Tuesday, 13 September 2016

13 September 2016

Again? Go on then.

Mik Artistik's Ego Trip - Plastic Fox
The Poet Laureate of Leeds plus institutionalised supporting band with their new single, an homage to a piece of garden ornamentation.

Unqualified Nurse Band - My Boots Are Shakin'
From the LP Debasement Tapes which is out on Friday and forms part of Derby's resurgent scene.

Madonnatron - Sangue Neuf
Here's a curio. This appeared on Trashmouth Records' 2nd annual Record Store Day release back in April alongside the likes of Meatraffle and Fat White Family. Which isn't a bad start.

Featured album: Grandaddy -
Everything Beautiful Is Far Away
Go Progress Chrome
We go back to the autumn of 1997 for our featured LP this week, the debut from Californian band Grandaddy. Since this came out they split and reformed, but this remains their touchstone. Described by the Independent as a pleasing combination of Brian Wilson, Neil Young and The Pixies. Praise indeed.

Christian Fitness - Your Favourite Band Wants You Dead
A third teaser from the forthcoming album from Andy Falkous's side project. Which I'm rather looking forward to.

Ffug - Speedboat Dreaming
A highly-rated outfit from Cardiff, this is out as a single on Friday with a debut album to follow at the end of the month. Believe the hype.

Tibet - There Is A Place
Staying in Cardiff, here's the new single from Tibet. They're touring throughout October and November. Worth catching.

Ghost Wave - Blues Signal '79
These are a duo from New Zealand and while this track surfaced at the turn of last year, the album Radio Norfolk came out in August.

Haybaby - Rope/Joke
Another one that passed me by at the time, off the Brooklyn band's EP Blood Harvest which came out in the spring.

Tear - The Sprawl
As far as I can ascertain, it's Tear as in teardrop rather than Tear as in muscle tear. They're from London and this single is out on Friday with a mini-album to follow.

Featured album: Grandaddy
My favourite track off the album, it made it to the lofty heights of 88 in the UK charts, but was used subsequently on Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe and the 28 Days Later soundtrack.

Choke Chains - Safe Word
Another I'm only just catching up with. Michigan punk veteran Thomas J Potter is back with another set-up and their self-titled debut LP came out in January. Can't believe I missed it.

Kelly Lee Owens - CBM
Here's something special, of her EP Oleic which is out next month.

Tesla's Ghost - Carcano
New track from London MC Tesla's Ghost. Banger.

Noisia - Mantra
Dutch EDM off the new LP Outer Edges which is out on Friday.



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