Monday, 18 June 2018

18 June 2018

Let's face it, nobody was listening what with England kicking off at the same time.

Teleman - Cactus
A third album is coming in September, Family Of Aliens, which the band say is the result of a freer and more collaborative writing method. It does show in a way and this band go from strength to strength as a result.

Dave Dark & The Sharks - Spacetime Tours Inc
Welsh electronica, from Newport no less, and a new single.

L/F/D/M - Turning To Lime
A track from the album Death: An Introduction which came out in March.

The Body - Nothing Stirs
Terrific stuff from Portland, Oregon. The album is I Have Fought Against It, But I Can't Any Longer which came out last month.

Perpacity - Telethon
Ian Harling and Martin Nyrup make up Perpacity despite being based in the UK and Denmark respectively. This is the second track from the forthcoming LP The Order Of Now, out in September.

Astral Skulls - Take It Away
From Melbourne, this is the flip side to the April single This Place.

Mourn - Barcelona City Tour
From Barcelona, this is off Sorpresa Familia which came out last Friday.

Flasher - Pressure
A trio from Washington DC with this taken from the LP Constant Image.

Mishka Shubaly - Animals
A terrific new LP from the New Yorker, two years in the making. When We Were Animals came out last month.

Geniuser - Epiphany
Danish, but now based in London, Geniuser's new album I Am has been crowdfunded and is out on the 22nd.

Vacances - Hearts
New Yorkers shifted to Europe for this, absorbing as much as possible on the way to create a new sound.

Los Blancos - Cadi
Welsh language stuff from Camarthen, this is off the new double-A which has Clarach on the other side. Out on Friday.

STNNNG - New National Anthem
Out in 2005 on the LP Dignified Sissy, this gets a shove from the band re NFL protests and Trumpian didacticism about it all.

Papernut Cambridge - New Forever
Off the new LP Outstairs Instairs which is out a week on Friday.

Castlebeat - Video Tape
More from New York, DIY goth-pop from Josh Hwang. The LP VHS came out in March.

Spray - Singing For England 2010
And as England are playing right now, here's Spray's wonderful record from the South African edition. Brilliant.




Back next week

Monday, 4 June 2018

4 June 2018

A packed show, so no messing. Let's get into it.

Alien Nosejob - Caffeine OD
These are from Clunes in Victoria, Australia and this comes off the 7" Death Of The Vinyl Boom. Superb.

Vulgarians - Of Humdrum Consumption
To Hull, and another band to make use of the production talents of Hookworms' MJ.

Lithics - Excuse Generator
Portland, Oregon, next. This is the lead track from the LP Mating Surfaces.

Swine Tax - Tory Water
Angry young people - and that's fair enough, I mean you've seen the state of things, right? - from Newcastle. This is off the EP This Is Not A Band.

Drahla - Twelve Divisions Of The Day
From the Come Play With Me stable, this is the Leeds outfit's new single, out on the 20th.

The Golden Age Of TV - Television
Also from Leeds and also from the CPWM stable.

Star Rover - Method Actor
The fourth single taken from the self-titled LP from the Edinburgh art-rockers. Far too good to ignore.

The Autumn Stones - Mandatory Love
A new single from the Toronto band which came out last week.

Vast Asteroid - Drown
An LA band, this is off the self-titled LP that came out at the back end of last year.

Glassmaps - My Heart, My Head
New single from Joel Stein, from Brighton and recorded in Eastern Germany.

Roy - Paranoid Feeling
Another one from Toronto and yet another self-titled LP.

Ora Iso - Wicked Gain
An utterly incredible cover of the Chris Isaak record Wicked Game which is a digital only bonus track from the LP Image Certifies that came out in April. They're from New York, albeit singer Kathleen Malay arrives via Indonesia and Australia.

Kamaal Williams - High Roller
Stunning stuff from Londoner Williams plus band. The LP The Return is a rich tapestry of new jazz sounds.

