Wednesday, 9 July 2014

8 July 2014

Loaded up on prescription meds, I've rather phoned this one in. Bear with me.

Molly Bloom - All Pressure
Punk-folk, they call it. Which seems fair. They're from Ramsbottom and this is the title track from their new LP which is out now.

Christian Fitness - Soft Power Itches
Another one available to stream from Andy Falkous's new project as he seeks to crowdfund the resources to be able to complete an album. Fingers crossed. He's always worth listening to.

H Grimace - Cavepainter
Another one on house favourite label Art is Hard. Top stuff as ever.

Cover Version Corner
Neil Young/The Horn The Hunt - Heart Of Gold
A super version from Leeds outfit The Horn The Hunt, which is what we want from this section. That was on the B side of their single Starless which came out in March. Before that, from the 1971 album Harvest, of course it was Neil Young.

Tythe - The Light feat. Rachel Dadd
Julian Peck is Tythe and that's super. From his debut album And Also With You which is out now.

Dena - Games
Don't think we've had a Bulgarian artist on before, so consider that box checked. Denitza Todorova is Dena and her debut album, Flash, came out in March.

Superfood - Right On Satellite
I'm reliably informed that these are being spoken very highly of in the music press. Good for them. It's an enjoyable ditty and is released on the 28th of this month.

The History Of Apple Pie - Shake
Intriguing name, lovely track. This will be on their new album, as yet without a name, which will be out later in the year.

Big Deal - Always Boys
Because it's always boys with guitars. Far too much of that around. Off the EP Sakura which is out next week.

Manflu - James Chance Coronary
Noisy, like we like it. From the Joys Of Life LP which is out next week.

One Degree of Separation
New Order - True Faith
Electronic - Disappointed
Probably done this link before, but what the hey. From Electronic's second album, Songs From The Cool World in 1992, the supergroup which included New Order's Bernard Sumner. Before that, from Substance which came out in 1987.

Waterm├Ąt - Bullit
Don't know a huge amount about the artist, but that's got summer floor-filler written all over it. From the album Bullit which came out in March.

Fran Seven - Time For
Dutchman Mikel Hoogland records as Fran Seven. This is off his EP Ripples In Time which came out last week.

Soft As Snow - Black Birds
From Norway, but based in London, their debut EP Glass Body comes out on the 21st of this month. Delightful stuff.

That'll do you. Hopefully I'll be a bit more compos mentis next week.

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