Tuesday, 21 November 2017

21 November 2017

Packed show, so let's crack on.

LA Salami - Terrorism! (The ISIS Crisis)
Politically charged new single from Lookman Adekunle Salami who had one of last year's best albums.

Moderate Rebels - When The Cost Has No Value
A track from the debut LP The Sound Of Security which is out December 8.

Frauds - Sandwiches
Another debut LP, this time from the Croydon noiseniks. With Morning Toast And Jam And Juice is also out December 8.

Wild Evel & The Trashbones - Der Bucklige
Viennese rockabilly off the album Digging My Grave which is out Friday.

Black Cat Attack - Death Punk Prowl
I only heard this this week, but the album is from 2012. They're from Ontario and the LP is Vamparty.

Godflesh - Post Self
The title track to the new LP which follows 2014's A World Lit Only By Fire which itself followed a decade-long hiatus. Formed in 1988 in Birmingham, they sound as good as ever.

The Jacks - She's A Mystery
A single from the forthcoming debut EP from the Californians. Should be with us in January.

The Spook School - Less Than Perfect
A second single from the highly anticipated third LP Could It Be Different? which is due on January 26.

On The Wane - Sultry Song
Ukrainian four-piece whose new LP Schism came out yesterday.

Autumn - The Fall
Minneapolis trio with their new single with the LP, Chandelier, to follow in February.

SPC ECO - All The Voices
London duo with a track from their LP Calm which came out in August.

Moonchild Sanelly - Dance Like A Girl
Port Elizabeth singer whose style she describes as 'ghetto funk'. This is the lead track off the 2015 LP Rabulapha! which I have only just come across.

Farm Hand - International Dreams
This is the project of Islet/Shape Records supremo Mark Daman Thomas and this is the title track from the debut album.

Benin City - Take Me There
A new track, their first for new label Moshi Moshi, with an album to follow.

Outside Your House - Gallant Encounters
The title track from the new album by the Durham 'barely rap' duo comprising Faithful Johannes on words and Jonathan Swift on beats.

Abra - Bacardi
New one from the Atlanta singer-songwriter, launched on Soundcloud with the caption 'Let's get back to having fun with our art'. Yes, lets.

Long Distance Dan - The Call Beyond
Experimental hip-hop which came to our inbox off the LP The Dust Man Stirs, a title given by Dan's 2-year old son. Terrific stuff.




And thoughts now turn to the winter festival. If you've got a festive single that would fit in with the show, give us a tinkle. dobsonjp[at]gmail[dot]com

Back next week

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

14 November 2017

You know how I often say 'this thing isn't just thrown together'? Well it was a busy weekend, so....

The Circus Villains - Tell Me
Don't know much about these. They're from Darlo though and this is good.

Drahla - Form Of Luxury
A new one from the Leeds outfit off the new EP Third Article.

Nachthexen - Disco Creep
They've been touring with Sleaford Mods, which has certainly got them noticed. This is the title track to the new EP and yeah. Don't be a disco creep.

Elstow - For So Long
This is beautiful. They're from Sydney.

Bridport Dagger - Harry Dean Stanton
And so is this. Bloody stunning, in fact,

Beliefs - All Things Considered
To Toronto now. This is off Habitat.

Royal Podencos - Break Us Down
And now Santander. We get around. Good old garage rock off the album Broken Bones.

Cup - Apparition
Based in Queens now, this is off the new one Hiccup.

Bee Bee Sea - DI Why Why Why
I get the impression these like a bit of word play. From Castel Goffredo in Italy, near Brescia, Sonic Boomerang is the new one.

Boy Azooga - Face Behind Her Cigarette
Exciting new signing to Heavenly from Cardiff.

Ought - These 3 Things
Always good to get new stuff from the Montreal outfit, which is always welcome. Room Inside the World is the new one.

Hookworms - Negative Space
After MJ's studios were flooded out and painstakingly rebuilt, Hookworms has been on a sort of hiatus. But the third album, Microshift, is due early next year and here's a teaser. Sounds good.

Eli Hermit - Flint & Steel
A really interesting piece from Scottish spoken word artist on the EP/mini album Natural Progression.

James Holden and The Animal Spirits - Each Moment Like The First
And a track from the new LP The Animal Spirits which is pretty fine.




Back and hopefully more organised next week.

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

31 October 2017

Avoiding Halloween by sitting in a soundproof bunker playing records. Bliss.

Average Sex - Ugly Strangers
New band from London with a debut EP Ice Cream which is out December 1.

Gavin Martin - I Want To Tell You Something feat Vito
Recalling a golden age of music journalism. Music journalist turned artist from Bangor, this is off Talking Musical Revolutions.

