Wednesday 5 September 2018


I've too much on. New job, too many side projects. So I'm streamlining this and my other music outlet into one.
I'm doing this now.

So realign yourselves to for more of the good stuff.

Monday 13 August 2018

13 August 2018

Only 13 tracks this week as there's quite a few long ones.

Slime City - Less Jools More Top Of The Pops
Existential nerd rock, they call it. They're from Glasgow and this single came out on Friday.

Gnod - Uncle Frank Says Turn It Down
The Salford collective return with the new LP Chapel Perilous.

Boobs Of Doom - Thor's Womb
This is the radio edit as the full version of the single lasts for 41 (forty-one) minutes.

Art Brut - Wham! Bang! Pow! Let's Rock Out!
The joyous return of Art Brut. Their first album in seven years is due out in autumn and this is the first track taken from it.

The Shakers - Get Me Down
Taking the DIY ethic to extremes, this is the first track the South Londoners have done entirely on their own - recording, producing and releasing.

The Nightingales - Chaff
A track taken from the forthcoming album Perish The Thought.

Fat Earthers - Life's Political
This dates back from January. They're from the Isle of Wight and this is off their self-titled EP.

The Jjohns - Sewn
The first track for their new label, Modern Sky.

Silent Forum - How I Faked The Moon Landing
From Cardiff, this came out on Friday as part of Libertino Records' singles club.

Marbled Eye - New Crease
These are from Oakland in California and this is off the EP Promo Tape 2018 that came out in April.

Nervous Twitch - You Promised Me The World
Leeds punk trio. Flippin' love 'em. This is the second single off the LP I Won't Hide.

Mokri - Labyrinth
The third single taken from the LP Total Love.

Föllakzoid - Feuerzeug
And to finish, 9 minutes of Chilean krautrock off the 2015 album III.



Not about next week, so we'll resume in a fortnight.

Monday 6 August 2018

6 August 2018

Now then

Not Of - The 2016 Idiot Blues (The Don Lands It)
Noisy pair from Toronto, this is off Hypocritic Oath which came out last month.

Drenge - Before The War Begins
A new EP from les freres Loveless. Autonomy is out soon.

Swine Tax - Thorns
The latest single from the Newcastle purveyors of '90s inspired indie chaos'.

Phobophobes - Child Star
The latest single from the frankly brilliant album Miniature World.

Ultra Beauty - Get Pure
From Washington DC and off their self-titled EP.

Idles - Colossus
The first track from the Bristolians since their acclaimed debut LP Brutalism. Picking up where they left off.

Dream Nails - DIY
'DIY punk witches', they say. This is their single from spring 2016.

Rat Scabies - My Wrists Hurt
Yes, he of The Damned with his first solo album. PHD (Prison, Hospital, Debt) came out in May.

Loobs - Dandelion
From Melbourne, this is off Bubblewrap.

The Wolfhounds - Disgusted, E7
Originally from the 1987 LP Unseen Ripples From A Pebble, this is also on the new compilation Hands In The Till - The Complete Peel Sessions which is out now.

The Babe Rainbow - Eureka
These are from Byron Bay, NSW in Australia and the LP Double Rainbow came out in July.

Teleman - Song For A Seagull
Another track from the forthcoming Family Of Aliens which sounds like it's going to be a belter.

Vukovar ft Equinox - Tryst Of Emanations
Two of my favourite bands around at the moment combining on a new single.

ESP - Gigerish
Newport's Jamie Howells is ESP and this is off the album Meet The Planets.

Gabe Gurnsey - Harder Rhythm
The solo album from half of Factory Floor is called Physical and came out last Friday.




I'll see thee

Monday 30 July 2018

30 July 2018

Some old ones this week because why not

The Immediate - Sever
Off the new album More Sheep Than Humans which came out last month.

Kagoule - Egg Hunt
The lead track from the new LP Strange Entertainment.

Jon Spencer - Do the Trash Can
Without his Blues Explosion these days, this is off Spencer Sings The Hits.

Deux Furieuses - Silenced By The Roar
A track from this time last year that I'd not heard before. Worth catching up on.

Menace Beach - Crawl In Love
A new album from the Leeds band is out on September 7, titled Black Rainbow Sound.

Blam Blam Blam - No Depression In New Zealand
Going back to 1981 here and some Antipodean post-punk. Because why not.

Concretism - Magnox
Off the Essex band's 2015 EP EP06. Suitably apocalyptic.

Optiganally Yours - How Do You Feel?
From San Diego, this is off the LP O Y In Hi-Fi which is quirkily affecting.

Cornershop - Double Denim
Always a pleasure to bring new stuff from Cornershop to the table. This is half of a double A single with Sugar Sugar.

Darto - Brotherhood
From Seattle, this is off Fundamental Slime. Terrific title.

Dead Bambies - Meltdown Of Love
Japanese rock off a compilation from Thomas Impostor records. Tokyo Chikatetsu vol 1 is out now. Bloody brilliant.

Digital Shades - Blue
A new project from John Kunkel from The New Division and James Meays from Missing Words. An EP is due soon.

Beach Skulls - Ain't Easy
A second album from the Mancunians, Las Dunas is out now.

Mr Airplane Man - I'm In Love
This is off Jacaranda Blue which came out in March.

Vital Idles - Rising Damp
Nothing to do with Leonard Rossiter. This is off Left Hand, which the Glasgow band put out early this month.

Alone - Our National Shame
Still putting out tracks every month, always a pleasure.



More next week

Monday 16 July 2018

16 July 2018

Here we go again.

Walter Lure & The The Waldos - Crazy Kids
The last surviving member of The Heartbreakers, Lure and The Waldos have a new LP out, this being the title track.

