Tuesday, 16 February 2016

16 February 2016

Urgh, gross. As in, this is my 144th show.

The King Blues - Off With Their Heads
Three and a half years on, they've reformed and have lots to be angry about. This is the title track from the new LP due out on the 26th.

Penny Mob - War On The Streets
Don't know much about these, but they're from Coatbridge although now based in that there London. And they make cracking tunes.

Syd.31 - Hate
Angry Mancunian thrash punk. The EP Drowning In Air came out last December.

Featured album(ish)
Viola Beach - Boys That Sing/Cherry Vimto
Awful news at the weekend as Warrington indie-poppers Viola Beach were involved in a car crash in Sweden on their first overseas tour. All were killed. So instead of a normal featured album, I'm playing some of their tracks by way of small tribute.

Future Of The Left - The Limits Of Battleships
A taster off the forthcoming LP, due April 8, which is titled The Peace And Truce Of... Can not wait.

My-Ra Superstar - Pig Skull
A new one on me and another to add to the growing list of exciting South Wales stuff. This is from a while ago, off the 2014 album What Separates Us From The Beasts. Their latest one, Some Of These Objects Are Cursed, came out last October. And who doesn't love long album titles?

Nine Tons - No Go
Self-styled 'shautrock' band from Tyneside, this is off their debut album No Frills which came out last month.

Teleman - Dusseldorf
Another track taken from the forthcoming second LP Brilliant Sanity. Wonderful stuff.

Phobophobes - No Flavour
We played an old one of theirs last week, so let's bring it bang up to date. This is the new single. Their live shows are getting rave reviews too.

Shonen Knife - Jump Into The New World
35 years and still going strong. The new LP, their 19th, is called Adventure and comes out in March. What a treat it is to be alive at the same time as these.

Featured album(ish)
Viola Beach - Swings And Waterslides
It's just all so terribly sad. This is the latest single which has made it into the top 40 after a bit of a social media campaign.

Larusso - Fever
Proving there's more to Utah than Mormonism, this is the Salt Lake City band's new single, following up the 2014 album Life In Static.

Ulrika Spacek - I Don't Know
This is amazing. Krautrock lives on. These are from Berlin and it's off their debut album, The Album Paranoia.

Yeyey - Wild Things
Ben Shepard is Yeyey, alumnus of numerous acts but most known for Uzi And Ari. The new album is The Vision and it's sublime.

Applescal - Leone Highway
House favourite producer Pascal Terstappen is back with an EP also called Leone Highway on the highly impressive Atomnation label. It came out last month and will be spinning for a while yet.

Here's that on YouTube:

and Soundcloud:

Doing owt next week? Great, I'll see you back here.

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