Wednesday, 20 November 2013

19 November 2013

12tree - Sugamomma
John: The working name of  Robin Twelftree. New single, available now and it's a reet banger.

Tony Von - N'Hoca
John: A big hello to the nation of Angola! This is off a compilation, 'Soul of Angola, 1965-70'. I was reading something the other day about the development of music in the country in the face of the protracted civil war following independence and how it's come along in different ways to surrounding countries. Interesting stuff.
Carolyn: We've not really played much from Africa. Should do more often, but it's how you get to hear about these things.
John: I'll keep my eyes out.

Lucas Santtana - Lycra Limao (Dub version)
John: Continuing the Lusophone theme... The World Cup is in Brazil next year, as we all know, and I've been co-opted to do some stuff about Brazilian music in the run-up to that for another project, so you might get more of this. This is something I turned up in my initial investigations. Super stuff.

Cover Version Corner
Blue Oyster Cult/The Beautiful South - Don't Fear The Reaper
John: If you even know another Blue Oyster Cult record, I'll be surprised. I don't. That's the first Beautiful South record we've played in 50-odd attempts. I can't quite believe that.
Carolyn: That does seem an alarming oversight. A very different version, that.
John: Yeah, it's got that bossa nova feel to it, keeping the South American theme going. That's off an album of covers called 'Golddiggas, Headnodders and Pholk Songs' from 2004 which we may well be coming back to. Blue Oyster Cult's is off 'Agents of Fortune' from 1976.

Daniel Avery - Free Floating
John: I've been meaning to play this for a while. Divine stuff, off the album 'Drone Logic' which came out earlier in the year.

Teen - Big Talk
John: Reckon you liked that.
Carolyn: Yes, I did. It doesn't all have to be about the bleeps and breaks you go for.
John: Of course not. Teen are an all-girl 4-piece from Brooklyn and that's out now.

Fuzz - Loose Sutures
John: That's how you end a record. About six or seven false endings, then thrash the living bits out of every piece of percussion before a power chord. Fuzz are a band Ty Segall is involved with and that's off a self-titled album.

Swim Deep - Honey
John: Another one I've been meaning to play for ages.
Carolyn: I like that too. Really nice melodies and one I can see me singing along to.
John: Another one I thought you'd like too. That's off 'Where The Heaven Are We' which came out in August.

One Degree of Separation
Moon Duo - Rolling Out
Wooden Shjips - Back To The Land
John: Wooden Shjips from the album 'Back To Land' which is out now and before that, Moon Duo from 2012's 'Circles'. Both with a similar vibe, largely because Ripley Johnson is a driving force behind both bands. I think you can get a sense of where Hookworms and others are coming from as well with the organ-driven nature of both.
Carolyn: Not quite as loud. Hookworms were loud.

Popstrangers - Rats In The Palm Trees
Carolyn: Another one you can put a tick next to for me.
John: They're from New Zealand and this is following on from their album 'Antipodes' which came out a while ago.

Trampolene - My Bourgeoisie Girl
John: New stuff from Swansea. This is out next Monday, November 25.

Julian Cope - Dust
John: And dare we cite Julian Cope as an influence on Trampolene? After all, he had a hit of the same name, same spelling. This is off 1996's 'Interpreter' which marked something of a return to normality after the.... err.... experimentalism of 'Autogeddon' which preceded it. I didn't like that one.

And that's where we end it for this week. Here's all that in a YouTube playlist apart from that which isn't. They're above.
Back same time next week.

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