I, Ludicrous - Today's Man
Another track from the excellent new LP Songs From The Sides of Lorries. Utterly unique, don't ever change.

Autobahn - Execution/Rise
And another from the Leeds post-punkers' new album The Moral Crossing.

Phobophobes - Where Is My Owner
New single from one of our favourites.

Childcare - Getting Over You (By Dressing Up Like You)
Another new single ahead of their full UK tour.

Pugwash - The Perfect Summer
Tommy Walsh with his new album Silverlake. Top notch pop music.

ZoZo - A Bitter Gourd
Up and comers from Leeds, the title track to the forthcoming EP out November 10.

Teleman - Repeater
Another track from the new EP Fünf.

Itadi K Bonney - Ye, Ye, Ye
An old one, this. Togolese singer Bonney released this on a self-titled LP in 1983 and it's now had a vinyl reissue from the Mr Bongo label.

Babylon Dead - Empire
Mixing reggae, funk and hip-hop, a track from the debut LP 2000BD.

The Moods - P.O.P (Profit Over People)
These are a 10-piece collective of producers, poets and musicians from Manchester and surroundings. This is off the debut LP Missing Peace.

Giallo Point - Cold War
Instrumental track from the southern producer.

Nightmares On Wax - Back To Nature
And a new one from electronica veteran George Evelyn from that Leeds.



Back in a fortnight

Tuesday, 24 October 2017

24 October 2017

Another hour for you. Strap in.

Akiva - M.O.D
New single from Bedfordshire. A bit Placebo-ey, in a good way.

The Slow Readers Club - Lunatic
Mancunians with a new single taken from the session recordings for the forthcoming third LP.

Escobar - Terrible Man
We normally associate French contemporary music with the electronica scene, but here's some good old rock and roll from the album The Biggest Sound.

Modern Day Dukes - Okhrana
A two-bass rock band from Yorkshire with their single that came out a couple of weeks back.

Joss Cope - Your Broken Heart Is Not For Sale
Julian's little brother whose debut solo album, Unrequited Lullabies, is out now.

Teleman - Bone China Face
New from Teleman is the EP Fünf which is out next month.

Anna Tosh - Weightless
Gone solo after performing in a number of bands, this is off the EP One Big Fire.

Mush - Comment Section Creeps
The flip side of their double-A single, the other side of which we played a week or two back.

The Barbiturates - Fame
From Derry and making quite a name for themselves. An album is expected in the new year.

GLM - Summer Nights (Are Never Like The Movies)
The Lurkers were a punk band from Uxbridge, but now they operate as God's Lonely Men, or GLM. This is off The Future's Calling.

Feva - Blind
A debut single from a Newcastle band.

Douga - Partly
These are from Manchester and the LP Hidden Tapes And The Golden Tide is out early December.

On The Wane - Human Race
Ukrainian four-piece with an LP called Schism.

Melanin 9 - Polaroid feat. Karl Sage
A track from the LP Old Pictures which came out early in the year.

Chester P - The P.A.S.T
New stuff from the veteran London MC, the title track to the new album, The Post Apocalyptic Story Teller.




Back next week

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

17 October 2017


Django Django - Tic Tac Toe
Way back whenever, the Djangoes were the first band we played on the radio. Now they're about to unleash their third LP. Marble Skies comes out in early 2018.

Johnny Kills - End Game
A third single from the Brighton/London grunge/surf rockers.

Treeboy & Arc - Merge
A Leeds quartet with a track from the forthcoming EP Not Yet.

Autobahn - Future
Still in Leeds, another track from the LP The Moral Crossing which is out in two weeks.

Duck - Stereo
Keeping it Yorkshire, Duck are from Sheffield and this is off the album FaceAche.

The Soap Opera - Eggs To Hatch And Cats To Kill
On Ample Play records, this is part of a double-A single with No Name, No Pack Drill on the flip.

Filthy Friends - Windmill
From Portland, Oregon, this is off Invitation which came out in August.

Terminal Gods - Interplay
London post-punkers with a track from the album Meridian which also came out in August.

Mount Kimbie - Delta
A first album in four years, Love What Survives is out now.

Sir Robert Orange Peel - Hurricane
Apt. Off the EP Plates Of Meat.

Psycho Comedy - The Hangman
Liverpool, with it's successful psych festival, is pretty much the home of UK psychedelia. That's where these are from. More than a hint of the Sensational Alex Harvey Band there.

Astrobal - Australasie feat. Laetitia Sadier
Emmanuel Mario is Astrobal and this is the title track to his 2016 LP which features a number of collaboration such as this with the Stereolab singer.

Hirola - Hollow
Bristol-based producers with a track from their self-titled mini-album.

