Tuesday, 5 April 2016

5 April 2016

Backlog more or less cleared, so the featured album makes a return alongside the usual gubbins.

Sir Robert Orange Peel - The Spiral
What's not to like? It's Mark E Smith reading the classified football results set to and electronic beat. No box left unticked there.

Rauschenberg - Bad Sister
Off their self-titled LP which came out in January.

The Entrepreneurs - Routine Lines
Danish noise-makers whose EP Tony Rominger came out a week or two ago. Really good stuff.

Featured Album: Teleman - Breakfast
In Your Fur
Lady Low
I went to see these on Saturday as they tour ahead of the release of their second LP, Brilliant Sanity. But we feature their 2014 debut Breakfast here. It's just delicious. Not a bad track on it.

Flies On You - Property Vacant
One of my favourites, the Leeds DIY-ers put out Etcetera last year. However, some of the offcuts that didn't make it onto the LP were collated into an EP which came out on Christmas Day. Gloriously, it's titled Fan Base Repellent.

False Nines - Can't Afford To Wonder
Mancunian tune-smiths, this was released last November, but has only just reached my radar. A band formed thanks to the power of social media.

Nine Tons - Bullpup
These noisy chaps are from Tyneside. No Frills came out in January.

Psychic Soviets - Full Greek Salad
Glasgow now, from November's Eight And A Half On Each Foot.

Kingsley Chapman and The Murder - The Children Scream
Great band from Middlesbrough and this is their new single.

TVAM - Gas And Air
Joe Oxley from Wigan follows up the brilliant Porsche Majeure with the equally fantastic Gas And Air.

Featured Album: Teleman - Breakfast
I'm Not In Control
Our third track from Breakfast is the hidden track at the end of the album. Probably their best. Sounds amazing live.

Karl Bartos - Life
Former Kraftwerker re-releases the 'lost' album Communication. Originally released in 2003, it still sounds box fresh.

El Speaker - Zapapaya feat. Jhnsy and Highdiwaan
Bit of a curio from Paris. A song about a duck and a monkey, apparently.

Erasmus - Ti Recordi Di Me
The Dewaele brothers - aka Soulwax - come back with another alter ego to record the soundtrack to the film Belgica. The album was launched in February.

Oligarkh - Hallelujah
And finally, some Russian electronica off the LP Anatoly. It's dead good.

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