Sabres Of Paradise - Lick Wid Nit Wit
A track sort of rediscovered. Previously only available on a multi-artist compilation in the late '90s, it's now had a proper release. The vinyl has sold out - unsurprising - but still very available digitally. Brilliant.

Tom Dragebo - How Long
The title track to the EP from the Norwegian producer.

PIXSID - The Sea (Boomin' Dub mix)
Australian singer Marie Craven - aka Pixieguts - collaborated with musicians and producers from all over the world in creating the album I Sand which came out in 2011. A new video for this track prompts it's inclusion this week. That and it being a calming way to end the show.



Not in next week. Back in two.

Monday, 21 May 2018

21 May 2018

Hello again.

Soft Science - I Don't Know Why I Love You
The flip side of the single Undone from the Californian syndicate is a House Of Love cover.

The Golden Dregs - What A Life, What A Waste
This is the project of Falmouth's Ben Woods with the album Lafayette out on Friday on SW label Art Is Hard.

Hearts & Rockets - Psychic Powers
Formerly Heat Wave, the now rebranded Melbournians have a split 7" out with city peers Piss Factory.

Breakfast Muff - Crocodile
The title track to the EP that came out last month from these cheeky Glaswegians.

Acid Dad - Marine
A track from the self-titled LP from the New Yorkers which came out in March.

Baywaves - 1954 Egyptian Drama
From a burgeoning Madrid underground scene come Baywaves with their EP It's Been Like which came out last week.

The Lovely Eggs - Big Sea
Lancaster married couple with another single from the This Is Eggland LP.

UkePunk - Susie Dent
Ramsbottom's premier ukulele-based punk outfit and friends of the show with their new single, out now, in tribute to everyone's favourite lexicographer.

Youth Man - Statuesque
From Birmingham, this is off the EP Five Songs which contains.. err.... five songs.

Drenge - This Dance
The Loveless brothers a back after a small hiatus and after their Grand Reopening tour have put out this new single.

Slowcoaches - Found Down
New single from the London punk trio.

The Jack Cades - Identity Crisis
Old-fashioned garage rock from Elsa and Mike Whittaker from Warwick. The album Music For Children came out last Friday.

Gabe Gurnsey - Ultra Clear Sound
Half of Factory Floor with a solo record that's very different to that. The album Physical is out in August.

InfraGhosts - Phantom Pain
Melbourne's Laura Davis is InfraGhosts and this single came out in March.

The Lucid Dream - SX1000
Something a bit different from Carlisle's Lucid Dream. They've recently completed their 4th album and this is the first single from it.

Istanbul Hippodrome - Atomised
Stunning stuff from the Folkestone band about whom I'd learn more if Facebook wasn't utter turd.



Week off next week, back in a fortnight.

Monday, 14 May 2018

14 May 2018

A proliferation of exclamation marks this week. Apologies.

Parquet Courts - Almost Had To Start A Fight/In & Out Of Patience
Proper slacker rock off the new one Wide Awake!

Wax Chattels - In My Mouth
'Guitarless guitar rock' from Auckland trio Wax Chattels off their self-titled debut album.

WomenSaid - I Killed My Boy
Glaswegian band featuring alumni of Altered Images. This is off Majick!, out now.

Shriekback - And The Rain
Off their 14th studio album Why Anything? Why This?

RF Shannon - Tooth Ache
One of those bands that sounds like it's a person. These are from Lockhart, Texas, and this is off Trickster Blues.

Emlyn Johnson - Slippin' & Slidin'
One from last autumn that I've only just come across. Johnson is from Fremantle, Western Australia, and this off the mini-album/EP (8 tracks, probably too many for an EP) Contested Mark which came out last September.

Sara Renberg - Roger Miller Baby
Renberg is from Pittsburgh and this is off Night Sands which came out in February.

Nat Lyon - The New Economy
A new one from friend of the show Lyon off his new LP Slant Front Desk. Top stuff.

