Tuesday, 12 September 2017

12 September 2017

Ow do

Battery Operated Orchestra - Radiation
"Irony-free synth-pop", they call it. This is the title track off the new LP from the Brighton husband and wife duo.

Kosmonaut - Silver Star
With hints of Dinosaur Jr and Teenage Fanclub, this is off the album Misfits On The Horizon.

Oh Sees - The Static God
Formerly Thee Oh Sees, this is the lead track from the new LP Orc. A full-frontal assault on the senses.

Magic Mountain - Zodiac
Made up from various parts of Leeds bands Pulled Apart By Horses, Menace Beach, Grammatics and Mother Vulpine, it should work. And it does.

Bad Breeding - Endless Impossibility
Heavy stuff from Stevenage off the second LP Divide.

Hope - Kingdom
Goth from Berlin now. Moody.

Autobahn - The Moral Crossing
New one from Leeds' Autobahn, the title track to the new LP due out in November.

Jon Jour - Nutcase With A Past
From the reliable Broken Down Records, something to be filed under curiosity.

Public Service Broadcasting - Turn No More feat. James Dean Bradfield
The latest single from the Every Valley album featuring the Manic Street Preachers singer.

Sisteray - White Knuckle Joyride (Feral Five remix)
The track appears on the EP 15 Minutes, inspired by the famous Warhol quote, while Feral Five "went cosmic" on it.

Cobby & Litten - Johnny Rockhead
From the LP Boothferry which came out in June that I'm only just getting round to.

Myka 9 & Ceschi - Satellite
Terrific experimental hip-hop. Super stuff.

The Night Programme - Lost Property Department
From the LP Audition, which is available now as a pay-what-you like download.

Vessels - Mobilise
From the forthcoming album The Great Distraction, due September 29.




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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

29 August 2017


Little Barrie - Shoulders Up, Eyes Down
The 5th LP soaked in summery vibes, Death Express, from the London three-piece.

The Rhythm Method - Something For The Weekend
Cheeky. Heading for indie-pop stardom, probably.

Palm Honey - Hot Simian Weather
A new track from the Reading band.

Marble Gods - Going Nowhere And Thrilled About It
Glasgow indie-pop from the EP Songs.

Wild Billy Childish & CTMF - Are You Better Than Me?
Brand spanking new LP from Childish and his band, the fifth in five years. Brand New Cage is out shortly.

Lectures - Peaches
Terrific song from the Kent band with an EP to follow in October.

A Shoreline Dream - Room For The Others
From Denver, these are releasing their new album digitally track-by-track before a physical release when they're done.

Adam & Elvis - Wasting Away
Brothers Patrick and Tom Malone are Adam & Elvis. The LP Through Snow And Small Talk is out on September 29.

Mind Enterprises - Idol
This is Italian producer Andrea Tirone with a very '80s throwback.

Ceiling Demons - Capture Karma
Show favourites with a new track which heralds the new album Nil that comes out on September 22.

Royce Wood jnr - Well Ran Dry
A new track from the Londoner following on from his debut album The Ashen Tang that came out 12 months ago.

Labyrinth Lounge - It's Just Water
Formed in the late 1990s and reformed in 2016, here's something from the new album Porgy.

Black Needle Noise - Neon Noir feat. Dr Strangefryer
This Mortal Coil founder John Fryer is Black Needle Noise and his new album Lost In Reflections features a whole variety of guest vocalists.

DAF - Als Wärs Das Letzte Mal (Boize Noize remix)
This remix of the 1981 track by Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft appears on a retrospective compilation Das Ist DAF which is out on September 29 by way of marking their influence on German music and EDM in general.

AG Cook - Windowlicker
And here's a tremendous cover of the Aphex Twin classic that Cook unleashed on an unsuspecting Green Man festival because his set clashed with Richard James's and so he brought a bit of that to his audience.



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Tuesday, 15 August 2017

15 August 2017

Lowkey - Ghosts Of Grenfell feat Mai Khalil
A heartfelt and touching tribute to the victims of a disaster we're still nowhere near knowing the full extent of.

Dylan Cartlidge - Love Spoons
Bit of R'n'B from Middlesbrough. It's a grower, this one.

Duck - Monsters
Formerly a duo, now a trio, these are from Sheffield, continuing the synth-pop legacy. The album FaceAche is out later in the year.

The Vex - Education Kills
A tribute to Malala Yousafzai in the form of a punk single. Taken from their self-titled EP.

Nelson Can - Break Down Your Walls
Words cannot describe how much I adore these. Off the forthcoming EP EP3 which is out next month.

Parsons Rocket Project - Exit Launch
From Atlanta, another band with a self-titled EP. This one came out last week. All sorts of dreaminess lies within.

