Tuesday, 5 July 2016

5 July 2016

Hello again.

Joey Fourr - My Dolphins
Quirky. Off the album Fourr To The Floorr which came out in April.

Bugeye - Never Let You Go
I hate the term rrriot grrrl, but this apparently fits the bill. It's the title track off an EP out later this month.

Fur Blend - Taco Bell
Bit of psycho-krauty type rock from Leeds. The EP Serotonin came out in May.

Featured album: Sonny - Better Late Than Never
Save Me
Friendly Fire
I've been doing some open mic around Huddersfield with my band John Thomas and whenever Sonny walks in with his guitar your heart both soars and sinks. Sinks because you might have to follow him, soars because he's bloody great. This 2010 album is still about on bandcamp to download for however much you'd like to pay. I suggest you do.

Teenage Fanclub - I'm In Love
Yay! It's new Teenage Fanclub stuff! Their 11th studio LP is called Here and is out in September and this is the first single from it.

Lessons - Tempest
A different class of synth-driven pop-rock from Helsinki. The title track off a new EP.

Hey Colossus - Hop The Railings
This came out at the back end of last year, but I'm only getting to grips with it now. Radio Static High is the album.

Unstable Journey - Clear Lines
More from Leeds, this came out in May on the LP Beast Market.

Cwtch - I Drove To The River
House favourite Dementio13's occasional side-project returns. Here, Paul Foster and vocalist Marie Craven produce a delicious slice of laid-back electronica.

Featured album: Sonny - Better Late Than Never
Something In The Water
Seriously good. Don't know why he's kicking about open mic nights with the likes of us.

Vince Clarke & Paul Hartnoll - Better Have A Drink To Think
Electronica pioneers combine with a new album, 2Square, out this Friday.

Squarepusher - Midi Sans Frontieres
Another star of the electronic scene, this is Tom Jenkinson's riposte to Brexit. Available for nowt from his website.

Saint James - Opposite
London producer about whom I know little.

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