Featured album: Benjamin Mason - Oi! Rapscallion
Final War Of The Inevitable Barbie
A Residue Of The Great Computer Crash
The word 'rapscallion' is grossly underused. Pembroke singer-songwriter Mason has crafted a varied LP with instrumentals sitting alongside folkish post punk, found sounds and dub. Eclectic to say the least, and all good.

Michael Jablonka - Flump
I don't think this is about either the TV show or the marshmallows, but I like it anyway.

Klammer - Modern God
New track from the Leeds post-punkers ahead of their third LP which is due in June.

Fat Cops - Hands Up! Get Down!
Got nothing on these. Bloody marvellous track.

Eva Schlegel - FOH (Fuck Outta Here)
From St Petersburg, and another one from last autumn that I've only become aware of lately. This is off Demontage Of Heck - great title and a superb album.

Orbital - Tiny Foldable Cities
New Orbital! Huzzah! And a new album, Monsters Exist, to follow. What a time it is to be alive.

Sir Robert Orange Peel - Am I Looking Forward To The World Cup? (Put A Bag On Your Head)
There'll be no official World Cup song for England, so I move that this stands in. Absolutely terrific. An unusual take on the genre by the enigmatic producer, as you would expect.




That was fun. Let's do it again some time.

Monday, 30 April 2018

30 April 2018

Let's crack straight on

Ye Nuns - Shut Up
I've been aware of these for some time, an all-female tribute to The Monks - the GIs based in Germany who made garage rock back in the early 60s. I don't normally go for tribute acts, but these are exceptional.

Bizarre - Barcode Warrior
Estonian shoegaze, a long-awaited third album made up of tracks recorded in 1997 and '98. Necro is out on June 4.

Kagoule - Bad Saliva
New one from the forthcoming LP Strange Entertainment, their first release for new label Alcopop!

Plaza - In The Know
From Hartlepool, these.

Modern Day Dukes - Tourist
The latest single from the Sheffield/Leeds noisemakers.

The Plainviews - Bladerunner
Featuring two of Idles and one of The St Pierre Snake Invasion, this is terrific. The EP A Million Different Ways Of Saying Nothing was recorded a couple of years ago, but in true DIY fashion, life got in the way and only now have they found time for a release. Worth the wait.

Don Gonzo - Worship The Breeze
Don Gonzo - Quit Ya Job (recorded live at The Parish)
A couple of tracks from our friends Don Gonzo. The former is the new single and they're playing Northern Quarter soon. Check your local listings.

Doe Pickle - Company Man
Also from Huddersfield and also friends of the show, this is off last year's Butty Time EP.

Crooked Teeth - Mountain Song
New single from the electro-poppers from Glasgow but now based in that London.

Ay Wing - Strange
More of that sort of thing by Berlin-based Swede Ay Wing off her forthcoming Ice Cream Dream EP,

Ennor - Wave After Wave
Cornwall folk-rock now.

Those Unfortunates - Hornsey Automatic FC
Following the Two Songs About Buses EP comes Two Songs About Football.

In Her Eye - Closer To Me
From Milan, this is off the album Change out on June 1.

Cup - Magic Planet
Cup is New Yorker Tym Wojcik and this is off the new album Jitter Visions.

I Can, I Can't - Gravity
And finally, a duo from Worcester with a track from the EP Let Me Die which came out 10 days ago.




Week off next week - bank holiday. See you in a fortnight.

Monday, 23 April 2018

23 April 2018

More new songs for you.

The Left Outsides - All That Remains
A husband and wife duo from London, this is the title track to the new LP out on May 21.

Heart Beach - Perfect
From Hobart but now based in Montreal, this is off Haircut which came out last November.

Soft Science - Sooner
From Sacramento in California, this is off their forthcoming double-A single which is out in May.

MNNQNS - If Only They Could
I presume it's pronounced 'mannequins' but given the Only Connect missing vowels treatment. They're a four-piece from Rouen and this is off the EP Advertisement, out now.

