Tuesday, 6 September 2016

6 September 2016

Look, it was a busy weekend so I'm not as well-prepped as normal.

Oshanti - Communal Concrete
Poetry for you to open with. I don't do enough spoken word on here and it is a passion of mine, so here you go. Truly superb stuff.

Swami Baracus - Baraxit
Still in London, a strongly worded message about a recent referendum you may recall.

Swells - Embun Siang
Indonesian next. And sounding remarkably like the Charlatans, which is rarely a bad thing.

Featured album: More Tales From The Liquid Library
Sweet Benfica - So Cool
Kill The Intellectuals - I Hope I've Changed
Liquid Library have put together 19 tracks from a variety of bands in a delicious compilation. There are some we know, like Sweet Benfica, and some we don't. But one thing in common is that it's all good stuff.

Christian Fitness - Bad Boys Die In The Bath
Another Christian Fitness album is coming from the mind of Andy Falkous and here's a taster.

Police Force - Freakin' Out The Squares
From Brisbane, this is off the album Formula 1.

The Wedding Present - Birdsnest
New off the new album Going, Going... Familiar Gedge territory.

Scarlet Rascal - Strange
Off a self-titled LP due out at the end of the month on Geoff Barrow's Invada label.

Happyness - SB's Truck
A standalone track from the London trio. New album in the offing.

Ed Harcourt - Furnaces
Off an album of the same name which is out now.

Featured album: More Tales From The Liquid Library
Candy Cult - Mirror Store
Another track from a quirky but instantly likeable compilation.

Francobollo - Kinky Lola
A Swedish band based out of London, a debut EP is on the way soon.

Spearmint - Man And The Moon
London indie veterans return with the new LP It's Time To Vanish, out on Friday.

Chaos Jigsaw - Love Spoons
Dylan Cartlidge from Stoke is Chaos Jigsaw and this is rather good.

Jay Simian and The Midnight Society - Something That I Can't Let Go
North Shields hip-hoppers with a track from their debut album.

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I'll be less chaotic next week.

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