Tuesday, 12 November 2013

12 November 2013

Nights drawing in, so pull up a muffin and get your ears round this week's show.

Factory Floor - How You Say
John: Off their self-titled debut, which is brilliant. I think you thought it went on a touch too long.
Carolyn: Yeah, it got a bit repetitive. Which was a shame because I was enjoying it.
John: I love it and have often played it three or four times on a loop. The whole album is just great.

Satelliti - Young Wolf (Vessels remix)
John: A duo from Italy remixed by one of our favourite Leeds purveyors of electronica. That's a proper old-style club stomper. Got to get up and dance.
Carolyn: You? Dance?
John: Hey, I threw a shape or two at The Orb gig on Sunday. After a fashion...

Public Service Broadcasting - Elfstedentocht part 1
John: New stuff from these, made for the 'Explore The North' festival in Friesland, in the northern Netherlands. Elfstedentocht means 'eleven cities tour' and is a 200km ice-skating race which tours the eleven cities of Friesland, starting and ending at Leeuwarden. It takes place a maximum of once a year and only when the entire course of rivers and canals has an ice covering of 15cm and was last held in 1997.
Carolyn: Very familiar to fans of the band, which we are.
John: We'll play part two later, something a bit different.

Cover Version Corner
Arcade Fire/Drenge - Ready To Start
John: Arcade Fire from the 2010 album 'The Suburbs' and another show favourite, Drenge. Brothers Eoin and Rory Loveless from up-country Derbyshire, making a bit of a splash these days. More power to their elbow.

Ben Watt ft Estelle - Pop A Cap In Yo' Ass
John: Formerly of Everything But The Girl, that's something a bit different from back in 2005, off an EP called 'Buzzin' Fly vol 2'. I think you liked that.
Carolyn: Yes, it's quite clever lyrically, which I always appreciate. I'm more into words than you with your bleeps and breaks.

Femme - Fever Boy
John: I think you liked that too.
Carolyn: It's got an 'eh-oh' bit as well. If you're singing along before you've finished hearing it for the first time, it must be doing something right.
John: It bounces along nicely. Femme is Laura Bettinson who has done a bunch of other stuff - Ultraista for one - and that's out next Monday, the 18th.

Fold - Salvation
John: New to me these, they were introduced as 'if you like PSB, you'll like these'. Well I do. And I do. They're from Leeds and they've an EP out imminently.

Poppy Ackroyd - Seven
John: That's just lovely. Really cinematic.
Carolyn: When you said it was called Seven, I wondered if it was like Severn rather than the number as it has a flow to it, like a running river. Beautiful.

Warm Brains - Happy Accidents
John: New on Art Is Hard records, Warm Brains are Rory Attwell's latest thing. The EP 'Happy Accidents' is out now on cassette and comes with a football-style scarf.
Carolyn: Cassette only? Why?
John: A few labels are doing this. It's a resurgence in the medium, like vinyl only less so.
Carolyn: I wish I'd not thrown your old Walkman away now.
John: Err... I kept it.

One Degree of Separation
The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Purple Haze
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Bad Moon Rising
John: Creedence Clearwater Revival from the 1969 album 'Green River' and before that, Hendrix from 1967's 'Are You Experienced'. Do you want to tell them the link?
Carolyn: Mondegreens. Misheard lyrics. The Hendrix track is probably the most famous example - 'scuse me while I kiss the sky/this guy' - and apparently a common mishearing with Bad Moon Rising is 'there's a bathroom on the right'.
John: We turned down a few others. The Bee Gees with 'Bald Headed Woman', Moody Blues with 'Nights In Prestatyn'...
Carolyn: ...and Robert Palmer. "You're gonna have to face it you're a dick in a glove".

Public Service Broadcasting - Elfstedentocht part 2
John: And, as promised, part two of the new PSB track. My worry with them was that it would get tired quickly, but so far, it looks like there's legs in what they're doing. Long may it continue, because I think it's a neat idea executed brilliantly.

The Egg - Woodstock '69
John: And we'll end with this. We played 'In Your Pocket' a while ago which is a great track, but I'd not really given the rest of the album much heed until recently. It's all good. 'Something To Do' is the album which came out last year. It's great.

Here's all that in a YouTube playlist apart from the things that aren't. They're above. Back for more next week

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