Tuesday, 6 October 2015

6 October 2015

Packed show with loads of goodies. So more of the usual then.

Mammoth Penguins - Strength In My Legs
From Cambridge and off the album Hide And Seek which came out in July. Splendid pop.

The Orielles - Joey Says We Got It
A Halifax band with a strong West Coast US vibe. This is their first single that will be released in America and I hope it does very well for them. This is released for Cassette Store Day on October 17.

The Crookes - I Wanna Waste My Time On You
Sheffield next, and another track from house favourites The Crookes. Lucky Ones is their fourth studio LP due out in January and this is the first track taken from it. We look forward to the rest with bated breath.

Featured Album
Sexwitch - Ha Howa Ha Howa
This week's featured album is the self-titled debut from a collaboration between Natasha Khan, Bat For Lashes to you, Toy and producer Dan Carey. It's a selection of covers of 1970s funk and psych tracks from Iran, Morocco, Thailand and the USA. Something else.

Oscar - Breaking My Phone
Oscar Scheller's follow-up to the well-received EP Beautiful Words. I think this will go down just as well.

Rocket From The Tombs - Coopy (Schroedinger's Refrigerator)
New stuff from Ohio punk veterans. The new album is Black Record and due out on November 13 and is brilliant.

Demob Happy - Wash It Down
Brighton next and a bit of lo-fi shoegazey type stuff. This was released in August and features on their debut LP which is coming soon.

Alex Chilltown - Cwtch
Another one of those bands that sound like one person. This is coming out on Art Is Hard in the middle of the month.

Iko Cherie - Good To You Again
Bordeaux's Marie Merlet is Iko Cherie and this is off the LP Dreaming On which is out on the 16th. Dreamy.

Nicolas Godin - Orca
Half of Air and with a new solo album. Contrepoint came out last month and this has more than an air of Wendy Carlos about it.

Featured Album
Sexwitch - Helelyos
Another track from the Sexwitch album, also the first single.

B Dolan - Grafitti Busters (Dan Le Sac remix)
The original to this came out on Kill The Wolf but worked over by Dan Le Sac. Marvellous.

Ashley Reaks and Joe Hakim - Nature Poem
Here's something superb from Metal Postcard records. Cultural Thrift is the album and it's really, really good. This'll give you more than a flavour of it.

fold - A Victim's Mentality
Experimental hip-hop/funk from Leeds. Their self-titled debut album is out on November 2 and they'll be touring it in due course.

Hugh - Learn To Fall
This is Josh Idehen and Izzy Brookes from their double-A single, Almost Done, Almost being the flip side.

Three Thieves - Image
And finally to Cardiff. A track from the self-titled album. So much good stuff coming out of South Wales right now.

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