Tuesday, 10 March 2015

10 March 2015

Hello again.

Drenge - Never Awake
Another track from the new album Undertow due in a month.

Flies On You - Hangdog
Another new album, Etcetera which came out last week. Played a few tracks off this before, but the LP has finally landed. Terrific stuff.

Mutiny On The Bounty - Mkl Jksn
To Luxembourg now and if you ever wondered what post-core or math-rock is, this is it. I still have no idea what those terms are supposed to mean. Anyway, this is ace and Digital Tropics is out in May.

Cover Version Corner
Ray Charles/Cowbell - Unchain My Heart
A samba feel to the 1962 original, but more bluesy from the London duo Cowbell who are Jack Sandham and Wednesday Lyle. Very nice.

Tellison - Tact Is Dead
New to me, Tellison have just signed to Alcopop! records. An album is coming, but this will whet many an appetite.

JOHN - Homme d'Affaires
Sensory overload from this duo of lads called John from their EP called John. More of this please.

Braids - Taste
Change of pace as we head to Calgary in Canada. Lovely stuff from the album Deep In The Iris which is out at the end of April.

Nai Harvest - Sick On My Heart
Another new album, Hairball, again due late April. Add these to the litany of bands from Sheffield.

The Baggios - Afro
No new album from these, I just like them. Another track from the 2013 album Sina. Well worth your time tracking down.

The Salient Braves - Out To Lunch
To Barnsley now, and a new EP from these lads with more of a hint of Wedding Present about them. Somewhere Sordid is out now and you can get it from their bandcamp page.

One Degree of Separation
Cutty Ranks - Limb By Limb (DJ SS remix)
The Divine Comedy - Songs Of Love
The unmistakeable and dulcet tones of Neil Hannon. You'll remember that as the theme tune to Father Ted. The Cutty Ranks track also features on the show. It's the tune Fr Fintan Stack is playing as he drills holes in the wall.

From Kid - Underground
Switzerland isn't known for it's musical output, really. There is some worth checking out though, including this pleasant little number. The album You Can Have All The Wonders is out now.

Moth Effect - Look Nicely
Here's something special. Moth Effect is a one-man outfit from Sussex and the album is Crocodilians and is out on March 30.

Applescal - Airports
And to wrap up, a new cut from Dutch producer Pascal Terstappen. The new album, For, is out in May and is virtually guaranteed to take us to new places in trance.

Here's that on Youtube:

and Soundcloud:

Not in next week. Back in a fortnight. See thee.

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