Tuesday, 2 December 2014

2 December 2014

December already? Blimey. Rapidly closing in on a hundred shows as well. Anyway, let's get this done, eh?

Not Right - Lead Role
I don't like the term 'riot grrrl', but hey ho. Very punk anyway. I get a slight hint that it's something to do with a lack of gender balance in media representation. Off a Tuff Enuff compilation called I Know Why The Caged Grrrl Sings.

Robb Johnson - Know Your Place
More folk, but making similar points, and off his album Us And Them which came out in July.

Fat White Family - Is It Raining In Your Mouth?
New single from these. And why not? Great stuff.

Cover Version Corner
The Four Seasons/The Fall - Walk Like A Man
A live version from the Fall, recorded 10 years ago - or put in Fall years about 13 different line-ups. Before that, from 1963 and the album Big Girls Don't Cry And 12 Others.

Slum Of Legs - Razorblade The Tape
From an album of the same name, these are a 6-piece from Brighton. Really good stuff.

India Mill - Caribesque
To Darwen in Lancashire now. Under Every Sky is the album.

Ought - Pill
Continuing west, a long way west, to Montreal. Once More With Feeling is the EP which came out in October.

Caught In The Wake Forever - The Passing
Fraser McGowan from Paisley is Caught In The Wake Forever and this is on an EP called Evidence Of Fractures.

Cut Hands - The Claw
That is quite stunning. William Bennett from Edinburgh is Cut Hands and this is off the album Festival of The Dead.

Tuff Love - Slammer
From Edinburgh to Glasgow for this one. The EP is called Junk. Really good, in my fifty records of the year.

One Degree of Separation
The Stranglers - Four Horsemen
Aphrodite's Child - Four Horsemen
Obvious connection. The latter I've played before on the show and I don't normally do repeats. On this occasion, no problem as it's just a great record. Off the 1972 album 666. Before that, and a bit proggy in it's own way, from the album The Gospel According To The Meninblack which came out in 1981.

Boothroyd - NYC
There are a lot of good ideas here, but the whole is a bit disjointed. File under curio. The EP is Idle Hours.

Ghost Culture - Giudecca
After stumbling over pronouncing it a few times... James Greenwood is from London and the album Ghost Culture is out in January. Reminds me of early Human League among other things.

Giorgio Moroder - 74 Is The New 24
I'm substantially more pleased that the Daft Punk collaboration spawned a renaissance for Moroder than, for example, Nile Rodgers. Disco really ain't my thing. Anyway, this doesn't sound like anyone else and that's absolutely fine. The album, of the same name, is due early next year.

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