Wednesday, 18 June 2014

17 June 2014

Hello again. Refreshed from sunning myself in the Bourgogne, let's get straight down to it.

The Tea Street Band - Lost For Words
From their self-titled debut album due out on the 23rd of this month, the new big thing to emerge from Liverpool.

Los Campesinos! - Little Mouth
Since their last album, they've not been idle. This is from the soundtrack to what is described as 'low-budget hipster romcom' Benny And Jolene. The film has not had great reviews, but this is a delight.

Avi Buffalo - So What
Four years ago, Avigdor Zahner-Isenberg and band emerged with the hit single What's It In For, which was superb. Since then, we've not heard much, but the new album, At Best Cuckold, is complete and due for release. This is the first track from that.

Cover Version Corner
The Pogues/The Jesus and Mary Chain - The Ghost Of A Smile
Two versions both completely typical of each band. The Pogues could never sound like anyone or anything else and neither could The Jesus and Mary Chain really. The original is off the last Pogues album with Shane MacGowan as a member of the band, 1990's Hell's Ditch. The J&MC version can be found on a compilation of B-sides and rarities called The Power Of Negative Thinking which came out in 2008.

Tijuana Panthers - Cherry Street
Low-fi slacker rock from Long Beach, California, taken from the album Wayne Interest which came out in March.

Dignan Porch - Got To Fly
What they can do in California, they can also do in Tooting. The album is Observatory which came out yesterday.

Sweet Benfica - Weird Beard
I don't know much about these. They're brothers from somewhere in mid-Wales and that's all I've got. Good though, innit.

Princess - Neverlook
Another band I know little of, other than they're from Dublin. A delight, whatever.

Wozniak - El Maresme
Now this is interesting. From Edinburgh, this came out on an EP called Pikes Peak which came out a couple of weeks ago. Lots going on in there.

Caribou - Can't Do Without You
This is the first release from the forthcoming album Our Love from Daniel Snaith who is Caribou. No release date yet, but if the rest of it is anything like this, it'll be a rare treat.

One Degree of Separation
mclusky - To Hell With Good Intentions
Future Of The Left - The Hope That House Built
Anti-war polemic in the style to which we've become accustomed to from Future Of The Left. That's on the 2009 long-player Travels With Myself And Others. Before that, Andy Falkous's fore-runner outfit mclusky with a track from the 2002 album mclusky Do Dallas.

Transmission 13 - Shimmering Substance
Eno-esque noodlings from mysterious Manchester producer. That's off his 2013 album The Great American Disaster. There's a new one due soon - Time Will Pass You By,

Ten Walls - Walking With Elephants
Brilliant. Different and equally familiar. Lithuanian producer Mario Basanov is Ten Walls. More of this, please.

The Pictish Trail - Winter Home Disco
And to finish, something from Johnny Lynch's project. This is off the 2008 album Secret Soundz; Volume 1.

Here's that on YouTube:

And here it is on Soundcloud:

Back next week.

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