Boobs Of Doom - Aretkistapha
Great name. Scottish 'morbid misanthropes, soundtracking the end of the world' with their tenth LP eXXpre$$ion.




Should be back next week, all being well.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

10 October 2017

This week, we have our first ever session recorded for us by local band Don Gonzo.

Duds - Auf Der Einbahnstrasse
Mancunian experimentalists with a krautrock lilt, off the EP Unfit For Work.

Pale Honey - Get These Things Out Of My Head
Gothenburg duo with a track from the new album Devotion which is out on Friday.

Holiday Ghosts - Quiet Carriage
A track from their self-titled debut which came out late September.

HFC Session
Don Gonzo - Why Not Float?
The first of two session tracks recorded for us by Don Gonzo. This is as yet unreleased and done exclusively for us. It's a weird one when a couple of friends are in a band and they turn out to be really rather excellent. Go check em out. They play live in the Huddersfield area a fair bit.

Weaves - #53
The album Wide Open came out last Friday.

See Through Dresses - Lucy's Arm
The Nebraskans have a curiously-titled album out - Horse Of The Other World - which is always one way of grabbing our attention.

Pet Crow - What To Say
Speaking of odd album titles, here we've another track from A Simple Guide To Small And Medium Pond Life which came out a while back.

Mush - Luxury Animals
New one from the Leeds quartet released on the ever-reliable Art Is Hard label.

Nelson Can - Stonewall Frank
Another one from the Danish trio from their EP EP3. God, I love these so much.

HFC Session
Don Gonzo - All In Your Head
Our second track from our session guests. Thanks so much to the lads for doing this for us.

Luxury Death - Diluted
New single from the Manchester duo which is released as part of a 52-page art zine called Digital Ceremony.

Pariis Opera House - I Wish
A new single from the London self-styled electro space-funk mavericks.

The Bomber Jackets - Death Of A Bargain Hunter
Londoners with a track from the LP Kudos To The Bomber Jackets.

Jon Kennedy - Bats In The Belfry
Stockport lad, but now apparently based in Prague, here's a track from the EP Ha! which came out a couple of weeks back.

Coca Leaf - New Soft Dawn
These are a New York-based collective comprising members of all sorts of other bands. The LP Deep Marble Sunrise came out in the summer.

Andrew Weatherall - Spreads A Haze (And A Glory)
And we'll end with another track from the LP Qualia from the electronica veteran.



We'll do this next week then. And if you're interested in recording us a session, get in touch. dobsonjp at gmail dot com or on the Twitter.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

3 October 2017

After several unforeseen circumstances and a week on holiday, we're back.

Billy Childish & CTMF - I've Got A Conflicted Mind
Another one from the new album Brand New Cage which came out on Friday. Bit more bass-led than normal.

The Lovely Eggs - I Shouldn't Have Said That
And also a bit unusual, this is a bit harder and fuzzier than usual. It's the title track to the new LP.

ZoZo - NoNo
Another one off the Come Play With Me singles club. Well, we say that, but they're in the process of compiling an LP which will showcase the best in West Yorkshire talent.

Featured album: The Salient Braves - Delusions Of Grandeur
My Alter Ego
They Must Have Seen Me Coming
After a couple of EPs, Matt Bailey and his Salient Braves from Barnsley launch their first album, on the reliable Broken Down Records label. It's wonderfully written and utterly charming indie-pop. Listen below and go buy it.

High Tyde - Young Offenders
Sussex four-piece with an average age of 20 and with something to say about the treatment of the young by society.

The Nightingales - Drown
The new single from the post-punk veterans which made an appearance on the EP Become Not Becoming. Short and to the point.

Los Compadres Del Ande - Le Mecedora
Fisrt of two off new compilation LPs. This is off the new Tiger's Milk one, Andina - Huayno, Carnaval & Cumbia: The Sound Of The Peruvian Andes 1968-1978.

Oby Onyioha - Enjoy Your Life
Whereas this is off the new Mr Bongo funk compilation. Originally out in 1981.

Shopping - The Hype
A new one from the Londoners, the first since 2015's Why Choose LP.

Gulp - Morning Velvet Sky
Cardiff duo with the title track from the LP coming out on December 1.

Featured album: The Salient Braves - Delusions Of Grandeur
Evening All (Satchmo's Song)
The closer from the 12" version of the LP (there are extra tracks on the digital version) which shows off Bailey's lyricism incredibly well.

Super Besse - Doroga Domoi
A new track from our favourite Belarusians. This is off the new LP La Nuit which is out in a fortnight.

Four Tet - Scientists
And finally, a track from the new one from Kiran Hebden - New Energy came out last Friday.



I presume I'm back on next week. Hope so.