Tuesday, 2 February 2016

2 February 2016

Right, back to it after those couple of weeks when everything went off. I shan't bore you with it.

Birdskulls - Clawing At The Door
Noisy. These are from Brighton and the debut album is Trickle.

OhBoy! - The Carrot And The Stick
From Northampton and signed to Alcopop! Records, this came out on January 22. You can get it as a single and t-shirt package, inventively. Perky, but that ending just isn't working for me.

PJ Harvey - The Wheel
She's back. A ninth studio album, The Hope Six Demolition Project, is coming in April. This is classic Polly Jane.

Featured Album
The Long Ryders - Looking For Lewis And Clark
The Long Ryders - State Of My Union
An overdue retrospective of the alt-country rockers active in the mid- to late-80s. A four-disc compilation, Final Wild Songs, is out on Cherry Red as of last week. Worth checking out. Looking For Lewis And Clark in particular is still a cracking record.

USA Nails - They'd Name An Age
Released back in November on the LP No Pleasure, this is ace. Grungy, grimy goodness.

Joe Bone and The Dark Vibes - The Exorcist
To Glasgow next and ex-Coffins front man Bone with his latest project release an EP called Four Shades Of Dark. Nick Cave-esque, it's dark and gothic and great. This track also features the suitably biblical vocals of The Very Rev D Wayne Love of Alabama 3.

gharials - Maschera
Don't know much about these. They're from St Helens and this is really cool. And that's it.

Anchorsong - Expo
Absolutely love this. Japanese producer Masaaki Yoshida is Anchorsong, albeit now based in Europe. That bass...

Portishead - Magic Doors
Because why not. From the imaginatively titled third album, Third, back in 2008. Still great.

Featured Album
The Long Ryders - Gunslinger Man
Another one you can find on Final Wild Songs which is simply bloody great fun.

Lenzman - Golden Age feat Steo
I don't play enough drum and bass. It's more laid back than most of that genre. It's the title track from a 6-track mini-album that came out a few weeks ago on Metalheadz.

Underworld - I Exhale
Exciting new stuff from Underworld and back on some sort of form after Karl Hyde's Eno collaboration which I didn't get. They sound like The Fall here. Barbara Barbara, We Face A Shining Future is the new LP, due March.

Vessels - 4AM
Delicious late-night wind-down/chill-out stuff from the Leeds electronica merchants. Dilate is the LP, out on April 1. No kidding.

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and providing nothing goes wrong, I'll be back in a week.

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