Tuesday, 29 November 2016

29 November 2016

Now then.

Cabbage - Terrorist Synthesizer
Because we all love a good pun. Terrific new single from Manchester upstarts from an EP of the same name. It's their third and the three will be combined in a new LP out early next year.

The Magic Sponge - I Wanna Taste It
Interesting thing from the LP Science-adelic about Swedish scientist Carl Scheele who would identify new elements and compounds and taste them. He died soon afterwards.

Deadwall - The Talk
New track from the Leeds band which is on a split single from Come Play With Me.

Featured album: Coins - Daft Science
Alive/Intergalactic (Daft Science remix)
Body Movin' (Daft Science remix)
Toronto producer Coins put out the LP Daft Science in 2014. It comprises Beastie Boys tracks remixed with samples and beats solely from Daft Punk records. Brilliant.

Dutch Uncles - Big Balloon
Title track from the new LP. Out now.

FEHM - Circadian Life
Back to Leeds for a couple more now. First, the title track from FEHM's new EP.

Menace Beach - Give Blood
And then an early taste of the new Menace Beach album Lemon Memory which is out in the new year.

Adam & Elvis - Hanging Tree
Berkshire five-piece, none of whom are called Adam or Elvis, with their debut single.

Crank Call Love Affair - What's Wrong Yvette
A rarity from Denver, they're only ever release back in the late '70s. It's cropped up on a new compilation, Killed By Deathrock vol 2.

Shame - The Lick
Another debut single from a South London band in the Fat White/Phobophobes envelope. Top stuff.

Featured album: Coins - Daft Science
Sure Shot (Daft Science remix)
Great idea, well executed.

Serengeti & Sicker Man - Doctor My Own Patience
Chicagoan Serengeti and Berliner Sicker Man combine for a new album out on December 9. This being the title track.

A Tree Grows - Wau Wau Water
Brooklyn jazz core. From their self-titled debut LP out now.

Roy Montgomery - Cocktails With Can
A first album in ten years from the Christchurch veteran. In fact, it's four LPs in one, RMHQ. This is off H: Bender which makes up one quarter of that box set. Fabulous and fascinating in equal measure.



Si' thee.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

15 November 2016

Here we are again then.

Childcare - Film Club
On tour with Bastille, but far far better than them. This is out on Friday.

Goodnight Lenin - Desire
A new one from the Birmingham outfit which is rather good. Out on the 21st.

Los Campesinos! - I Broke Up In Amarante
A new album is due early next year. Sick Scenes is the title and you should be excited because these are consistently excellent.

Featured album: Hope Not Hate #MoreInCommon
The Membranes - Do The Supernova
Superhand - Bass And Guns
Another compilations for the featured LP of the week. This one is a 95-track monster and costs you just a fiver, money which goes toward the anti-fascist charity Hope Not Hate. The Membranes you probably know - John Robb's punk outfit - while Superhand are an Anglo-Swedish band.

Maschine - Night And Day
From Brighton, the album Naturalis came out last month.

Phobophobes - Human Baby
Love these guys. This came out last Friday and their debut LP is due early 2017.

John MOuse - The Teacher
John MOuse are no more, about which we are sad. Their last ever gig was recorded though and is slowly being released on bandcamp. We miss them already.

Moonlandingz - Black Hanz
You may remember these as the fictional band made up by the Eccentronic Research Council and Fat White Family. They're back with a new EP, also called Black Hanz. Out now.

Spawn - Redemption
Dutch skapunk? Of course Dutch skapunk. Absolutely brilliant. Off the LP Dance Of The Lunatics, their third.

Wax Age - Forget
Don't think we've had a band from Epsom on before. I went there once.

Featured album: Hope Not Hate #MoreInCommon
BEAK> - Kenn
Geoff Barrow of Portishead fame is the driving force behind BEAK>. Wonderfully different.

