Tuesday, 19 April 2016

19 April 2016

My 150th show. Blimey.

False Advertising - You're Too Slow
Manc rockers with a new EP called Brainless. Out on Friday.

The Spook School - Speak When You're Spoken To
This has been around a while. The album Try To Be Helpful came out last October, but there's a new video for this one which is huge fun and brought it back to mind.

Oscar - Good Things
Oscar Scheller's relentless quest for stardom continues with another great single. The album Cut And Paste is coming soon.

Featured Album
Sultans Of Ping FC - Casual Sex In The Cineplex
Kick Me With Your Leather Boots
Give Him A Ball (And A Yard Of Grass)
This week, we feature Cork's Sultans Of Ping's 1993 debut. Idiosyncratic isn't the word. Had this been released five years later, it would have been revered as a classic, like anything vaguely guitarish was in the late '90s. Instead, it remains a hidden gem.

Nai Harvest - Jelly
Sheffielders with a new single - a double A no less - featuring this and Just Like You.

Tom Hingley Band - Beggar's Hand
Released for Record Store Day, this is the first single from the former Inspiral Carpets frontman's forthcoming album.

Happy Accidents - Leaving Parties Early
From the album You Might Be Right which comes out in summer.

Headsticks - Cold English Grey Skies
From the album Feather And Flame. Indie folk?

Kidsmoke - Heartache
From Wrexham, their new single.

Nesta - Superactively Fly
From Horbury, they played the Sportsman on Saturday night and were ace.

Featured album
Sultans Of Ping FC - Where's Me Jumper
The big hit from Casual Sex In The Cineplex. They should have been huge.

Virginia Wing - Rhonda
I was blown away by their record last year, Meshes. This doesn't quite have the same impact, but still pretty damn good.

Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve - Diagram Girl
Interesting name. And a track that's attracting plenty of airplay, largely because it's rather good.

Art Trip and The Static Sound - Negative Energy
Amazing. The EP is called Oxymoron. Been a long time since I've heard anything quite like this.

Hud Mo - aMo Bishop Roden (remix)
Hudson Mohawke remixes the old Boards Of Canada track with astonishing results.

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