Tuesday, 24 May 2016

24 May 2016

I'm going to rattle through these. Chain came off on the way home, see.

5 Go Mad - Ginger Beer
Pompey punks not taking themselves too seriously, the album is Lashings And Lashings Of 5 Go Mad. 

Life - Rare Boots
Brothers from Hull with a new single. Bit good.

Psycho Comedy - One
Definitely psych-ey, this is their debut single. From Liverpool, I wonder at the influence of the annual psych fest.

Featured album: The Damned - Damned Damned Damned
Neat Neat Neat
I Feel Alright
Britain's first punk LP. New Rose is 40 years old now. I cannot imagine the splash it made, being quite unlike anything else. Still makes an impact now.

The Parrots - Let's Do It Again
From Madrid and newly signed to Heavenly, this is their new one.

Esper Scout - Gaps In The Border Fence
Based in Leeds, this is out on Friday. Which is pay day, so you should get it.

The Hotelier - Piano Player
The new LP, their third, is out on Friday. Goodness is the title.

Bugeye - Disco Dancer
Modern disco from London. The EP is Never Let You Go and it's due in July.

Afterbloom - Duh
Not got much on these other than they're from Telford and that I doubt I've played a Telfordian band before.

Slow Club - Ancient Rolling Sea
A new LP is due later in the year, but that's just lovely, down tempo and calming. It'll do until we get the album.

Featured album: The Damned - Damned Damned Damned
New Rose
Couldn't not play it.

Alke - Indigo
From Reno, these are Audrey Karrasch and Jameson Flood. That's all I got, other than I really like that one.

Cobby and Litten - Tinder Surprise
Something different now. Steve Cobby is ex of Fila Brazillia among other things and here he teams up with author Russ Litten to make the LP My People Come From The Sea which you should get. Like a toned down Sleaford Mods, it's along the lines of Malcolm Middleton collaborating with David Shrigley or Joe Hakim and Ashley Reaks. There's a movement here somewhere.

Vessels - Are You Trending?
One of my favourite bands with a new single. Came out last week and it's a belter.

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