Tuesday, 7 June 2016

7 June 2016

Last day of my summer holidays. And it almost feels like I planned this out.

The Spills - Floyd
Starting off with a few tracks I've had waiting for a while, The Spills are from Wakefield and their second LP, which this comes from, came out last autumn.

Vertical Slump - Chanteuse
Another one from last autumn, this is off an EP called Ruined Value.

Fews - The Zoo
This has been around as a single for a while now, but the album - Means - only came out late last month. They're Swedish, but based in London now.

Featured album: Teenage Fanclub - Grand Prix
Sparky's Dream
Neil Jung
One of the great LPs to come from these isles. Don't take my word for it. Twice in national surveys - in the Observer in 2004 and Q in 2000 - this has been ranked as the 72nd greatest British LP of all time. It was the Bellshill quartet's 5th album, released in 1995. And it still sounds great.

Ashley Reaks - Billy Goat Hill
Time to get a bit.... experimental for the next few tracks. And experiments either work or don't, so I appreciate some of the next 20 minutes or so won't be for everyone. What you must agree on though is that the title of Ashley Reaks's new LP is quite spectacular: If I Hadn't Become An Artist And A Musician I Would Have Been A Serial Killer Or Killed Myself.

Biscuit Mouth - The Sea Son, Caspian
Possibly not quite as out there as Reaks's work, but definitely not mainstream, is this from Derby. Doing It Right And Doing It Well is out as of last Friday.

Yak - Smile
I've been aware of Yak for a while, so it was something of a surprise to learn that Plastic People which came out two weeks ago is in fact their debut release. Clearly they've been honing their craft for some time.

Loose Meat - Daisy Chain
We played a track by these off their self-titled debut LP last week, liked it, so are doing so again.

Man Of Moon - Sign
From Edinburgh, this is off the EP Medicine which is out on Friday.

Featured album: Teenage Fanclub - Grand Prix
Mellow Doubt
Another track from Grand Prix, an album which you should go and listen to right after you've finished listening to us.

The Avalanches - Frankie Sinatra
Taking it electronic now, and here's something. It was 16 years ago that Melbourne's Avalanches released their debut LP Since I Left You. Now comes a follow-up, Wildflower. Exciting.

K.O.I.S.T.E.R - Dots
Seattle producer Jake Koistinen is K.O.I.S.T.E.R. I came across this arsing around on Soundcloud. It was research!

Not Waving - 24
A new act on acclaimed dance label Diagonal are these from London. The LP is Animals and it came out in February.

Kid606 - Born Slippy/Audion/Plastikman/Matrixmann
A curio from Venezuelan producer Miguel Trost De Pedro, aka Kid606. Just something he was messing about with, apparently, but it sure works for me.

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That should see you through to next week.

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