Tuesday, 21 June 2016

14 June 2016

Well it was supposed to be the 14th, but we had a snafu with transport. So you can have it now.

Unqualified Nurse - Getting Sweaty
Noisy Derby bunch whose debut album Debasement Tapes is out in the autumn.

The Editor - Partly Cloudy
Not something I know much about other than the artist hails from Michigan. Saxy.

Oh Boy! - A Bird In The Hand
From Northampton with a new single that came out last Friday.

Featured album: The Fall - The Unutterable
Cyber Insekt
Two Librans
Their 21st LP came out in 2000 and was seen as one of their best. A career peak according to The Guardian, in fact. It is really good. And that's why it's here. Two Librans is probably my favourite track of theirs ever.

Alice Jemima - So
Devonian songstress with a hint of late '90s UK garage about it. The EP is Liquorice and it's out on Friday.

Trust Fund - Together
A new album coming soon from these. We Have Always Lived In The Harolds is out in two weeks.

Plaid - Do Matter
A new album from these too, which is always welcome. The Digging Remedy came out last week.

The KVB - White Walls
Their latest LP came out in March, but this is the first I've heard. Pretty darn good I reckon.

Cobby & Mallinder - Trans Europe Express
Former Hey, Rube! partners team up once again with a cover of the Kraftwerk classic.

Featured album: The Fall - The Unutterable
If you don't love The Fall, we'll struggle to be friends.

Dan Le Sac - Frederick
10 years on from his debut with Scroobius Pip comes an album of assorted works. Cherished, Overthrow [06-16] is available as a pay-what-you-like download.

Holy Fuck - Xed Eyes
The first LP in six years from the Toronto electronica merchants. Congrats came out late last month.

Public Service Broadcasting - E.V.A (Dutch Uncles remix)
A new LP of remixes of their last album, The Race For Space, is out on Friday and this is the pick, mixed by Dutch Uncles. Two top bands in one spot. What's not to like?

Stone Roses - Beautiful Thing
The first track released since their reformation was rubbish. Paint by numbers boredom. This is not. This is a Stone Roses track, ideal for people of a certain vintage.

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