Cobby And Litten - I Can See The Lights
To Hull and producer extraordinare Steve Cobby and poet Russ Litten return with a new EP, Polar. It's fantastic.

Hudson Mohawke - Shanghaied
This is part of the soundtrack to the game Watch Dogs 2 which HudMo has done and released as an album.

Simeon Smith - If I Can't Dance, I Don't Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution
And finally, off the EP All Is Undone. Boards Of Canada-esque beauty.

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Not on next week - clash of commitments. Back in a fortnight.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

8 November 2016

Quite pleased with the selection this week.

Big Quiet - Why Do We Bother?
From a while ago, March last year in fact, this is off the Brooklyn outfit's self-titled debut album.

Eureka Brown - We're All Gonna Die
Kris Bauer is Eureka Brown. This is off O Utopia which came out in August.

Flies On You - Darkening My Doors
Leeds DIY-ers return with a taster from the forthcoming new album. Can't wait. These guys are ace.

Featured album: Mr Bongo's Record Club volume 1
Big Youth - Mammy Hot Daddy Cool
Tappa Zukie - Freak
Mr Bongo is a record shop in Brighton, but with fingers in many pies. They specialise in hard-to-find Latin American stuff, especially but not constricted to Brazil, and have just put out the first - hopefully of many - compilation LP. The first of these is from a British artist in 1975 while the Tappa Zukie one his only foray into disco.

The History Of Colour TV - Wreck
A trio from Berlin, this is out on the 25th while an album is due to follow early in 2017.

Dog, Paper, Submarine - View From The Sidewalk
From Malmö, this is off Trouble On Earth which came out last month.

Jinko Vilova - You're Standing
To Barcelona for this slice of psychedelia. Came out last April.

The Hand - Here Comes Mr Sunshine
This, from Minnesota, is off their second EP. The Hand vol 2 is the ambitious title. Comes out on the 24th.

One Day, After School - When I Loved Music, When Everything Was New
Wakefield next and these describe themselves not as post-rock, but 'post-everything'. Came out last month.

The Kumari - Abyss
The fifth 7" from this London outfit with an album to follow.

Featured album: Mr Bongo's Record Club volume 1
Claudia - Jesus Cristo
Here is a Brazilian speciality from the sainted Mr Bongo. Came out in 1971.

Spaceheads - Laughing Water
Here's clever. Andy Diagram of the Diagram Brothers is the trumpeter using loops and sequences with additional double bass and drums. It's the title track to the LP out on the Electric Brass imprint.

808 State - In Yer Face (Bicep remix)
Rave classic with a new mix from Belfast duo Bicep. Brilliant.

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Let's try and match it next time, yes?

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

1 November 2016

November and shots still being made at record of the year.

Luke Haines - Smash The System
Britain's greatest living surrealist with his first non-concept album in six years - so I guess you could say it's more song-based - from which this is the title track. And given the last 48 hours, never has a system needed smashing more.

L.A. Salami - I Shook Hands With They Strange Boys
This guy is seriously good. We've had tracks from the album Dancing With Bad Grammar before. This, however, is the flip side to the new single Going Mad As The Street Bin. The Strange Boys, incidentally, were old Texan punks.

The Empty Page - Deeply Unlovable
From Manchester, here's a debut single from the forthcoming LP Unfolding.

Featured album: Cud - When In Rome, Kill Me
Only (A Prawn In Whitby)
I've Had It With Blondes
I was maybe just a bit too young for this when it came out in 1989 and they passed me by as a result. It's still bloody good though and the A-side was linked together with narrative sections telling a tale about flight from Whitby to Rome following a crime. The first track we have here takes it's name from a story about famous vegan Morrissey eating a solitary prawn in aforementioned Yorkshire seaside town. Tragically, it wasn't true.

Repetitor - Suženi Snovi
From Belgrade, some absolutely bloody marvellous post punk. And while I had a bash at pronouncing the track title on air, not a chance with the LP. Gde Ćeš.

