Tuesday, 3 March 2015

3 March 2015

You know what to expect by now. Also, I've waffled on too much today, so more tunes and less gab.

Arndales - Holiday Inns
Luton first. This is a superb take-down of the blandness of the mainstream off their EP Dog Hobbies USA which came out in January.

The Sherlocks - Escapade
Another band from Sheffield with a commercial sound, but enough about it to be diverting. They're two sets of brothers and this is their second single.

Nat Lyon - We Will Never Be
From his album 5-Meter Intervals which is available as a pay-what-you-like download from his bandcamp page (link above). This is the highlight from a pretty chilled-out album.

Cover Version Corner
Sex Pistols/Frazier Chorus - Anarchy In The UK
Well it doesn't much more different than that. Of course the first track doesn't need and introduction other than it let me say 'bollocks' on air legitimately. The Frazier Chorus version is on the B-side of the 12" of the 1987 single Sloppy Heart.

Drenge - We Can Do What We Want
They're back and with adding a bassist to the line-up have a fuller, more rounded sound. This is the first track off their second album, Undertow, which is out on April 6.

The Pop Group - Shadow Child
Off their first album in 35 years. Citizen Zombie came out two weeks ago and picks up where they left off - similar sound, same politics.

Boxed In - Foot Of The Hill
Last seen by me supporting Django Django. Their debut, self-titled album is pretty darn good.

Kindred Shins - As Is Tradition
Off their drip-fed new EP. This is really rather good.

Cowtown - Castle Grayscale
To Leeds now and something that came out at the end of January. Excellent.

Moonlandingz - Sweet Saturn Mine
What happens when two of my favourite bands - the Eccentronic Research Council and the Fat White Family - combine. The collaboration was almost inevitable when the ERC signed to the Fat White's label. Glad they did.

One Degree of Separation
Beth Jean Houghton - Dodecahedron
Du Blonde - Black Flag
Du Blonde is Beth Jeans Houghton. No more the folky psychedelia stuff that she did with the Hooves Of Destiny like in the former track. The change of direction more than warrants the change of identity and Black Flag is the new single with an album to follow. The former is off 2012's Yours Truly, Cellophane Nose.

Animal Daydream - Glass Ships
To Sweden now and some pop from slightly off the beaten track. These are from Gothenburg and the EP Easy Pleasures came out in January.

Ata Kak - Bome Nnwom
This is joyful. A record that just makes you think that everything isn't actually that bad. Ata Kak is from Ghana and this is off the album Obaa Sima which came out in 1994 as a cassette. The guys at Amazing Tapes From Africa gathered up as many cassettes as they could and remastered the whole thing from those and reissued it.

Guster - Long Night
And to finish, some laid-back pop from Boston, Massachusetts. The album Ever Motion. their seventh, came out mid-January.

Here's that on Youtube:

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Back next week. See you.

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