Molly Drag - Our Way To Fall
A cover of a Yo La Tengo record by the Montreal-based singer. I can't tell you how it stacks up as I have only just heard of Yo La Tengo.

James Leonard Hewitson - Sometimes
Formerly of Kingsley Chapman's band The Murder with his solo stuff. Off a new double-A side single.

Trust Fund - I'll Sail This Ship Alone feat Gareth Campesinos
Another cover, this time of a Beautiful South track. And I have heard of them before. This is out on Art Is Hard in December and sees Gareth from Los Campesinos! guesting on vocals.

DZ Deathrays - Shred For Summer
Their first release following a year off, the Brisbane pair are back.

The Young Hearts - Smoke
Kent emo rockers with a track from the new EP Honestly, I'm Just Thinking.

Arrows Of Love - Parts That Make The (W)hole
Londoners whose second LP Products is out next month.

Astrothrone - All Sun, No Summer
Off the LP Summoner.

Saint Cole - Fake Life (Vessels remix)
And to finish, an all-Yorkshire affair as Leeds electronicists Vessels breathe on a track from Nic Marsden's - aka Saint Cole - LP Simple Demonic Motion to create a thumping banger.




I think it's football next week, but I'll see thee soon.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

8 August 2017


Baker Boy - Cloud9 ft. Kian
Danzal Baker is the big thing in Australian hip hop. From the Northern Territory, the 20-year old has the world at his feet.

Courtney Barnett - How To Boil An Egg
A new one from the Melbourne chanteuse - well an old one, but recorded for the first time. This is out on Milk! Records split singles club.

Snapped Ankles - I Want My Minutes Back
This came out in March and is still very available as a pay what you like download.

Gary Numan - What God Intended
Off the new LP Savage: Songs From A Broken World which is out in September and has courted controversy with it's imagery. I'm inclined to believe Numan when he says he didn't realise that it could be interpreted badly, but that aside it's also bloody good.

Red Eye - Soho
A new one from Trevor Perfect's Red Eye project, this time about gentrification, not just of Soho, but that what is happening there can and does happen elsewhere.

Garbage - No Horses
An unexpected release from Garbage, but very welcome too. All proceeds are going to the International Red Cross.

Milk Teeth - Owning Your Okayness
From the new EP Be Nice, their first on new label Roadrunner.

Vukovar - The Clockwork Dance
Following on from the frankly brilliant Fornication comes the new album Puritan. Well, it does in October. Until then, this will do. Sounds a bit Echo and the Bunnymen-ish.

Zombies In Miami - The Legends Of The Hidden Temple
This curio cropped up on 4-track compilation EP Summer Riot VI from Futureboogie records.

Officer - Can We Talk?
Following up his debut LP comes a new track from DC Logan, this one taking on homelessness.

Lunar Twin - Cruel Water
Not new, this is from 2014. But it's good, so there. This is the closing track from the Hawaiian duo's self-titled EP.

White Kite - Past Life
Krautrockish stuff from the London trio with wonky melodies.

ORM & Kamelie - Tropic
Another one that's cropped up this week via the way-back machine. This is from 2013 and from the Czech Republic.

Secret Shine - Dirty Game
They've been doing shoegaze for as long as it's been a thing, and this is off their LP There Is Only Now which came out in March.



I think I'll try this again in a week

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

1 August 2017

Happy Yorkshire Day!

Furr - Another Fable
And as it's Yorkshire Day, let's start in Yorkshire. Furr are from Leeds and this is on the Come Play With Me singles club.

La Forme - Birds In An Aviary
A new one from the South Wales trio inspired by the line in the Tennessee Williams’ play ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof’ where Maggie says to Brick “I’m not living with you, we just occupy the same cage.”

The Cornshed Sisters - The Message
A four-piece from Tyneside who aren't sisters, this is off the LP Honey And Tar which is out in November.

Banditos - Fine, Fine Day
A sextet from Alabama/Tennessee with a track from their latest LP Visionland.

Los Blancos - Mae'n Anodd Deffro Un
Welsh language, as you may have guessed, this means 'it's difficult to wake one'. Slacker country punk, they call it.

Warm Digits - Growth Of Raindrops feat. Sarah Cracknell
A cracker from the Newcastle duo's new long player Wireless World. And with the fragrant Ms Cracknell as well for good measure. Marvellous.

Fold - Written In The Sky
A house favourite, the title track to their new EP which comes out in September.

I, Ludicrous - It's All Free
A new one from the veteran post-punkers off the new LP Songs From The Sides Of Lorries out two weeks on Friday.

Life Model - Skin And Bones
Based in Glasgow, but with roots in the North East, this came out as a single a while ago, but features on the EP Lucky, out last week.

Madonnatron - Tron
Labelmates of the Fat White Family and Meatraffle, who we love round here, this is off their self-titled debut LP.

