Tuesday, 6 December 2016

6 December 2016


Oi Polloi - Our Winged Sisters
From the LP Saorsa which came out last month. It's about bees and the decimation of their population.

Bonfire Nights - Ego Death
From Australia, but now out of London, a slice of psychedelia from a new split single - Tripwires are on the other side - which is out on Friday.

Vukovar - The Three Shades
Not sure how you'd classify this, as if that's important. It came out late October.

Featured album: Broadcast - Tender Buttons
I Found The F
Black Cat
This week we go back to 2005 for our featured LP. This was Broadcast's third and while critically acclaimed it didn't do much by way of sales. It was a turn to the minimalist and the lyrically surreal and it's not an easy listen, though extremely rewarding.

The Wave Pictures - Now I Want To Hoover My Brain Clean
The second single taken from Bamboo Diner In The Rain. Do go see them if ever you get chance.

The Cravats - Blurred
A new one from the Redditch punk veterans. It came out as a limited edition single at the back end of October.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Don't Get Lost
From the new LP Third World Pyramid which came out on October 28. Brilliant.

Vaguess - Cop Like Me
To California for this, a punk record about minority deaths at the hands of the police.

Ashley Reaks - Slugs And Snails Forever
Experimental time again as Reaks releases his third album of the year, Growth Spurts.

Featured album: Broadcast - Tender Buttons
It all came to a sadly premature end for Broadcast in 2011 as singer Trish Keenan died of pneumonia after contracting swine flu in Australia though fellow founder member James Cargill still makes music under the same banner.

ESP - Mars Radio
Welsh producer Jamie Howells is ESP and this is off his new album Blue Books which is terrific.

MOTSA - Petrichor feat Sophie Lindinger
To Vienna next and a slice from the new EP Petricolour which is out now.

Nathan Fake - Degreelessness feat Prurient
Fake recently signed to Ninja Tune and this is the first release for them. Just a 12" for now, with an album to follow in due course.



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