Sarandon - Mustn't Grumble
Sarandon's Age Of Reason LP, released in 2011, is quite the thing. Packed with really short tracks and then this 5-minuter.

UkePunk - Life And The World
Sex, Pies & Austerity is the forthcoming album from our favourite Ramsbottom-based ukulele punk act.

BEAK> - Brean Down
New stuff from Geoff Barrow and his BEAK> project. Their third LP is titled >>> and who knows how that's pronounced. 'Greater than, greater than, greater than'?

Okay Champ - William Tell
From Newcastle, there's quite the buzz about these. Easy to see why.

Vukovar - Dead Pressed Flowers
Makers of two of my favourite albums of last year, here's one from the new one Infinitum.

Linda Em - Wild Fire
The first of three tracks with a very country vibe. In fact, why don't I play them all back-to-back?
First, London-based Irish singer Linda Em with a track from the EP London Irish which is out in autumn.

Jessica's Brother - Humdinger
Also from London, though featuring Jonny Huddersfield Helm on drums, come Jessica's Brother with a track from the self-titled debut.

Milk Kan - Brixton Hill Revisited
Also from London, south London, come Milk Kan and what they're calling 'drill country'. The EP The Glitch Country is available now.

Therapy? - Callow
And now for something completely different. A new track from the veteran rockers addressing the new age of anxiety taken from the forthcoming LP Cleave.

The Salient Braves - Slob
Barnsley's premier pop act with a new track, available from today.

BOO - Bella
That's the Battery Operated Orchestra to you. New single, out now.

Teleman - Cactus (Boxed In remix)
A terrific track in it's own right - that I played a few weeks back - now mixed up by Boxed In - another band I have a lot of time for - in a terrific stylee.

The Senior Service - The Contender
Off the second album King Cobra - out now on Damaged Goods - this is quite brilliantly uncategorisable.

Afghan Sand Gang - Mantra
As is this, to the ends that they themselves have coined the term 'kraut dance'. They're from Mossley and the EP Machine Music is both out now and highly recommended.




Next week? Go on then

Monday 9 July 2018

9 July 2018


The Cavemen - Lust For Evil
A new one from the New Zealanders off the LP Nuke Earth.

Yassassin - Citizen
The new single from the ever-evolving London-based collective.

Moderate Rebels - Beyond Hidden Words
The London anti-music collective with what they call an un-song.

Seasurfer - Sad Song
I don't know where I found this. The Internet tells me they're from Hamburg, but that's about it.

The Vega Bodegas - Monkey Ate The Monkey
Taken from the new album A Complete History of Witchcraft which is out on Friday.

Klammer - Spiral Girl
Another one taken from the third LP You Have Been Processed out next month.

Silverbacks - Dunkirk
New single from the Dublin art-punks describing the site of the famous retreat as a built-up holiday destination.

Sunstack Jones - Say Something
From the self-titled album by the Liverpudlians which came out at the back end of last month.

Four Candles - Strange Things Are Happening
Clearly it was the name that caught my eye. These are from Salford and comes from the EP Spiritual Rapture, out now.

Pellethead - Hear Me Now
I don't know why this has cropped up now. It came out in 2007 on the LP Sleepwank. Still fucking good though.

Wooden Shjips - Staring At The Sun
A fifth LP from the band with the rogue J and following in kind. Tremendous. V is out now.

Funky Bijou - Karate Break
Funky and French, off the EP Yasuke.

Roisin Murphy - Plaything
The former Moloko singer with the second of four 12" singles that make up a series. Bloody excellent.

Fonda 500 - Golden Digits Of Devilry
New stuff from the Hull veterans of the acid scene. I Heart Fonda 500 is out now.

Orbital - PHUK
'Please help UK', it stands for. Taken from the new LP Monsters Exist.



Let's do it again next week eh?

Monday 25 June 2018

25 June 2018


Dentist - Corked
From the forthcoming album Night Swimming, out on July 20. This is New Jersey surf-indie fused pop.

Lauren Lakis - Lead Us On
A track from Baltimore's Lakis's debut LP Ferocious which came out last week.

Feral Five - Man Cat Doll Machine
Taking inspiration from Picasso for this and making it for Martyn Ware's Everything you Can Imagine Is Real exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, this is the title track to the new EP. Nicely Siouxsie-esque.

David Byrne - Doing The Right Thing
Still going, American Utopia is his tenth studio album as a solo artist.

Deer - Alive
From Mexico but based in Hong Kong, this is the new single, out last week.

Me Lost Me - Eyes And Ohs
Electro-folk from Newcastle artist Jayne Dent. Crowdfunding her debut album, it should be out in autumn.

Tim Carr - Take Me There
A new single from LA multi-instrumentalist Carr, out a couple of weeks ago.

Cocoa Futures - Circus
A new single from Greg Sanderson's project which is rather charming.

Engine - And I Say
Leeds band following up the extraordinary album Cucumber Water with this new single.

77:78 - Chilli
A side-project from Aaron Fletcher and Tim Parkin of The Bees. This is off the debut album Jellies.

The Fadeaways - It's A Crying Shame
Good old-fashioned rockabilly from Tokyo. The EP Dirty Water came out at the end of May.

The Wave Pictures - The Burnt Match
The new album, the first of two this year, Brushes With Happiness came out on Friday.

The Last Skeptik - Out Of Mind
The only track off the new album Under The Patio that sees Skeptik on his own. The other 14 all feature other artists in collaboration. It came out last week and is ace.

Night Giants - Resistor
A fourth track from the Leeds techno duo. We need a long player now.

Steve Cobby & Danielle Moore - Lefthanded Books
As the sun is out, a summery track from Cobby and Moore taken from the 2016 compilation Summer Riot V from Futureboogie records. Lush.



Not sure about next week. Might be a stretch. We'll see.