Tuesday, 1 November 2016

1 November 2016

November and shots still being made at record of the year.

Luke Haines - Smash The System
Britain's greatest living surrealist with his first non-concept album in six years - so I guess you could say it's more song-based - from which this is the title track. And given the last 48 hours, never has a system needed smashing more.

L.A. Salami - I Shook Hands With They Strange Boys
This guy is seriously good. We've had tracks from the album Dancing With Bad Grammar before. This, however, is the flip side to the new single Going Mad As The Street Bin. The Strange Boys, incidentally, were old Texan punks.

The Empty Page - Deeply Unlovable
From Manchester, here's a debut single from the forthcoming LP Unfolding.

Featured album: Cud - When In Rome, Kill Me
Only (A Prawn In Whitby)
I've Had It With Blondes
I was maybe just a bit too young for this when it came out in 1989 and they passed me by as a result. It's still bloody good though and the A-side was linked together with narrative sections telling a tale about flight from Whitby to Rome following a crime. The first track we have here takes it's name from a story about famous vegan Morrissey eating a solitary prawn in aforementioned Yorkshire seaside town. Tragically, it wasn't true.

Repetitor - Suženi Snovi
From Belgrade, some absolutely bloody marvellous post punk. And while I had a bash at pronouncing the track title on air, not a chance with the LP. Gde Ćeš.

Brython Shag - St Davids Cross (Inverted)
First of a couple of tracks from Wales now, first from Blaenau Ffestiniog. This is belting, off their self-titled album which came out in March.

Tigana - Saviour
And I don't know anything about these other than they're from Cardiff. Bloody great though innit.

Axis:Sova - (Like An) Intruder
Chicago producer Brett Sova from his LP Motor Earth.

Laurence Made Me Cry - Song For The Birds
Just beautiful. Off a double-A side with And We Shall Count To Nine which is out on Friday.

TVAM - Total Immersion
Brilliant. Could be Can if you shut your eyes and that's a mighty compliment. Joe Oxley is TVAM. Great stuff.

Featured album: Cud - When In Rome, Kill Me
Strange Kind Of Love
Featuring a bit of that narrative I spoke about earlier. Terrible recording, but hey ho.

French '79 - Olympic
Simon Henner is French '79 among many other guises. And this is tremendous.

Vessels - Had A Love ft Anna Of The North
I said something about record of the year earlier, a thing I don't do. But if I did, this would definitely be in the running. Norwegian singer Anna Lotterud is Anna Of The North while regular listeners will know Leeds's Vessels very well indeed.

Moth Effect - Doom
And to finish, a new track from Brighton producer Andy Le Gresley. Who we like a lot.

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