk would appear to be in safe hands.

Sextile - Ripped
One from last summer, these are from LA and it's off the album Albeit Living. Like a modern day Severed Heads or Cabaret Voltaire.

Field Music - Count It Up
A new one from the Sunderlanders, taking the current political debate to task. The album Open Here is out now.

Beans - Rainbows Get Sick And Die
Almost a year old now, but I only came across it in this last week. Absolutely superb, Beans is formerly of the Antipop Consortium and this is off Wolves Of The World.

Night Cleaner - Solids (No Tint)
Atlanta's Matthew Lambert is Night Cleaner and this is off Even which came out last month.

Leg Puppy - Silence 23 feat Ceiling Demons & Eirene
A terrific LP from the South Londoners, You Should Be Paranoid is out now. Here they are in cahoots with friends of the show Ceiling Demons.

MDK - Better Days
The MDK standing for Morgan David King, a producer from Vancouver.

Cavern Of Anti-Matter - Make Out Fade Out
Throwing forward to March 23 now which is when Hormone Lemonade comes out. It's a double album from the ever-inventive Berliners.

Mildlife - The Magnificent Moon
Absolutely brilliant. If you're going to make a debut single, make a statement with it. From Melbourne, this is out now.




Not in next week - family up. See you in a fortnight.

Monday, 29 January 2018

29 January 2018

Notebooks out, plagiarists.

The Fall - Bury parts 1 & 3
The Fall - Leave The Capitol
I first heard The Fall in 1991, one of their many sessions for the John Peel show. It was like nothing else. Near enough 30 years later, there is still nothing else that sounds like them. 66 musicians may have come and gone and yet they always retained that one thing - Mark E Smith. Now he too has gone and the prospect of never having another Fall album stretches out in front of us. But then there are 31 studio albums and however many live ones to go at.
Always different, always the same. Never boring.

Favx - Vanilla
Madrid trio Nico, Daniel and Carlos with a track from the new EP Welfare which came out on the 12th.

The Lovely Eggs - Wiggy Giggy
Always a pleasure to hear the Lovely Eggs, Lancaster's finest husband and wife psych-rock duo. This is the first single taken from the new album This Is Eggland. That's out on February 23.

Bearfoot Beware - Point Scorer
From Leeds, this is off their forthcoming second album, Sea Magnolia, which will be with us on March 16.

Death Pedals - Endless Terrain
At the end of last year, the members of London noise rockers Death Pedals knew the writing was on the wall. Hence, the new album, self-titled, will be their third and last. And it's a shame as it's really good. The members of the band also appear with USA Nails, Biglad and Dead Arms, so if this is your bag, go there.

Haunch - Twitching
A debut album from Northern Ireland, as recommended by Therapy? which is always a badge of honour. Lay My Bones Beside The Others is out now.

The Surfing Magazines - New Day
Bit late to this, given half of these are Dave and Franic of The Wave Pictures, long time favourites of this parish, and half of Slow Club. Given those ingredients it ought to work. And it does. The self- titled album came out in September.

Birds & Beasts - The Current
Here's a good one. Local outfit fronted by the prolific Leo Brazil whose USP is that all their songs are about animals. This one is about and their use of electrical signals to communicate. This is out on March 9.

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - Mainland
Five-piece from Melbourne with a track from the EP The French Press, their first for Sub Pop, which came out last week.

Andy K Leland - Mr Panic
The excuse for playing this is a new video has been released for this track which is off the EP Happy Daze which came out last September. Lo-fi stuff from Andrea Marcellini.

Samh - Completely Normal Things
A new track from Huddersfield's Sam Hodgson and band off the EP Wood On Rain (An Ecology Of Rain, Part 1) which came out in December. Part 1, that is, "of a string of creative projects about taste, identity, the universe, Yorkshire and rain."

Alone - New Adventures In Colour
New electronica on a variety of bits of machines and unashamedly 8-bit. Glorious.

The Fall - Container Drivers
The Fall - Hit The North
It's one of them things where I feel a bit envious of people who are just discovering this stuff for themselves because I know what's in store and want to do that again. There will be other bands, of course, but never anything like The Fall and Mark E Smith.




And hopefully next January, we can go without one of my music heroes dying. All the best, Julian Cope and Nigel Blackwell.