Monday, 25 January 2016

19 January 2016 - the one that didn't go out

I wasn't in on the 19th as I was full of cold and my voice wasn't up to it. I won't be in tomorrow, the 26th, either. As such, by the time next week comes round this will be hopelessly out of date and I'm already building up a backlog of tracks for the next show which I could do with working through. So I'm not doing this one on the radio, only here.

The Wave Pictures - Slick Black River From The Rain
Anything new from these is welcome. The new LP is A Season In Hull and is out next month. Looking forward to hearing more from it.

Field Music - Disappointed
Are these ever anything other than excellent? It's the sheer consistency which impresses. This is the second track taken from Commontime, out of February 5.

Jesse Malin - Sorrow
The album The Fine Art Of Self Destruction has been reissued following its initial release in 2003. Still sounds pretty good to me.

Featured album
David Bowie - Lazarus
David Bowie - Dollar Days
What else could it be? It's been a week now and it's still baffling how we didn't see it coming given the songs on Blackstar. It's a terrific album anyway, but after Bowie's death it takes on a whole new outlook. It's a masterpiece. The master innovator, refusing to be pigeonholed to the last. So long, Starman.

Soronprfbs - I Love You All
From the soundtrack of the film Frank, this features Michael Fassbender on vocals. Joyous.

Ringo Deathstarr - Guilt
What a great name. Shoegaze isn't dead, at least not in Austin, Texas. The album is Pure Mood and it came out last November.

Shields - Alive
These are from Newcastle and their debut album How Can We Fix This? is out next month. Pretty good, if you ask me.

exmagician - Job Done
A duo from Belfast, their debut LP is out in March on Bella Union, titled Scan The Blue. Elements of psych and shoegaze makes for a decent sound.

Throwing Snow - Clasp
One I've had on the backlog for a while. This came out in July. If I was struggling for an excuse, I'd say it had a more winter feel to it, but I just hadn't got round to it.

Featured album
David Bowie - I Can't Give Everything Away
The last track on Blackstar. Very much a goodbye, one would say with the assistance of hindsight.

Ummagma - Lama (Malcolm Holmes OMD mix)
Electro-pop from the Ukrainaian/Canadian duo given a club feel by Malcolm Holmes. The original track was on the EP Frequency which came out last month.

Ophiuco - Pneumatic Psycho Bodhidharma
Extraordinary. These Italian trip-hoppers released Hybrid last month. Extraordinary is the only word I can find for it, in a good way.

Here's that on YouTube:

and Soundcloud:

Normal service to resume in February with a bit of luck.

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