Brython Shag - St Davids Cross (Inverted)
First of a couple of tracks from Wales now, first from Blaenau Ffestiniog. This is belting, off their self-titled album which came out in March.

Tigana - Saviour
And I don't know anything about these other than they're from Cardiff. Bloody great though innit.

Axis:Sova - (Like An) Intruder
Chicago producer Brett Sova from his LP Motor Earth.

Laurence Made Me Cry - Song For The Birds
Just beautiful. Off a double-A side with And We Shall Count To Nine which is out on Friday.

TVAM - Total Immersion
Brilliant. Could be Can if you shut your eyes and that's a mighty compliment. Joe Oxley is TVAM. Great stuff.

Featured album: Cud - When In Rome, Kill Me
Strange Kind Of Love
Featuring a bit of that narrative I spoke about earlier. Terrible recording, but hey ho.

French '79 - Olympic
Simon Henner is French '79 among many other guises. And this is tremendous.

Vessels - Had A Love ft Anna Of The North
I said something about record of the year earlier, a thing I don't do. But if I did, this would definitely be in the running. Norwegian singer Anna Lotterud is Anna Of The North while regular listeners will know Leeds's Vessels very well indeed.

Moth Effect - Doom
And to finish, a new track from Brighton producer Andy Le Gresley. Who we like a lot.

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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

25 October 2016

Tuesday again. Hello.

The Blue Aeroplanes - Elvis Festival
Still going after 35 years, with an ever-changing roster, Bristolian indie pioneers return with a new LP in January, Welcome, Stranger!

Boxed In - Run Quicker
From Oli Bayston's debut LP from last year. New one should be out by now.

Lust For Youth - Sudden Ambitions
From Copenhagen, this is off Compassion which came out in March.

Featured album: The Fatima Mansions - Against Nature
Only Losers Take The Bus
The Day I Lost Everything
This was the debut album from Cathal Coughlan and his band from Cork, back in 1989. Released to universal critical acclaim, the NME said that "it never loses it's ability to stun".

Pauw - Visions
A progressive quartet with a debut LP out now, Macrocosm Microcosm.

Deny All Robots - Crash
The title track of the new EP from this West Midlands outfit.

Tigercub - Omen
From Brighton and off their forthcoming LP Abstract Figures In The Dark, out next month.

Nosferatu D2 - Broken Tamagotchi
First, great name. This is two brothers from Croydon and off the LP (deep breath) We're Gonna Walk Around This City With Our Headphones On To Block Out The Noise.

Baby In Vain - The Urge
Back to Copenhagen for this one. This came out in April on the EP For The Kids.

Mogwai - Bitterness Centrifuge
Off the LP Atomic which was originally composed to soundtrack the Mark Cousins documentary Atomic, Living In Dread And Promise, an exploration of life and death in the atomic age.

Featured album: The Fatima Mansions - Against Nature
13th Century Boy
Another track from our featured album. It's a bit dated now - very '80s - but retains value.

Artbat - Momentum
DJ Artur and Batish combine to become Artbat and this is off the EP Chivvy which came out in May.

Abu Ama - Back In England
Of Turkish gypsy origin now based out of West Germany, this is off the album Abraxo Ishara which came out in March. Impressively different.

Pye Corner Audio - Lost Ways
Martin Jenkins is back with his Pye Corner Audio project and the LP Stasis. It came out in August.

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and we go again next week.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

18 October 2016

Evening all.

Sleaford Mods - I Can Tell
New track from the TCR EP. The voice of austerity/Brexit Britain.

Skyjelly - Acosta
Another track from the Bostonians' album Blank Panthers which is damnably good. A fabulous cacophony.

Kobadelta - You Don't Need To Ask...
Newcastle now and a track that accompanied the single Bathsheba which we've played before.

