Tuesday, 29 March 2016

29 March 2016

Hello again.

Two Car Family - Land Is Mine
Shoegazey type of stuff from out of Leeds. That's all I got.

Liines - Blackout
Manchester now, the new single from these. They're really good, especially live. This came out on the 11th.

Pale Kids - Sick (For A While)
Perky punky stuff from Durham. The EP is Home By Nine and came out last Friday.

Right Hand Left Hand - Tarts And Darts
Cardiff next, from their self-titled second album which came out in February.

Skeleton Frames - Leech
On South-Western label Art Is Hard come these south-westerners. Great grungey stuff.

Blood Lips - Burn After Breeding
About as metal as I get. It's got something about it that draws me in. They're Welsh, incidentally.

Steve Taylor and The Danielson Foil - Nonchalant
Steve Taylor and the Perfect Foil team up with Daniel Smith of Danielson to produce something new. Lo-fi goodness from the EP Wow To The Deadness which is out on April 22.

Nishe - Out Of Place
London 5-piece from the EP Underlaps which came out last December.

Loose Tooth - Everything Changes
Another one from the Melbourne slacker-rock scene. This is off Saturn Returns which is out on Friday.

Cold Pumas - A Change Of Course
Brighton next, and the album Saturn Returns, their second, is out in summer. It has a real summery vibe, so that should work.

Sunface - Sunface
I got nothing. Just enjoy it.

Tail Feather - Space Travel
Glorious. Reading psych-rockers with their new single which came out a few weeks ago.

exmagician - Place Your Bets
Belfast duo that we have played before. Scan The Blue is the LP, came out on Thursday.

Mull Historical Society - The Ballad Of Ivor Punch
Colin Macintyre is Mull Historical Society and his novel The Letters Of Ivor Punch is released on April 8, the same day as the LP Dear Satellite. Call it a companion piece if you like.

Twinfield - Ceri Dwi Angen Cysgu
Welsh, innit. It means 'Ceri, I Need To Sleep'.

Happy Meals - If You Want Me Now
Glaswegian duo whose new EP, Fruit Juice, is out in May. Lovely.

Here's that on YouTube:

and Soundcloud:

and we go again next week. Ta ta.

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