Tuesday, 29 November 2016

29 November 2016

Now then.

Cabbage - Terrorist Synthesizer
Because we all love a good pun. Terrific new single from Manchester upstarts from an EP of the same name. It's their third and the three will be combined in a new LP out early next year.

The Magic Sponge - I Wanna Taste It
Interesting thing from the LP Science-adelic about Swedish scientist Carl Scheele who would identify new elements and compounds and taste them. He died soon afterwards.

Deadwall - The Talk
New track from the Leeds band which is on a split single from Come Play With Me.

Featured album: Coins - Daft Science
Alive/Intergalactic (Daft Science remix)
Body Movin' (Daft Science remix)
Toronto producer Coins put out the LP Daft Science in 2014. It comprises Beastie Boys tracks remixed with samples and beats solely from Daft Punk records. Brilliant.

Dutch Uncles - Big Balloon
Title track from the new LP. Out now.

FEHM - Circadian Life
Back to Leeds for a couple more now. First, the title track from FEHM's new EP.

Menace Beach - Give Blood
And then an early taste of the new Menace Beach album Lemon Memory which is out in the new year.

Adam & Elvis - Hanging Tree
Berkshire five-piece, none of whom are called Adam or Elvis, with their debut single.

Crank Call Love Affair - What's Wrong Yvette
A rarity from Denver, they're only ever release back in the late '70s. It's cropped up on a new compilation, Killed By Deathrock vol 2.

Shame - The Lick
Another debut single from a South London band in the Fat White/Phobophobes envelope. Top stuff.

Featured album: Coins - Daft Science
Sure Shot (Daft Science remix)
Great idea, well executed.

Serengeti & Sicker Man - Doctor My Own Patience
Chicagoan Serengeti and Berliner Sicker Man combine for a new album out on December 9. This being the title track.

A Tree Grows - Wau Wau Water
Brooklyn jazz core. From their self-titled debut LP out now.

Roy Montgomery - Cocktails With Can
A first album in ten years from the Christchurch veteran. In fact, it's four LPs in one, RMHQ. This is off H: Bender which makes up one quarter of that box set. Fabulous and fascinating in equal measure.



Si' thee.

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