Tuesday, 15 July 2014

15 July 2014

Still propped up on pain-killers, let's do this.

King Creosote - For One Night Only
What a great way to start. I always like a singer who sings in their own accent which Kenny Anderson definitely does. Off his new album From Scotland With Love which is out next Monday.

Martha - 1997, Passing In The Hallway
These are from Durham, which you can also tell from the voice. The album is Courting Strong which came out in May. It's a delight.

Royal Blood - Figure It Out
Terrific. From Brighton, this is off their self-titled debut album which is out in August.

Cover Version Corner
Bob Marley and The Wailers/Stiff Little Fingers - Johnny Was
We try to get two versions that are very different. Great track from Marley's 1976 LP Rastaman Vibration then re-tooled by SLF for their 1979 debut Inflammable Material to reflect the situation in Northern Ireland at the time. It's also at the forefront of when punk started taking in reggae influences more and more.

By The Sea - I See A Crystal Sky
That reminds me of a few things none of which are particularly obvious. Like it lots. The album is Endless Day, Crystal Sun and is out on August 18.

Spinner Fall - By Numbers
Not 100% sure on this one. I think I like it, but it could quite easily disappear like Foals or somesuch. For now, it gets a tentative thumb up. They're from Oxford and that's on an Audioscope compilation of Oxford bands which is raising money for Shelter.

Land Observations - On Leaving The Kingdom For The Well-Tempered Continent
This is interesting. The album is The Grand Tour and comes out on July 28, described by James Brooks who is Land Observations as 'an imaginary travelogue through Western, Central and Southern Europe'. Every track takes up a part of that journey. Top stuff.

Wild Smiles - Never Wanted This
Throwing forward to October now... That's when the Wild Smiles album Always Tomorrow comes out from which this is taken. I think they've just about enough to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

White Lung - In Your Home
In a similar vein, but from Vancouver rather than Hampshire, this is off an album called Deep Fantasy. I think it came out yesterday. Either way, it's available now.

Half Japanese - In It's Pull
What a treat. They're back, after 13 years away. The new album is Overjoyed and comes out on September 2 and this is the first release from that. Great to have them back.

One Degree of Separation
Julian Cope - Robert Mitchum
Phantogram - Bill Murray
Of course the link is Hollywood stars as song titles. First from Skellington, recorded in 2 days in 1989 in sessions after completing My Nation Underground which was so not Julian Cope it was untrue. Second was from the album Voices which we've played a couple of tracks from. It came out in February and is really good.

Whirr - Mumble
Shoegaze and grunge never died. They just jumped in alongside each other in tracks like this. They're from San Francisco, the album is Sway and it's out on September 29. Love it.

Pye Corner Audio - Black Mist
The mysterious Head Technician is back with a new EP, also called Black Mist. It's out on August 18. I could listen to that over and over. Maybe a hint of the Doctor Who theme in there?

Scanner - Backwood
And we close with Robin Rimbaud. Off the album Electronic Garden which came out in March. Typically sublime.

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