Tuesday, 10 November 2015

10 November 2015

Hello again.

Liines - Never There
I've been gigging. These were supporting Ex Hex at Manchester's Ruby Lounge on Sunday and were ace. More of the main act later, but this the debut single from Liines, out November 21.

Greys - The Voyeur
To Toronto now and this lot had an LP out last year. This is their first stuff since, off an EP called Repulsion.

Ela Orleans - The Sky And The Ghost
From Poland but based in Glasgow - coming over here, enriching our culture - the album Upper Hell came out in May. I've only just heard stuff off it, this being the pick. Blissful.

Featured Album
Ex Hex - Radio On
Ex Hex - War Paint
Like I say, I've been gigging. I snapped up a ticket to see these when I heard they were over here as it was a surprise to me that they were even in the UK. They're from Washington DC and the debut album Rips came out last year. I've already played tracks from it, but I'm going to feature it properly here as they were ace on Sunday.

Editors - Life Is A Fear
Not a band I thought I'd find myself playing, but this, their new single, is a bit good. In Dreams is the new LP, out last month.

Samuel Claiborne - Say Goodbye To America
This is ace. Claiborne is from upstate New York and this is off the album Love, Lust And Genocide. I think you get a clear picture of his politics.

Lonely Robot - The Boy In The Radio
Guitarist John Mitchell has had many guises, this being his latest one. This is the latest single taken from Please Come Home which came out in February. I'm still not 100% sure that I like it. I think I do.

LeRoy - Skai
To Munich now for this, which is pretty special. Off the album Skläsh which came out last month. Terrific.

TVAM - Porsche Majeure
Making a late bid for record of the year is this from Wigan's Joe Oxley. On a double-A side single. Out now. Get it.

Featured Album
Ex Hex - Waste Your Time
Another track from Rips which if you don't have, you should. Good old-fashioned rock n roll.

Ash Walker - Bamboo Circus feat. Segilola
Dub, next. The EP is called Agnostic, it came out in July and is good.

Fold - Detroit Red
Funk time for the rest of the night, starting with this from the new album, Fold. Describing themselves as experimental funk and hip-hop from Leeds, this features the voice of Malcolm X - Detroit Red being his nickname when he was grifting on the streets of Motown as a youth - with some apposite comments about the state of race relations in the US.

Savant - Stationary Dance
Off a compilation called Artifical Dance, this is Kerry Leimer from Seattle.

Lesbian Horse - I Have Some Very Strong Views About Whatever Happened To Rock 'n' Roll
Show favourite Sam Jones once again. Some weeks he'll put a dozen tracks out, some weeks he won't. This arrived last week and is among his best.

Here's that on YouTube:

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and we'll see what we get next week eh?

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