Tuesday, 22 March 2016

22 March 2016

That was a longer break than expected, for a variety of reasons. Anyway, what it means is that I've got a massive backlog, so I'm putting the featured album on hold for a couple of weeks while I whittle it down a bit. So let's catch up with what's been tickling my ears these last few weeks.

Asian Dub Foundation - Blade Ragga
Another one from last year's More Signal More Noise LP and a track for which a video was released a couple of weeks ago. Instrumental, this is everything that underpins what ADF do with added flute.

The Cravats - Jingo Bells
Familiar theme. Old band, long hiatus, back on the scene. Redditch's Cravats return with their first release in 10 years - second in 30 - an ageing punks talk state of the nation. Fortunately, they're still quite good.

Bad Mood - May 2nd
T'other end of the youth spectrum, but also clearly unhappy with the state of things. This is the Liverpool band's debut single, out on Friday.

Nai Harvest - Just Like You
A new one from these, off a double-A single which I believe is out now. Sheffield continuing to churn out top acts.

Eagulls - My Life In Rewind
Another from the forthcoming second album from these. We now have a title too. Following their acclaimed debut 'Eagulls', comes Ullages. See what they did there. They're from Leeds, by the way.

Future Of The Left - If AT&T Drank Tea, What Would BP Do?
Another teaser from the forthcoming The Peace And Truce Of The Future Of The Left which I cannot wait for. But must. Obviously. Because that's how time works.

Life - Popular Music
Hull next. Another boot in the balls of anyone scoffing at it's UK Capital Of Culture nod. This is great stuff. Came out back end of January.

Super Besse - Nasilie
Easily the best thing to come out of Belarus since Vasil Kiriyenka. No, flippancy aside, I bloody love these. Like a post-Soviet Joy Division. This is the new single. It means 'violence' and it came out last month.

Beak> - Timeshare
To Bristol and the side project of Portishead's Geoff Barrow who have put together the soundtrack for the film Couple In A Hole.

Tehnoloogiline Päike - Remember Me
Estonia now, which I think is breaking new ground for us. Either way, delightful, floaty electronica with a French influence from their LP Technological Sun which came out at the back end of February.

Wire - Nocturnal Koreans
The title track from their new EP, this surpasses recent releases by a long way. It might be the best thing they've ever done, or I might be getting carried away. Either way, I love it.

Oh, The Guilt - White Car
More Bristolians. This is their debut single and it's out in May. It's that relentless, driving guitar that reminds me of a couple of things I can't quite put my finger on. Like it.

Sad Culture - Raspberry Ooze
Another track from the latest Art Is Hard Records singles club. This time, subscribe and you get a pin badge and a download code, which is a nice touch. Anyway, these are from London and it's pure, sunshiney pop with that little ska edge which lifts it beyond it's contemporaries.

Replica Jesus - Everything Rots
Derby now. Loud, raucous and excellent. This actually came out last September, so lord knows where it's been hiding. Great stuff.

Seize the Chair - Knew You'd Never Been There
Back to Sheffield for this. And that's all I really know other than I like it a lot. Sort of slacker-rock, just a level above lo-fi.

Solar Bears - Gravity Calling
And we finish with more electronica, this time from Irish duo John Kowalski and Rian Trench. The LP is called Advancements and came out last Friday. Very Boards of Canada.

Here's that on YouTube:

and Soundcloud:

and I'll clear some more of this backlog next week.

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