Wednesday, 25 June 2014

24 June 2014

More of the usual, so let's get straight to it.

Tennis - Never Work For Free
Not that we should still be having a debate about a fair days pay for a fair days work any more, but we are. Tennis are a husband and wife duo - Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley - and the album, Ritual In Repeat, is out in September.

Silver Arm - Bad Blood
Another track from the excellent He Of The Slow Creep EP which came out in March and probably my favourite.

Menace Beach - Tennis Court
I suppose I should have played this after the Tennis track, but didn't think of that when I was putting the show together. Oh well. From Leeds, this is out on a double-A side single in September.

Cover Version Corner
Nancy Sinatra/Pharmakon - Bang Bang
I've kind of stuffed this up a bit this week. I heard the Pharmakon version in the week and though immediately that it'd be a nice juxtaposition with the original, which I assumed to be the Nancy Sinatra one. It's certainly the first that springs to mind, but it is a cover itself, of a Sonny and Cher track. Oh well, as long as I don't let on, it'll be fine. Sinatra from 1966 and the album How Does That Grab You? Pharmakon is New York artist Margaret Chardiet and that is on the album Todo Muerde Volume 4 which came out in April.

Broadcast - I Found The F
From Birmingham and from 2005 on the album Tender Buttons. No reason. Just like it.

The Rhubarb Triangle - Wakefield City Blues
What a splendid name for a band. From the area for which they are named, that's their debut single which came out in April. Looking forward to hearing more from them.

The Archie Bronson Outfit - In White Relief
I'm never sure about saxophones in rock and feel it didn't really work here. Other than that, an excellent record. From the album Wild Crush which came out last month.

The Wytches - Wire Frame Mattress
Wonderful low-fi stuff from the Peterborough outfit. The album is Annabel Dream Reader and it's out on August 25.

Astral Pattern - Faraway
What an utter joy.  Off the EP Light Poems which is out next week.

Baston - Alamo
Don't know much about these other than they hail from Rennes. Good stuff whatever and I'll be seeking out more.

One Degree of Separation
The Stranglers - (Get A) Grip (On Yourself)
Stone Roses - (Song For My) Sugar Spun Sister
Parentheses is your link, rather obviously when it's written down. And they're both great records. First, from their 1977 debut Rattus Norvegicus and secondly from their self-titled debut in 1989.

Violeta Vil - Carne
Probably the first Venezuelan record I've played on the show, this was a non-album track from last year.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Vad Hände Med Dem?
The best record I've heard this week - suppose that makes it my record of the week - I don't know quite why a San Francisco rock band would record a track in Swedish, so just glory in the fact that they did. It means 'what happened with them?', as I know you were wondering. The album is Revelation which came out last month.

Dimitri Veimar - The Boys
Now based in Moscow, German producer Dimitri Veimar released an EP also called The Boys last year. Lovely stuff indeed.

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