Featured album: The Delgados - Domestiques
Under Canvas Under Wraps
Falling And Landing
With a name taken from cycling champion Pedro Delgado, the debut album from The Delgados also had a cycling theme and launched the Motherwell four-piece to indie stardom. Proper indie too, as this and most of their output went out on their own Chemikal Underground label which later featured Arab Strap and Mogwai, among others. A lot like Teenage Fanclub in their delivery and lyrics, and since when was that a bad thing?

This Becomes Us - Undervalue Love ft. Guy McKnight
Another track from the forthcoming LP from Future Of The Left bassist Julia Ruzicka and guests. Can not wait.

Sweet Benfica - Strange Veil
To the Welsh mountains now and a track which came out in May but somehow passed me by. Love these dudes.

Steve Ignorant with Paranoid Visions - Join The Dots
Something from a while back, 2013 to be precise. The Crass singer teamed up with the Dublin punk rockers on an LP called When...? which harks back to oi and all that.

Young Sierra - The Lights
A young Mancunian trio of pure pop merchants. This is the title track from an EP of the same name out in a week and a bit.

The Old Pink House - So Bad
Don't know a lot about these and googling gives you a load of restaurant reviews. Pop. Unadulterated pop.

The Landseers - Weatherman
The Sweet Benfica lads return with house favourites Nat Lyon and Ash Cooke of Pulco in their Landseers supergroup form. The single came out on October 10.

Featured album: The Delgados -
Big Business In Europe
A topical title from the debut LP from The Delgados.

Alone - Citizen Of Nowhere
Again, topical. From producer James Reichelt who specialises in glorious 8-bit sounds.

Ital & Halal - From The Brink (Aurora Halal version)
New York electronica, off an album called Tower B which came out last month.

Big Lee Dowell - What I Done Wrong (Cobbymix)
And finally, Hull producer Steve Cobby weaves his magic on a '70s soul rarity from Buffalo singer Lee Dowell and The Cannonballs for track of the year so far.

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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

11 October 2016

Hello again. Special treat for you in the featured album section this week.

The Undivided - Satellites
The title track from the new EP from this South Welsh rock outfit.

The Lizards - Houdini
Birmingham psych-rocker - possibly more on the side of the latter than the former. This came out on September 21.

Girl Ray - Trouble
The debut 7" from this north London trio which is out at the end of November. An album will follow early next year.

Featured album: Dementio13 - Broxen
No Maps ft Jo Whitby
Side Out Side ft Robert Halcrow
Twitter. It's not just for abusing female MPs. Paul Foster, aka Dementio13, dropped me a line on there while I was putting the show together. "Do you want a listen to the new album mate?" Hell yes. He's found some superb collaborators on this one, the creative funk in which he found himself well and truly over.

Klammer - Everything Depends On The King
Leeds punks with their second album, self-titled. This is ace.

Team Picture - Classic:M
Also in Leeds, this is their second single.

Heavy Heart - The World Is A Gumball
These have been doing a song per month this year and this is their September offering, which is rather pleasing.

Expelaires - Summer Riots
Back to Leeds for this. Formed in 1978, split in 1981, re-formed in 2012, the album Feedom has been 38 years in the making.

Tokyo Taboo - N.A.R.C.I.S.M
New LP from these is 6th Street Psychosis is out on November 23.

Merchandise - Flower Of Sex
Florida rockers with a new LP soon.

Featured album: Dementio13 - Broxen
The Plastiscene
Picking favourites from Broxen is really difficult, but this is up there. Also, it's one of the few under six minutes which makes it radio-friendly. I'm sure I'll be playing more from the album in the next few weeks.
None of this is on the playlists below. You'll have to wait for the release.

Skyjelly - Sixes
These are from Boston, Massachusetts. The LP Blank Panthers came out in May.

Field Harmonics - Life
This is the second single from their LP Corners. From Wolverhampton.

Solar Bears - Across Yesteryear
This is very much a farewell. After eight years recording together, the Dublin duo are going their separate ways.

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