Tuesday, 23 August 2016

23 August 2016

I'm back, just about healed. So let's do this.

La Forme - Young Olympian
Another one from the Franco-Welsh outfit which was released just prior to the games, which I enjoyed a lot. About as much as I'm enjoying La Forme's output.

Get Inuit - Teriyaki
Hooked after a couple of seconds with that fuzzy guitar. Another one from the Kent band who are touring throughout the late summer and into autumn. Catch them if you can.

Nat Lyon - Maple
Connecticut's number one DIY musical pioneer is back with a new album, Random Walk Theory. It's really good. You can get it off his bandcamp. I recommend that you do.

Featured album: Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures
Day Of The Lords
Not much needs saying about this. Released in 1979, it was astonishing then and it is now. And that sleeve, oh that sleeve...

Red Eye - Moroccan Fruit
Remember that picture of people climbing a fence near a golf course as they attempted to escape Morocco and enter Spain via one of their African enclaves? Red Eye's Trevor Perfect clearly does and the similarities to Nina Simone's Strange Fruit clearly struck a chord.

Honey Bucket - Downtown
Feel like I'm playing these a lot at the moment. And why not? Richman-esque fuzzy lo-fi from Portland, Oregon. Gorgeous. The LP Magical World is out now.

The Big Moon - Silent Movie Susie
I have apparently played these before, but I don't recall. Must be because they're good. This is out September 25.

Luxury Death - Radiator Face
Nai Harvest are no more. Booo. But half of them are in this new project now based in Manchester and this is their debut single.

Bauer - Made The Change
Staying in Manchester for some electro-pop. This is off Impossible Is Nothing which is out now. This is actually really good and should do well commercially.

Kobadelta - Bathsheba
Don't know exactly how to describe this. Kind of psych-rock, I guess, but that hardly feels adequate. They're from Newcastle and have an EP coming out in October called The Metaphysical.

Featured album: Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures
No point telling you stuff about this; you already know. Just that if you're in the business of writing lyrics, don't listen too closely or too often or you'll never pick up a pen again.

De La Soul - Drawn feat Little Dragon
Quite the oddity from the hip-hop veterans, but not in a bad way. Off their crowdfunded LP The Anonymous Nobody which is out next week.

Swet Shop Boys - Tiger Hologram
Another from the trans-Atlantic and Indo-Pakistan duo Heems and Riz MC from their forthcoming LP Cashmere. October 15. Mark it in your diaries.

Deadbeat - And We Woke With The Fire
RW Martin from Toledo, Ohio, is Deadbeat and he has an atmospheric, moody, cinematic LP out now called Where The Sun Meets The Land. It's well worth your time. This is lovely.

I, Ludicrous - We Will Fall
A new video goes with this reworked version of their 1989 record which appeared on the LP A Warning To The Curious. It's relevant again and is still good. And I, Ludicrous are still one of the most under-rated bands this country has ever produced.



Embedding doesn't seem to be working, so go find the Nat Lyon track here.

More next time.

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