Tuesday, 25 October 2016

25 October 2016

Tuesday again. Hello.

The Blue Aeroplanes - Elvis Festival
Still going after 35 years, with an ever-changing roster, Bristolian indie pioneers return with a new LP in January, Welcome, Stranger!

Boxed In - Run Quicker
From Oli Bayston's debut LP from last year. New one should be out by now.

Lust For Youth - Sudden Ambitions
From Copenhagen, this is off Compassion which came out in March.

Featured album: The Fatima Mansions - Against Nature
Only Losers Take The Bus
The Day I Lost Everything
This was the debut album from Cathal Coughlan and his band from Cork, back in 1989. Released to universal critical acclaim, the NME said that "it never loses it's ability to stun".

Pauw - Visions
A progressive quartet with a debut LP out now, Macrocosm Microcosm.

Deny All Robots - Crash
The title track of the new EP from this West Midlands outfit.

Tigercub - Omen
From Brighton and off their forthcoming LP Abstract Figures In The Dark, out next month.

Nosferatu D2 - Broken Tamagotchi
First, great name. This is two brothers from Croydon and off the LP (deep breath) We're Gonna Walk Around This City With Our Headphones On To Block Out The Noise.

Baby In Vain - The Urge
Back to Copenhagen for this one. This came out in April on the EP For The Kids.

Mogwai - Bitterness Centrifuge
Off the LP Atomic which was originally composed to soundtrack the Mark Cousins documentary Atomic, Living In Dread And Promise, an exploration of life and death in the atomic age.

Featured album: The Fatima Mansions - Against Nature
13th Century Boy
Another track from our featured album. It's a bit dated now - very '80s - but retains value.

Artbat - Momentum
DJ Artur and Batish combine to become Artbat and this is off the EP Chivvy which came out in May.

Abu Ama - Back In England
Of Turkish gypsy origin now based out of West Germany, this is off the album Abraxo Ishara which came out in March. Impressively different.

Pye Corner Audio - Lost Ways
Martin Jenkins is back with his Pye Corner Audio project and the LP Stasis. It came out in August.

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