Tuesday, 24 March 2015

24 March 2015

Let's get on with this eh.

The Retro Spankees - Here We Go
Here we go indeed. Seemed a decent enough idea to kick things off with. These are from Northampton and this is off Meagre Vengeance which came out last November.

Jacco Gardner - Find Yourself
We've played this chap from Hoorn in the Netherlands before, quite a while ago. His new album is Hypnophobia which is out in May and this is the first single. Almost prog in places and a bit grandiose, but none the worse for it.

Dick Diver - Tearing The Posters Down
This took a few listens before I really got it, but it does work. Quite a simple sound, but not in a bad way. They're from Melbourne - Australia not Lincolnshire - and the album is Melbourne, Florida.

Cover Version Corner
Siouxsie And The Banshees/Junks - Hong Kong Garden
I'm fairly sure there is tongue in cheek on that Junks version. I mean, the original, their debut single from 1978, carries that stereotyped leitmotif that tells you it's Oriental. Junks seem to have J-popped it up in an over-the-top fashion. Equally, I might be making this up. Anyway, Junks are from Hong Kong and that's their debut single.

Django Django - Reflections
The second track taken from their second album Born Under Saturn which is out in May. Can not wait.

Teleman - Strange Combinations
Following on from their acclaimed album Breakfast, it's a new track from these. Hopefully a foretaste of a new album.

The Lovely Eggs - Magic Onion
Husband and wife duo from Lancaster go all Jefferson Airplane on us in their new single, the first release from the new album This Is Our Nowhere which comes out in May. They're touring at the moment and are well worth checking out.

The Wave Pictures - Fire Alarm
Another track from the excellent album Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon, written and recorded in conjunction with Billy Childish. If this isn't in the top half-dozen albums of the year come December, we're in for some treats later in the year.

The Landseers - Wasted
New track from this cross-continental supergroup. Part Welsh, part whatever the collective term for people from Connecticut is. Available as a free download from their bandcamp page.

Du Dauphine - Lose My Soul
I've been after playing these a while and finally have my hands on something. Off their self-titled debut EP, these are local and have clearly spared nothing in terms of production values.

One Degree of Separation
TV Smith - Immortal Rich
The Hurriers - Truth And Justice
TV Smith, still got the hump with society a long time on from The Adverts. That's off the album Immortal Rich from 1995. Then The Hurriers, from Barnsley and off an EP also called Truth And Justice. The link is that both tracks feature on the Orgreave Justice compilation available from Philosophy Football. There are some great tracks on there from an impressive array of artists - some you know, some you won't. And it's for a good cause.

Bloodflower - People/Places
I don't know anything about these other than it's off an EP called Noise and I like it. Very retro.

Outside Your House - Photos Out There
Slacker rap? Is that a term? Whatever. Laid back stuff and I like it. They're from Durham and this is off the new EP The Ones That Left Town available as a pay-what-you-like download from their bandcamp page.

Transmission 13 - Jackson Pollock
And finally... We've played these before, again a long time ago. They're from Manchester, although augmented here by Canadian producer Antonio de Braga. This is off the album Vanishing Point.

Here's that on Youtube:

and Soundcloud:

Back next week with more treats for you, you lovely people.

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