Other States - My Beau
Brighton-based, this is the B-side to the debut single Make Amends.

Feral Five - Void
London-based electro-post-punk with a track that appears on the More In Common compilation put out by Hope Not Hate.

Orbital - Copenhagen
Requiring no introduction, a new one from the brothers Hartnoll.

Silicon Buddhas - Metal Legs
These have been together since 1985, but this is their debut single that came out in June. Rediscovering an old demo prompted them to get it released. Or it could be the Cuban Boys jacking with us all. Who knows?




More of this sort of thing in a week.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

25 July 2017

A longer than expected break - got my dates wrong. Anyway, back in the saddle with loads of good stuff and a return of the featured album.

Talk Like Tigers - It Isn't Over
This has been on my radar for quite some time, so it's overdue to be played. Twin sisters Charlotte and Stephanie from Newcastle are Talk Like Tigers and this is infectious.

Burning Ferns - Go On, Make Me
More top stuff from South Wales, which is really a hotbed of great new music. This is off the LP See Saw Seen. Easy for you to say. Hints of Teenage Fanclub, which is always a good thing.

Birdskulls - Over It
Noise from Brighton from their self-titled LP. Reminds me of Dinosaur Jr to an extent.

Featured album: The Cuban Boys - Machines
Theme For A Revolution

The Pop Machine
A return of the featured album... err... feature. And I bring it back because there's an album out that warrants multiple tracks playing from it. It's been ages since the Cuban Boys put out an LP and, as the name may suggest, it's about machines, specifically the industrial revolution. Yes, it's a concept album, but before you run away give it a listen. Thematically, it's entirely on point and it works as a whole. But by the same token, individual tracks work just fine in isolation. It's fabulous. Go buy it.

The Debt Stars - Shallow Grave
From Liverpool via Sydney. Enjoyably noisome rockabilly-tinged punk. And I'm reminded of the Membranes.

Meatraffle - Love Hz
The flip side of the latest single Brother. This is Ian Dury level stuff.

Cambodian Space Project - Summer Wine
A cover of the old Lee Hazlewood classic from the LP Spaced Out In Wonderland which is flippin ace.

Toy - Dream Orchestrator (TVAM remix)
Well I like Toy and I like TVAM, so this should be a slam dunk. And it is.

Featured album: The Cuban Boys - Machines
Kids From The Rotating Door Of Fame
One of a few tracks off the album that samples the old Ealing comedy I'm Alright Jack to good effect.

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - An Intention
Lovely track from the LA singer from the LP The Kid.

Tricky - When We Die feat. Martina Topley-Bird
Reviving a partnership that goes back to 1995, it's new stuff from the Bristol godfather of trip-hop. ununiform is the new LP.

Four Tet - Two Thousand And Seventeen
A new one from Kieran Hebden, which is always a joy.

Aphex Twin - Korg Funk 5
And a new one from Richard D James, featuring his son on vocals. A new LP on the way, we all hope.


Soundcloud (for as long as they're still going):


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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

4 July 2017

Now then.

Sugar Coat - Come And Get Me
Stunning, and with a Portishead-esque edge, from Lewisham. The album Excuse The Mess came out in May.

The Hamilton Mixtape - Immigrants (We Get The Job Done)
From the musical Hamilton, and featuring Riz Ahmed among several others.

Fews - Metal
From Malmo but now based in London, this is a cover of a 1979 Gary Numan track which appears on the album Means which is tremendous.

El Goodo - Sit And Wonder
A first LP in eight years from the South Wales outfit. By Order Of The Moose is out in early September.

Tamikrest - Wainan Adobat
Malian touaregs Tamikrest have a new LP out called Kidal.

Amplifier - Rainbow Machine
Manchester prog revivalists with a track from the LP Trippin With Doctor Faustus which came out last Friday.

Dystopian Future Movies - Pieces
More experimentalism, this time from Nottingham. Time came out at the start of June.

Cock Sparrer - Gonna Be Alright
Veteran London punks - they've been at it for forty years and some - from the new LP Forever.

Voyager - Ascension
To Perth in Australia now, the remotest city on earth. Ghost Mile is the album.

What We Call Progress - January
From Northumberland, this is off the EP Arrhythmia.

Dan O'Farrell And The Difference Engine - Haunted Houses Of The Hollywood Hills
From Southampton, and from their self-titled album.

Deer - In The Shadows
One of a number of bands called Deer, these are Mexican but based in Hong Kong now.

The Charlatans - Plastic Machinery (Sleaford Mods remix)
Madchester survivalists tease their latest LP Different Days by putting out this remix of one of the tracks thereon.

Leftside Wobble And Steve Cobby - Let It Be Me
And a London/Hull collaboration to finish. A very 1990s sound.




Holidays next week. See you in a fortnight.