Tuesday, 8 November 2016

8 November 2016

Quite pleased with the selection this week.

Big Quiet - Why Do We Bother?
From a while ago, March last year in fact, this is off the Brooklyn outfit's self-titled debut album.

Eureka Brown - We're All Gonna Die
Kris Bauer is Eureka Brown. This is off O Utopia which came out in August.

Flies On You - Darkening My Doors
Leeds DIY-ers return with a taster from the forthcoming new album. Can't wait. These guys are ace.

Featured album: Mr Bongo's Record Club volume 1
Big Youth - Mammy Hot Daddy Cool
Tappa Zukie - Freak
Mr Bongo is a record shop in Brighton, but with fingers in many pies. They specialise in hard-to-find Latin American stuff, especially but not constricted to Brazil, and have just put out the first - hopefully of many - compilation LP. The first of these is from a British artist in 1975 while the Tappa Zukie one his only foray into disco.

The History Of Colour TV - Wreck
A trio from Berlin, this is out on the 25th while an album is due to follow early in 2017.

Dog, Paper, Submarine - View From The Sidewalk
From Malmö, this is off Trouble On Earth which came out last month.

Jinko Vilova - You're Standing
To Barcelona for this slice of psychedelia. Came out last April.

The Hand - Here Comes Mr Sunshine
This, from Minnesota, is off their second EP. The Hand vol 2 is the ambitious title. Comes out on the 24th.

One Day, After School - When I Loved Music, When Everything Was New
Wakefield next and these describe themselves not as post-rock, but 'post-everything'. Came out last month.

The Kumari - Abyss
The fifth 7" from this London outfit with an album to follow.

Featured album: Mr Bongo's Record Club volume 1
Claudia - Jesus Cristo
Here is a Brazilian speciality from the sainted Mr Bongo. Came out in 1971.

Spaceheads - Laughing Water
Here's clever. Andy Diagram of the Diagram Brothers is the trumpeter using loops and sequences with additional double bass and drums. It's the title track to the LP out on the Electric Brass imprint.

808 State - In Yer Face (Bicep remix)
Rave classic with a new mix from Belfast duo Bicep. Brilliant.

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