Half Man Half Biscuit - Alehouse Futsal
NEW HMHB KLAXON!!! The new album No-one Cares About Your Artistic Hub So Get Your Fucking Hedge Cut. Out on 18 May, age has not withered them. Indeed, they appear to be as sharply acerbic as ever.

La Luz - California Finally
A four-piece from Seattle, this is off Floating Features which is out on May 11.

Andrew Hung - Say What You Want
The other half of Fuck Buttons to Benjamin John Power who has been recording as Blanck Mass. This is very different to Power's solo work which is more in keeping with the Fuck Buttons ethos. The album is Realisationship which came out last autumn.

Teleman - Submarine Life
New track from the acclaimed and innovative band who continue to push abstract digital pop boundaries.

Poptone - Go!
From LA, formed by ex-Bauhaus members Daniel Ash and Kevin Haskins, this is off their self-titled LP which is out in June.

Black Sedan - Love On Love
Heavily sampling the Charlie Chaplin flick The Great Dictator, this is the new single which will appear on the LP Adventure Lit Their Star which is out in June.

Slug - No Heavy Petting
A new one from Ian Black, ex of Fieldmusic. HiggledyPiggledy is the new LP, out a week ago.

Faithful Johannes - Ghosts In My Attic
Half of barely rap duo Outside Your House with his first non-christmas solo work. A two-track collection, Breakfast Included, is out now.

BBXO - Firestorm
Brilliant second track from Berlin-based Londoner Musa Okwonga and producer Krisz Kreuzer.

Jigsaw Sequence - Beyond The Veil
Scotsman Richard Tracey is Jigsaw Sequence and this is his new single.

Rodney Cromwell - Comrades
Lead track from the brilliant new EP Rodney's English Disco. Indietronica, he call it.

Public Service Broadcasting - People Will Always Need Coal (Vessels Remix)
Saturday was record shop day and PSB's contribution was a series of remixes from their Every Valley album. Vessels are a firm house favourite and theirs is undoubtedly the pick of the bunch.




Same time next week? Super

Monday, 16 April 2018

16 April 2018


Christian Fitness - Hamsterland
A fifth slab of Andy Falkous's side project. Nuance - The Musical is out now.

His Electro Blue Voice - Scum Rat
Italian noise off the album Mental Hoop which came out in November last year.

Blade Of Grass - Looks So Good
These are from LA and this is their latest single.

Louise Distras - Land Of Dope And Glory
A new track from the forthcoming, crowdfunded second album.

Purple Heart Parade - Painting Pictures
Bit of Manc shoegaze now, a track from the album A Minutes Silence At Weatherfield County.

Wilko Johnson - Marijuana
His first album of new material in 30 years, Blow Your Mind is out in June.

Doc & The Headshrinkers - If There Wasn't Any Sinners, The Saints Wouldn't Look So Good
And ore good old-fashioned rock n roll from West Wales. This came out as a single last summer and features on teh new LP Crashland.

Missile Society - River
Another track from the Watford/New York trans-Atlantic partnership that is Missile Society, taken from the album The Walk Back Home.

The Jjohns - So Alone
You only pronounce one J, I'm told. They're from Liverpool, none of them are called John - or Jjohn - and this is their new single, very much in a La's vein.

John Dredge & The Plinths - Learn To Ignore
Kind of a supergroup, really. This is off the EP The Emergency which came out in January.

Baker Island - Always, 1995
To Newcastle now and a track from the album Restless Legs which came out last summer.

April Towers - Tel Aviv
Nottingham duo with a track from the much-anticipated debut album Certified Freaky.

High Rise Finale - Actions
A new track from the Barnsley synth-pop artists.

Computer Magic - Perfect Game
New Yorker Danielle Johnson - aka Danz - with a track off the LP Danz which came out in February.

Dementio13 - Cortex Fault
Another EP snuck out by friend of the show Paul Foster. 78 is available now.

TVAM - Psychic Data
A new track from Wiganer Joe Oxley's TVAM persona. Top notch.




See thee