Tuesday, 17 November 2015

17 November 2015

Ahoy hoy.

Meilyr Jones - How To Recognise A Work Of Art
A solo effort from the former Race Horses man from Aberystwyth. Bit of a stab at bursting the pomposity of the art critic. A debut LP is due early next year.

The Anchoress - You And Only You ft Paul Draper
More Welshness as Catherine Anne Davies collaborates with former Mansun singer Draper on her new single. The album Confessions Of A Romance Novelist is due in January.

Featured Album
The Chap - What Are People For?
The Chap - Guitar Messiah
For this week's featured LP, we pick up The Show Must Go by multi-national five-piece The Chap. Comprising a Briton, a Greek, two Germans and a Frenchman, this is their sixth album and the second of which is leaning more into the political spectrum. Bloc Party-esque, they sample themselves and use sequencing to produce that sound.

Bruising - Honey
Leeds now. We've had these on before and here they are with their new single, half of a double-A side with Emo Friends which I feel sure may well make an appearance in due course.

Tuff Love - Duke
Another band we played a while ago who are back with a new release. From Glasgow, their new EP is called Dregs and came out a couple of weeks ago.

Forever Cult - Tunnel Vision
More Leedsness now. This is the new single which came out earlier this month. Raucous.

The Shifting Sands - Coming Back
Starting a run of Antipodean records, here's one from Dunedin in New Zealand. Cosmic Radio Station came out in October. Suitably laid back.

Gem Bones - Sweetness
Two tracks from Melbourne bands now, starting with this which came out in August. Almost sounds like the Jam at the start before going a different way altogether.

Static Animal - Majorca
This came out on a super-limited run of cassettes - just 10 were made. Virtual copies still available though.

Featured Album
The Chap - Hey Youth
Another one from our featured album. Probably my pick from it.

That Fucking Tank - Chumbawambanger
Back to Leeds once again. This duo have a line in inventive song titles and this is no exception. Out on a double-A with Pigeon Club on November 27.

Les Big Byrd - White Week
Swedish krautrock from a few years ago. Brilliant. This could easily be Can.

Fold - Oil-Powered Machine
Another one from Leeds? Go on then. The album, Fold, is a real belter. One of my favourites of the year. This features LAPD officer turned investigative journalist Mike Ruppert.

Fabio - Lindo Sonho Delirante
Old school funk to finish. From 1968 and Brazil. The initials LSD probably aren't a coincidence.

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