Tuesday, 27 October 2015

27 October 2015

This is far more fun than Town against Milton Keynes. So let's do it.

Suede - Outsiders
New stuff from these. I wouldn't normally play this sort of stuff - you can find it anywhere - but it's really good. Night Thoughts is the new album, due in January.

Flawes - Don't Wait For Me
A local band which we always like to feature. Unspken is the debut album.

Sarah Williams White - Hum
New single from Ms White, out on November 6. Utterly glorious.

Featured album
Pete & The Pirates - Can't Fish
Pete & The Pirates - United
One Thousand Pictures, the 2011 second and final album from Pete & The Pirates is our featured album this week. The band split up shortly after it's release, three-quarters of them going on to form Teleman. It's one I keep going back to time and again. Packed full of great tunes.

Pumarosa - Priestess
This is their debut single and what a debut. Seven and a half minutes of swooping, swirling brilliance. Out on October 30, that is just magnificent.

The Chills - Molten Gold
To New Zealand now, Dunedin in fact. Silver Bullets is their first album in 19 years. Not so long next time, eh lads?

Cat Bear Tree - Adult
Taken from the EP Settled In Our Hearts, out last Friday, and is rather good.

Royal Headache - Another World
Back down under now, to Sydney. The LP High came out in late August.

Plume Of Feathers - First Date
Good name for a pub, their self-titled debut LP comes out on Friday.

Golden Fable - The Crossing
To north Wales now. There's plenty good stuff coming out of the south, but north Wales showing it's not exclusively the preserve of the south. The album, also called The Crossing, came out on the 5th.

Featured album
Pete & The Pirates - Come To The Bar
From One Thousand Pictures, our featured album of the week. Best track on it, this.

Tired Arms - Polar Shift
Some electronica now. This came out on September 25. A curio.

St Anthony - An Ode To Anthony H Wilson (Andrew Weatherall mix)
Not sure how this passed me by. A charity single released on August 14, raising money for the Christie Charitable Trust, Christies being where Tony Wilson died. The words are by Mike Garry, tunes by Joe Duddell and then all mixed by the maestro Andrew Weatherall. Wonderful.

Lesbian Horse - Were The Sounds You Heard Really There
And we finish with more sampling and audio hallucinations from Sam Jones. Never stop.

Here's that on YouTube:

and Soundcloud:

and we'll have another go next week.

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