Tuesday, 4 October 2016

4 October 2016

Miss me?

Silver Arm - Do the Crow
Southern rockers with new material. Have that.

Federal Unicorn - State Of Decay
Great name. This is off the EP Substances which is out now. From Denmark.

Liines - Disappear
Big fan of this Manc trio. This is one side of a new double-A side out on October 28.

Featured Album: The Diagram Brothers - The Peel Sessions
The Diagram Brothers were proper quirky, using discordant sounds - Discordo, they called it - and formed in the post-punk era Manchester. Stuart Maconie described them as "funny, slightly scary and not like anything else on earth". These two tracks featured on the John Peel show in March 1980.
And yes, bricks aren't expensive. Until someone starts flogging designer ones.

This Becomes Us - Painter Man Is Coming feat. Black Francis
Future Of The Left bassist Julia Ruzicka follows husband Andy Falkous in producing a side-project. The names she's been able to call on are impressive, none moreso than Pixies singer Black Francis. The self-titled LP is out shortly.

The Wave Pictures - Pool Hall
The prolific trio's new album is Bamboo Diner In The Rain and this is a typically excellent track from it.

Smoove and Turrell - Fight On
I've been meaning to have these on for a while, so finally... From Newcastle and made up of DJ/producer Smoove and soulful singer John Turrell, their new album is Crown Posada and it out in a fortnight.

The Baggios - SaruĂȘ feat. Jorge du Peixe
To Brazil next and show favourites The Baggios have a new LP out. Brutown came out at the end of September.

The Early Years - Nocturne
Off the imaginatively-titled second LP II which is out now. Post-rock - maybe. Post-modern - almost definitely.

Fehm - Nullify
Leeds now and off the EP Content Nullify which is out at the back end of November.

Featured Album: The Diagram Brothers - The Peel Sessions
The Expert
From their last Peel session in June 1982 and easily my favourite track of theirs. The three sessions they did have been parsed and collated into a top album.

Hugh - Look Back In Laughter
John Idehen and Izzy Brooks front this London trip-hop outfit. This is out on October 12.

Knickerdropperglory - Something About you Girl
Superb name. Don't know much about these, just that they're from Bournemouth.

Yello - Limbo
A new LP - their 13th - from Swiss dance veterans Brois Blank and Dieter Meier. Toy came out last Friday. Ooooh, yeaah.

Larry Fisherman - Dang feat Anderson .Paak
And to finish, a light, frothy dance track from July's Divine Feminine LP.

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