Tuesday, 25 November 2014

25 November 2014

New PSB this week! And two Faerground Accidents tracks, sort of. You'll see.

King Tuff - Danger In The Dark
Apparently used in a rum advert - I don't know, I'm one of those people that mute adverts the moment they come on. It's also on an album called Black Moon Spell which came out in September. Far more interesting. Kyle Thomas is King Tuff. He's from Vermont.

Girl One and The Grease Guns - Bashed, Beaten and Broken (Trip The Switch)
One band clinging to the old practice of having stupid names, a lot harder to do in the information age than last time it was popular. Sissy Space Echo, Warren Betamax, Bruce Leefax and Charles Bronson Burner. Good effort. This is out on Squirrel Records.

Cheatahs - Controller
Lovely stuff as Cheatahs follow up their well-received debut album with an EP called Sunne.

Cover Version Corner
Pulp/Bonar Faerground - Babies
It's probably a right of passage for Sheffield bands to do a Pulp cover. The lead singer of Faerground Accidents - of which more later - is a flamboyant chap and the stripped-back nature of this track really shows his voice off. Before that, from 1994's His n Hers. Wonderful.

Colleen Green - Pay Attention
Throwing forward to February now and Ms Green's new album I Want To Grow Up. There is nothing about this I do not like.

Ty Segall - It's Over
I've been meaning to play something off Segall's latest album for a while. It came out in August, but I just keep filling the show up with other stuff. Anyway, here you go. Manipulator is the album you're looking for.

Goodnight Lenin - You Were Always Waiting
West coast vibes from the West Midlands. Cracking track off In The Fullness Of Time which was released yesterday.

Thurston Moore - The Best Day
As for Ty Segall, so it goes here. This is the title track from his October release. It's splendid.

Public Service Broadcasting - Gagarin
New stuff from PSB! The forthcoming album is all space related, starting with this ode to the first great hero of the space race.

Faerground Accidents - Back In Town
The lyrics and general vibe could easily be Pulp. Psychotic pop, they call it. Fair enough. On a double-A side with We Hate The Same Things which was released yesterday.

One Degree of Separation
Modest Mouse - I've Got It All (Most)
The The - The Beat(en) Generation
A double link with the parentheses obvious and the involvement of Johnny Marr less so. That The The record easily as relevant today as it was in 1989.

Fumaça Preta - Vou Me Libertar
This has got the lot, including some Mark E Smith-esque keyboard noodling. A collective of UK, US and Venezuelan musicians, this is out now as a 7". I'm Gonna Be Free, before you ask.

Wand - Clearer
Retro, but entirely in vogue a la Toy, Temple Songs and suchlike. On an album called Ganglion Reef which is out now.

HVOB - Window
To Vienna to finish and this wonderful slice of trance. Her Voice Over Boys. The title track of their new EP which is out on the 28th.

Here's some of that on YouTube:

and some of it on Soundcloud:

More next week, including new Giorgio Moroder. Ooooohh.

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