Tuesday, 11 November 2014

11 November 2014

Well happy with what I've got for you tonight. Strap in.

Shellac - Riding Bikes
Off the new album Dude Incredible, their first in seven years, which came out in September on Touch & Go. Go get it. Go now, then get back here pronto.

The Blue Dawns - Refuse To Follow
From York, which is a city that hasn't been well-served musically down the years, with all due respect to Shed 7. This came out a couple of weeks ago on Glass Door Recordings.

The Young Sinclairs - You're Tied
Off the album This Is The Young Sinclairs, which is a nonsense tile. These Are... surely, not This Is... Anyway, these are The Young Sinclairs and they're from Roanoke in Virginia. The album is out now.

Cover Version Corner
Kraftwerk - Das Model
Polykeeper - The Model
I always prefer the German versions of Kraftwerk records. They're just so much more evocative and... efficient. From the 1978 album Der Mensch Maschine. The cover is available as a pay-what-you-like download from the Metal Postcards Bandcamp page and is part of a selection of Asian covers of Kraftwerk tracks. Disco-funk tastic!

Blank Realm - Cleaning Up My Mess
From Brisbane, this is off the album Grassed In which came out in January. Great stuff.

The Growlers - Not The Man
A unique sound that they call beach goth. Off the album Chinese Fountain that came out in September.

Dutch Uncles - In 'n' Out
Their fourth album O Shudder isn't out until February, but here's a taster. Picking up pretty much where they left off and ploughing a singular furrow.

Belle and Sebastian - The Party Line
It stands to reason that if Belle And Sebastian were going to go all disco pop on us, they'd do it better than anyone else. Their 9th album, and first in five years, is Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance and comes out in January.

Deerhoof - Mirror Monster
Here's a track from their 12th album, La Isla Bonita, which came out last week. Demands more ear time.

Fugazi - Merchandise
One from way back, well 1990 anyway. Still relevant - you are not what you own.

One Degree of Separation
Tyrannosaurus Dead - Bagged And Boarded
TEED - Stronger
TEED being Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, which gives you your connection. That track is off the 2012 release Trouble which is exquisite. Before that, a track from the new album, out yesterday, Flying Ant Day.

Tvardovsky - Behind The Universe
That's a belter from Svatoslav Tvartovsky, which I clearly cannot say on air after multiple failed attempts. He's from Kiev and there's an album planned which I trust your appetite is truly whetted for.

Tessela - Nancy's Pantry
A proper speaker-buster. Ed Russell, who is based in Bath these days, records as Tessela and that came out last month on R&S Records. Just a stunning record - more of a soundscape in fact.

Jiboia - Manasha
Save the best until last? Maybe. Oscar Silva from Portugal is a multi-instrumentalist and is the only artist on this track. On an EP called Jiboia, it's available as a pay-what-you-like download from Lovers And Lollipops. You'd be a fool not to.

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