Wednesday, 4 June 2014

3 June 2014

Another trip round rock's back-roads. Tuck in.

Beta Band - Round The Bend
A glorious cacophony. Almost skiffle-like. That's off their self-titled debut album from 1999.

Frikstailers - Crop Circles
If I have a criticism of this, it's that it's not long enough. Hopefully there are some extended remixes I've yet to hear, but that is fabulous. Pronounced 'freak stylers', apparently, they're Rafa Caivano and Lisandro Sona from Buenos Aires.

Parquet Courts - Black And White
You know by now what you're getting from Parquet Courts. They've got that lo-fi slacker rock thing down pat and here's another slice from the new album Sunbathing Animal, out today.

Cover Version Corner
Killing Joke/Eagulls - Requiem
Not a particularly different version from Eagulls, but certainly faster and more energetic, as is their wont. They're from Leeds and that was the B-side to the single Nerve Endings which we've had on the show previously. Before that, Killing Joke from their self-titled 1980 album.

The Baggios - Sem Condição
This is just great. Off an EP called Sina which came out last autumn. They're from Sao Cristovao in Brazil.

Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Until The Sun Explodes
Again, you know what you're getting with these and the new album, Days Of Abandon, is no different. Not that there's anything wrong with that. A delight.

The Death Of Pop - Whenever
This is terrific. Another new band to me, a4-piece from Bournemouth on the Art Is Hard label. This is off an EP called Fifths and I look forward to hearing more from them.

One Degree of Separation
Iggy Pop - I'm Bored
Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band - I'm Bored
What could possibly link these two records? Of course it's just the title. The reasons for the boredom are very different though. Iggy seems upset with the trappings of fame, whereas the Bonzos are bored in a very mundane British way. Two good records though, which is the main point. The Bonzos from their 1967 debut album Gorilla, Iggy from 1979's New Values.

Retroject - Herculean Julian
From Doncaster, these are pretty damn good. Another track from their Murky Windows EP for you for no other reason than because.

Maximo Park - Random Regrets
This was their release for Record Store Day in April which I'm only just getting round to playing. Worth the wait.

Clean Bandit ft Sharna Bass - Extraordinary
When I was collating tracks for the show, I chucked this in thinking it's alright, maybe it'll grow on me. Now I realise it hasn't at all. I gave it a chance, but no, not for me.

Fresh Snow - Saturation Complete
Make yourself a cuppa and sit back, this will take a while. 12 minutes, in fact, but totally worth it. This is over a year old, but I've only now had the foresight to plan in such a long record. Utterly fantastic.

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No show next week - I'm on holiday. Back in a fortnight.

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