Tuesday, 22 July 2014

22 July 2014

I'm really not with it. My prescription is playing havoc with my head, so this is rather phoned in this week. Indeed, I can only really provide you a list of tracks and minimal commentary. Bear with me - my head will straighten out in time.

St Etienne - DJ
Great star. I reckon I'd not get bored listening to Sara Cracknell reading the phone book.

Kill It Kid - I'll Be The First

Cruising - You Made Me Do That
Noisy, like we like it.

Cover Version Corner
Hasil Adkins/Druggy Pizza - Chicken Walk
I was looking for something else by Druggy Pizza, found this and figured why not?

Art Brut - Emily Kane
Because why not

High Hazels - Misbehave
New, excellent, record of the week

Some Minor Noise - Deadhead
*bad word warning*

The Crookes - Yes, Yes, We're Magicians
From a while ago, but what the hey?

Post War Glamour Girls - Gustave
*another bad word warning*

The Field - No No (John Tejada remix)

One Degree of Separation
Big In Japan - Nothing Special
Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Two Tribes (Peel session)
Holly Johnson, innit

Kordian Trudny - Zdrada
He's from Katowice. The album is called Katowice. It's dead good. Sounds like Gary Numan.

Deleted Soul - Kumbacha
So much going on in here. Delightful.

Tourist - Together
Perfect closer.

Here's that on YouTube:

And Soundcloud:

I'll try to be more focused next week, but I'll still be on these meds so chances of that are slim. Ah well.

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