Tuesday, 11 October 2016

11 October 2016

Hello again. Special treat for you in the featured album section this week.

The Undivided - Satellites
The title track from the new EP from this South Welsh rock outfit.

The Lizards - Houdini
Birmingham psych-rocker - possibly more on the side of the latter than the former. This came out on September 21.

Girl Ray - Trouble
The debut 7" from this north London trio which is out at the end of November. An album will follow early next year.

Featured album: Dementio13 - Broxen
No Maps ft Jo Whitby
Side Out Side ft Robert Halcrow
Twitter. It's not just for abusing female MPs. Paul Foster, aka Dementio13, dropped me a line on there while I was putting the show together. "Do you want a listen to the new album mate?" Hell yes. He's found some superb collaborators on this one, the creative funk in which he found himself well and truly over.

Klammer - Everything Depends On The King
Leeds punks with their second album, self-titled. This is ace.

Team Picture - Classic:M
Also in Leeds, this is their second single.

Heavy Heart - The World Is A Gumball
These have been doing a song per month this year and this is their September offering, which is rather pleasing.

Expelaires - Summer Riots
Back to Leeds for this. Formed in 1978, split in 1981, re-formed in 2012, the album Feedom has been 38 years in the making.

Tokyo Taboo - N.A.R.C.I.S.M
New LP from these is 6th Street Psychosis is out on November 23.

Merchandise - Flower Of Sex
Florida rockers with a new LP soon.

Featured album: Dementio13 - Broxen
The Plastiscene
Picking favourites from Broxen is really difficult, but this is up there. Also, it's one of the few under six minutes which makes it radio-friendly. I'm sure I'll be playing more from the album in the next few weeks.
None of this is on the playlists below. You'll have to wait for the release.

Skyjelly - Sixes
These are from Boston, Massachusetts. The LP Blank Panthers came out in May.

Field Harmonics - Life
This is the second single from their LP Corners. From Wolverhampton.

Solar Bears - Across Yesteryear
This is very much a farewell. After eight years recording together, the Dublin duo are going their separate ways.

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